Homestuck spin off comic

homestuck spin off comic

Homestuck is a webcomic, first published by Andrew Hussie in April The story comiv a group of internet friends who play a beta version of a strange computer cmoic which brings about the destruction of their world and the creation of gta drip feed cars casino heist new universe. According to Wikipedia, it is over 8, pages andwords long. Several days later, Hussie left a comment mentioning the possibility of an epilogue in the future. When Homestuck first launched, it differentiated itself from other webcomics at the slots.gardencodes with a high level of reader-creator interaction. Hussie already had a small following from his previous MS Paint Adventuresshort comics inspired by classic text adventure games, which include JailbreakBard Questand Problem Sleuth.
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  • Hiveswap [ official site ], an adventure game based on megahit webcomic Homestuck, is finally genuinely almost here for real after several years of development hiccups and delays. September 14th is really the release date for Act 1, developers What Pumpkin Games have announced. Hiveswap is a '90s-style laff-o-adventure set in the world of Homestuck but not directly adapting it, so prior knowledge is unnecessary.

    Homestuck isn't to my tastes but I am still impressed by how it was a webcomic which could only be on the web, seamlessly splashing in animations and videos and games and other technobits.

    Homestuck spin-off Hiveswap starts in September | Rock Paper Shotgun

    But here, homwstuck what Hiveswap is about in this new trailer:. Your brother's trapped in the treehouse and you're, well, trapped in an alternate dimension. Both of you have problems. Naturally, these are solved by clicking on things. Hiveswap will come in four episodes, carrying saves and choices over between them, and be accompanied by another series, Hauntswitch.

    homestuck spin off comic

    Undertale fella Toby Fox, who has contributed music to Homestuck, homesutck whipped together some music for Hiveswap too. This saga of a Homestuck game has been a long and messy one. Winterbottom and the new King's Quest. What happened with The Odd Gentlemen isn't clear -- Ian Video Games has spread rumours, of course -- but in the Homestuck gang formed their own studio, What Pumpkin Games, to take over.

    They had planned to launch Hiveswap inthen Januaryand now hey, here we are in August and it's due out in two weeks.

    homestuck spin off comic

    Truck Simulator now supports mods in multiplayer. Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy's first trailer looks shiny yet cartoony.

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    Doom Eternal's Horde mode arrives next week. Whether this means the content should qualify as canon to the homestukc extent as preceding material is something for you to reflect on as you read it. A truly radical move, in these days of megacorporations overreaching with their copyrights, would be to release everything but the title of Homestuck into the public domain, letting people monetize and create any fanwork they want with the exact same degree of authorization.

    Or have the Epilogues posted on AO3 by Andrew Hussie and his team like they were any other group of fans working together. Simply continuing the story with new writers and artists is something American comics have been doing since their inception. And what of Andrew Hussie himself—the man, the myth, the legend?

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    On August 25 he posted a series of photos of himself holding a box of Toblerone chocolates each signed with his name and a numberthe box hidden in a pile of rubble, and then a screenshot of a map indicating the location of the box near the Sutro Baths in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first person comoc find the box tweeted at Andrew Hussie with a photo of herself holding the Toblerones, and asked him to make June Egbert canon.

    June Egbert is a recent and popular headcanon interpreting the protagonist of the franchise, John Egbert, as a transgender woman. The Toblerone ohmestuck continues.

    homestuck troll maker picrew

    Since August, Hussie has hidden his Toblerones two more times, once in a tea house in Taipeion October 11, and most recently at a park in Seoulon October The box in Seoul also appeared to ogf sketches of the Homestuck characters. Each time, Hussie claims to grant the wishes of those who find the chocolate. Not all of the Toblerone wishes have been made public yet, and we may never know what they were or if they are ever enacted.

    It seems likely that the fan requests will be incorporated into the story later, or the rest of Hiveswapor Pesterquest.

    Paradox Space: What Homestuck Should Have Been? | Lady Geek Girl and Friends

    The Homestuck fandom has changed in the decade since a young man first stood in his bedroom. Conventions have gone from having hundreds of Homestuck cosplayers roaming the center to maybe a dozen at most. Facebook-group organized meetups specifically to cosplay and discuss Homestuck are a thing of the past, although fans still gather in groups to search for Toblerones, or attend a Perfectly Generic Podcast live show.

    Fanwork is still being produced, although not anywhere near the volume at which people were making it in Since the original Homestuck was completed, there have been many YouTube channelspodcastsand Tumblr essays summarizing, analyzing, and reflecting on Homestuck as a work, attempting to explain and break down different homestuvk of this sprawling, complicated narrative.

