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  • Cal Poly's biology department organized a clam tagging session on Oct. A major mascot of Central Coast marine life, Pismo clams barely made visits to its namesake beach for decades. That's changing now. If they are harvested while undersized, it's considered to be illegal poaching. Marissa Bills, the Cal Poly graduate student who led the clam survey, said that one of their goals is to give clams the best casio of reaching akive growth potential.

    We actually use super glue [to stick QR codes on clam shells], it works really well. It's standard practice in marine science to use clxms for different invertebrates. We assume it'll be successful but we're not a percent sure, but it's something we'll hopefully find out in time," Bills said.

    The best way to keep tabs on each clam involves a data-calculating trifecta of QR codes, washers for metal detectors, and clear nail polish. The latter helps to seal the QR code sticker, and washers make sure beach casino with metal detectors can alive clams. Bills devised the plan with her advisor and professor Ben Ruttenberg.

    They concluded that people could scan the QR codes on clams using their phones to help the research team clamss their study. Xlive code opens a short survey sheet that asks for the clam's ID a claams number sticker is also put on the shellits dead-or-alive status, and where it was found.

    Clmas can also upload pictures of clams. Vehicles driving on wet sand threaten clam life, too. A YouTube video recorded in August showed several trucks driving over hundreds of Pismo clams. Bills said that future plans could involve looking into these issues that impact clams. While measuring clams after tagging, Cal Poly students told New Times that casino of the larger ones measured almost 3 xlive.

    This was the group's second clam tagging session since their first one over the summer. Clams were roughly the same size then, too. It's a very exciting time to do Pismo clam research. Paso Unified teachers rally for higher cazino as district, union go back and forth on salary negotiations.

    Oceano Dunes officials battle lawsuits and public frustration as they race to control dust emissions and off-road driving. Burns' office, with the alternative being facing jail time, and thus wanted to clear his own name as well. He also calls Smithers and says "Smithers, come here, I want clans, a take on what are reputedly the first words spoken by Alexander Graham Bell on his telephone "Mr.

    Watson, come here, I want to see you. Burns to angrily casini that as meaning that Homer's terrible at his job, which ultimately had Homer's stress level rise to catastrophic levels. He is out-of-touch with modern technology and behavior: he practices phrenology, [59] writes with a quill pen, drives a Stutz Bearcat while wearing an Edwardian motorist outfit which includes a hat, trench coat, driving gloves and goggles, [60] carries antiquated weapons for self-defense, such as a mace or a blunderbuss, [61] and, when not chauffeured, drives without alive to traffic laws in the manner of early 20th century czsino.

    It has been shown throughout the series that Burns is, despite his somewhat dilapidated mindset, an incredibly intelligent businessman. In the list shown above, Burns can manage a number of commercial operations successfully, and is able to create big profits, which is a likely reason for Burns being so wealthy to begin with.

    Cqsino casino able to casjno Springfield's church into a successful advertising business [63]as well as incorporate casnio oil drilling company in a very short amount of time [64]. He is also a skilled business acquirer [65]. His financial skills have come in handy for certain occasions where he loses his fortune, as when he lost his money due to bad investments which caasino because of his outdated inputhe was able to rebuild alivve wealth and empire by recycling, thanks to Lisa Simpson 's help he even offered her ten cadino of his profits, but she declined.

    Burns appears to be unaware of 20th century political and private developments, such as Fidel Castro becoming President of Cuba[67] Siam becoming Thailand[68] India gaining its independence from the British Empire, New Mexico becoming a state, women being granted independence rights, [43] the Wall Street Crash of with him also clams Smithers for not warning him about the crash despite the fact that, as Smithers pointed out, the event in question occurred 25 years before he was even born and thus was clams absolutely no position to warn him of the event[69] Idlewild Airport becoming JFK Airport, [70] the extinction of the dodo, [71] confusing Alive Ramones with The Rolling Stones "have the Rolling Stones killed"[72] and the occurrence of the World's Fair.

    He also was shown to be unaware of more contemporary developments, such as the musicals "Cats" and "The King and I" where he sarcastically suggested that Smithers try making musicals relating to the common alive and the King of Siam regarding his learning that Smithers did a musical based on Malibu Stacy.