    Though the universe is still being expanded, Homestuck can also be discussed as a stand-alone thing. And Andrew Hussie had been radio silent on the internet for years up until sppin Toblerone thing. For the past decade, Homestuck and its fanbase have existed in a symbiotic relationship unlike most other fan communities.

    About Tsunderin

    In that time, Homestuck has gone from a strange, niche webcomic, to a subcultural phenomenon, to a different strange, slightly less niche webcomic that a lot more people feel attached to in some way. And also several video games and two novel-length Epilogues. Every iteration of Homestuck has not only been aware of its fanbase, but embraced it, encouraging reader participation and involvement in ways rarely seen in other franchises.

    Homestuck encourages fan creativity to an unprecedented extent, rewarding some talented iff with the ability to add to the canon of their favorite work. When I said this on twitter, one of the authors of the epilogue berated me, since apparently there are a few trans people at What Pumpkin and them approving of this surely must mean trans people in general should approve of it.

    What's a Homestuck Fandom After the Epilogues? - WWAC

    Remember Roxy in the epilogues? I appreciate if this was a little too radioactive to touch, but, remember how Roxy was rewritten as trans? With seemingly no motivation or fanfare, Roxy just decides to become trans. However, the epilogues collaborator seemed to think that my opposition stemmed from internalized transphobia, since there are trans people who work at what pumpkin cpmic this slipshod storytelling was apparently run by them.

    My, what a comfort. The point, anyway, isnt about trans portrayals. Its about narrative coherency and structural integrity. The more Ive learned about Homestuck—and Ocmic may be in the top percentage-fraction of people who were obsessed with the Homestuck narrative the most up til the epilogues—the more Ovf have learned that it is essentially a big improv exercise.

    Homestuck Official | Webcomics by Andrew Hussie

    Andrew Hussie is enormously talented and creative, but is also too committed to his fetish for spontaneity to even come up with a decent freaking ending to his story. No comic themes or lasting message can come from such a story—only halfhearted, noncommital homilies about like, finding yourself, but also never really spin yourself, fighting the existing powers, but never really winning.

    Class society is condemned, but never meaningfully opposed. Just like in motherfreaking real life! Hehe And now that its clear that the story was never to be granted loving closure, we have a zombie Homestuck every bit as vile and insipid as any other moribund series forced to live past its dying day, a s Simpsons, a permanent anime filler arc, forever.

    You disappointed me, Andrew Hussie. I believed with all my heart in your work, in your technique, in the promise of the same world you were creating. When I met you at in Topatocon, a rather shaky and terrified trans woman in a tan deers and sparrows print dress, deudlyfirearms had kindly summoned you for an off the books fan meeting, since it was her being promoted, not you or Homestuck.

    You were kind and did not make me feel gross or out of place. You wrote "Sorry — Andrew Hussie" in my Paradox Space print collection, homestuck a little tongue in cheek joke. Well you know what? Apology not freaking accepted, mothertrucker. Hussie seems rather smug about the new era of fan engagement.

    Homestuck name generator. this is a set of adopts me and my lovely girlfriend @celticsalternia (@thekittyokat) made together!! 'How to Render' shows how the human brain interprets the visual world around us. 1. And, of course, because this is a discussion about Japan, the weebs came out of their dark corners of the Internet with startling rapidity, and promptly ignited entirely new debates. Apr 13,  · It’s been 10 years since Homestuck started, and 3 years since Homestuck ended. I’ve reviewed Homestuck, I’ve even reviewed the Homestuck spin-off game Hiveswap. I haven’t reviewed Friendsim, which is a “not-dating” sim based on Hiveswap, but I will right now – it’s fucking shit. Aug 30,  · Hiveswap [official site], an adventure game based on megahit webcomic Homestuck, is finally genuinely almost here for real after several years of development hiccups and casinocanli.cober 14th is really the release date for Act 1, developers What Pumpkin Games have announced. Hiveswap is a '90s-style laff-o-adventure set in the world of Homestuck but not directly adapting it, so prior .

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      Even though sloppy is fine , it might be a bit of a good idea to arrange this particular page because, to be quite frank, as it is right now, it is just absolute garbage. John Egbert acquires and alchemizes a variety of outfits throughout the course of Homestuck. John's original outfit, although technically not his oldest one.

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      As an addendum, WP has identified the primary source of a disclosure to a well-circulated document of the Hiveswap development process. WP has been aware of a pattern of false claims this former employee has made since the end of their employment at the beginning of

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