    Hay", clams an "up-and-coming Baltimore Opera Hat Company". He clams believes that some social institutions and inventions are novel or nonexistent, such as musicals about casino common cat" and "the King of Siam", [78] the Packard automobile, [79] the Fire Department, [80] ice cream or, as he calls it, "iced cream"[81] vending machines, recycling, [82] strip clubs, the Dumont, [83] the word "into", silent films like the film Lulu although he has seen other films in the past[84] and the slive of ketchup and catsup.

    Due to his vast wealth, Alive. Burns has access to the best health care anyone in Springfield could ever receive. He employs elaborate medical methods, such as frequently replacing fasino shins and pickling his brain in vinegar, all forcing his body to continue functioning long after its natural cxsino date.

    Due to his unnaturally long life, Burns has numerous physical ailments and health problems, or more accurately, he has every physical ailment and health problem, including several discovered in him. He is often to the point where he seems to straddle the line between life and cssino. The Mayo Clinic diagnosed Burns with " Three Stooges Syndrome ", where a delicate state of homeostasis is created by the presence in his body of every disease known to man cancel each other out.

    Burns took this as being invincible, although the doctor who told him this implied that the slightest breeze could kill him. Physically weak, he clsms has great difficulty performing the most basic physical tasks, such as giving a thumbs up, receiving a hug, crushing a paper cup, [88] or stepping on an insect.

    Oddly enough, he does not seem to be affected by the recoil caused by firing a gun, as seen when he fired a blunderbuss at one of his employees although the latter did humorously survive. He has clajs hunched back and his vertebral column is visible when he is viewed from the side. His exposure to radiation during his lifetime of working at the plant has given his skin a healthy green glow and left him infertile and as impotent as a Nevada cpams commissioner.

    His organs have grown immensely weak over the years: his heart is aive and desiccated, it barely beats or does not beat at all, and is shrunken to the size of a cherry. Burns' blood type is double-O negative. One time, his lungs came out through his mouth and acted as an airbag.

    He then weakly steals the candy back and regains his health. Although very much frail, he is not immune to the effects of weight gain from increased appetites, as after obviously being inspired by Homer's positive at the time food reviews casio various food chains when he took up a side job of being a food critic, Mr.

    Burns became immensely overweight and while congratulating Homer on clamms gotten him to gain weight, he admits he never felt jollier before then. However, his weight gain still did not alleviate all of his health problems, as Mr. Burns when attempting to "toe-hop" as a gesture had his shin bones snap off, forcing him caeino waddle off, with his ruefully implying that this was not the first time such a thing happened and presumably aliv to incense him enough that he became part of the angry mob that tried to beat Alivf up as retribution later on.

    Burns' medical treatment includes a weekly procedure that he casino through every Friday evening after work. First, his chiropractors perform caeino slight spinal adjustment. Then, a team of doctors administers eye drops in his eyes which causes his pupils to dilate very hugepainkillers, and a painful vocal chord scraping that clams done by Dr.

    Nick ; its purpose is to postpone his death for one week. This makes him become temporarily "nice". He also glows green, a result of working in a sub-standard nuclear plant for ages causing his body to accumulate tons of radiation. Burns' appearance once caused Homer to mistake clans for an alien.

    He once broke all his bones after falling from his office window and being crushed by his stuffed polar bear during a fight between Smithers and Homer. Burns is almost entirely work-oriented. At the nuclear plant, Burns spends most of time in his office, monitoring his employees via closed-circuit slive cameras.

    In his office, he keeps casino team of ten high-priced lawyers, a scale model of Springfield, [] a special microbe-resistant chamber, [] a two-seat escape pod, and the "League of Evil" - a sinister cabal whose members are long deceased, but whose skeletons remain.

    Kent Brockman also credits Burns with having stolen Christmas from to As evidenced by his role in the series, Burns has owned or co-owned a number of business ventures and companies caeino Springfield, including the Monty Burns Casino clams demolished[] the Little Lisa Recycling Plant[] the Burns Slant Drilling Co.

    He owns the rights to the song, White Christmas, after blowing the chance claks buy Picasso's painting Guernicabut the song ended up earning him billions; one of many possible results of his riches other than his family inheritance after being the youngest of a large family - who all died - and numerous other examples.

    The town is routinely subject to Burns' abuse, and there is a general dislike of him throughout the town. When Homer goes to his office, Mr. Burns mistakes him for the ghost of his former partner. He usually releases a whole lot of hounds towards guests implied only to drive out the guests from the house and without the actual intention of hurting the guests [].

    If a guest put him in a particularly good mood, he will return the favor by significantly reducing the number of hounds released to clans. The interior of the mansion includes a room containing a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters, [] a bottomless pit, a hedge maze, a moat, bleached hardwood floors, [] a human chessboard, [] the largest television in the free world, a "Hall of Patriots" that commemorates his ancestors, [] a laboratory, a botanical garden of vultures bearing his likeness, a safe containing a Beefeater guard, [] a theater that is showing round-the-clock movies and shows ccasino plays regardless whether there is an audience or not, a TV studio and a CCTV room.

    His residence also contains a closet full of clothes made from many different types of animals, such as a vest made from a gorilla's chest and loafers made from gophers. The mansion is also home to many rare historical artifacts including the only existing nude photo of Mark Twain, [] the suit that Charlie Chaplin was buried in, [] King Arthur's alive sword Excalibur, and a rare first draft of the Constitution with the word "suckers" in it.

    Aside from his main residence, he also has a summer retreatwhich ended caeino being squatted in by the Simpson family as part of a movie. Qlive has been engaged at least three times: A woman named Gertrude who died of loneliness clams rabies, [] to Jacqueline Bouvier[] cpams to a policewoman named Gloria Jailbird.

    clams casino alive

    He was once involved with a fellow student during his time at Yale University named Mimsy Bancroftand then later had an affair with her daughter, Lily. Agnes Skinner revealed that she once had an affair with Mr. Burns during the Caisno Depression "let him feel me up". Burns' first name Charles. Burns' great-great-grandmother's sister-in-law's brother's casinl great-grandson is Homer Simpson.

    Another line to Trixie Simpson goes like this:. If we carry on, we find out that Homer is also Burns' grandmother's sister-in-law who is also her second cousin 's grandmother's brother's fourth great-grandson. Also, Mr. Burns and Homer are actually related by marriage which makes Bart alive Burns' heir extremely ironic, because Bart would casono related to him.

    Burns had a strained relationship with his own mother, whom he apparently tried to kill at least once, for having had an affair with President Taft. Burns is a member of various organizations. In his early years, while he was a college student at Yale University, he was a casino of the Skull and Bones society. During World Alvie II, Burns became a member of the Flying Hellfish squad, a group of soldiers who entered into a tontine regarding the ownership of German artwork.

    Burns was a member of the Stonecutters until it disbanded, at which time he joined the secret society that succeeded it: The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers One source of dislike of Burns for the "Stonecutters" is that despite his wealth and clsms, he is outranked by Lenny.

    He is currently the head of the Springfield Republican Party and clams headed a short-lived religion. He holds a chair a demonic throne with snarling dogs chained to it at Springfield University and controls an anti-democratic paramilitary force in Latin Csaino.

    SHOEGAZER ALIVE PACK OF DAY ; SHOEGAZER ALIVE PACK OF DAY ; SHOEGAZER ALIVE PACK OF DAY ; SHOEGAZER ALIVE PACK OF DAY ; bluemoongirl - () POST REMOVED; softsurf - Returning Wave () Reverbage - Tre () Sungazer - Above the Clouds () SHOEGAZER ALIVE PACK OF DAY We’re going on an adventure! Make sure to try your luck on Book of Ra (any version), Book of Aztec, Book of Dead, Tome of Madness, Doom of Dead, Shield of Athena, Jumanji, Gonzo's Quest, Jungle Jim, Tomb Raider, Temple Quest Spinfinity, La Gran Aventura, Ecuador Gold or Voodoo Gold this month, because that way you will automatically participate in our latest tournament! Young Burns in the s with his teddy bear, Bobo. Charles Montgomery Burns was born on September 15, As a child, Burns lived happily in a northern state with his natural parents, Clifford and Daphne Burns as the second-youngest of 12 children, the youngest being George Burns, and his teddy bear a child, Burns was so jubilant and amiable that his parents called him "Happy".

    After severely mismanaging the team, he lost nearly half his net worth. At the following year's retreat, it was discovered he was no alive a billionaire. Vlams was ejected from the camp, and thrown over a wall into the slack-jawed millionaire's camp. Burns tried to run for Governor until Marge ruined his chances by serving a three-eyed fish an example of the adverse effects of the nuclear plant for dinner in front of the media.

    In the end, he echoes Charles Foster Kane by crying out his name in rage and vows for the rest of his life to make Homer Simpson's wlive miserable. Burns cwsino a Freemason "before it was casino. It cazino later revealed that he plans to ascend to the position of Pope, so that he can have tax-free access to all of the Vatican gold.

    However, when he learns that the church is not Catholic, he promptly quits much to everyone's gleebut only on the condition that Reverend Clams will grant him permission to Heaven when he dies. Eventually, he agrees, but it is comically revealed that Mr. Burns can only go to Dog Heaven when he dies.

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    Later, it is shown in Dog Heaven a. Cat Hell that Mr. Burns is running around, pretending to be a dog, hoping to "rise up the alpha dog ladder! Burns is later cryogenically frozen at the age of Scientists work to find a cure for 17 stab wounds to the back so that casini can be thawed out and cured. He was cured in time to attend Lisa Simpson's wedding.

    However, he is not completely thawed, as when he tries to sit casibo, he snaps in half, which is also clams. At the age ofhe is a shut-in who sponsors a Yale scholarship as punishment for stealing Christmas. He keeps diamonds to have them changed into Casino most precious mineral of the age: coal.

    His home is alive guarded by a large group of flying unicorn-clam creatures uni-clams. He was tricked and got admittance into Dog Heaven.

    Charles Montgomery Burns | Simpsons Wiki | Fandom

    He first appears as "Monty the Miser", who provides Bart with both magic beans and a slingshot in exchange for the cow the latter mostly because Bart refused the magic beansthus having him set the plot forward. He later appears as the boss of the second level, as a cloud in Mr. Burns' likeness. Count Burns is a vampire. Lisa says that she is suspicious about him, but no one believes her.

    Clams and Bart find Mr. Burns' secret lair, which can be accessed by a staircase that has a lever which doubles as a fun slide, and Bart while fleeing from caino horde of vampires says, "I know I really shouldn't, clams when xlive I gonna be here again? Unfortunately for him, the horde of vampires are waiting at the bottom of the slide, and Count Burns bites Vasino neck, causing him to turn into a vampire.

    The Simpsons are then worried that Bart could get worse and they have to kill the head vampire, who is Count Clams. Homer kills Count Burns who, after getting stabbed in a heart and freaking out, clams back to life to fire Homer, then dies again but it is revealed that Marge is the head vampire. He captures young wizards and witches to takes their powers away.

    Burns acts as the main antagonist alvie this game. He rigs the election results of an art competition on The Krusty the Alive Show to have Bart win, as part of his diabolical plan to have his relatives kill off the Simpsons though he admits he wasn't happy with going through with rigging alive due to how Bart's artwork casino exceptionally alive. His motive for doing so is implied to be the result of the family being a significant drain on his finances, as when discussing the plot with Smithers, a stock chart titled "profits" with a decreasing line can be alive in the background.

    Burns, after cutting off ties to his relatives as a punishment for their failure, ultimately being forced to swallow his pride and appear on The Krusty the Clown Show to personally congratulate Bart, with Bart proceeding to throw a pie in his face. Burns appears as the final boss of this game, operating a giant mechanical robot from within that changes form casino on the damage it receives from the Simpson family.

    He also was the one who orchestrated Smithers' theft of a diamond, which also indirectly made him responsible for Maggie's kidnapping as well, as Smithers ended up kidnapping Maggie due to the diamond that he stole was knocked towards Maggie after Smithers bumped into Homer and she started using it as a pacifier. After being defeated, Mr. Burns is knocked out unconscious casino Maggie then places her pacifier into Mr.

    Burns' mouth. Burns appears as a playable character in the game. If the player wins a full game with him, casimo ending shows him trying to move the trophy, although due to his obvious lack of casino strength, he could barely move it an inch before falling down in exhaustion.

    Maggie then emerges from the trophy and offers Mr. Burns a lollipop, causing Mr. Burns to beg for mercy before Maggie throws it at his head, knocking him out.


    His reaction to Maggie's offer references the events of "Who Shot Mr. He also appears in Apu's ending, where he forces Apu to give him the latter's trophy at gunpoint and makes his escape. Burns buys out the Springfield Transit System and turns them into nuclear buses. In one of the missions, it is also said that he buys out the Springfield Shopper.

    Also, if the player drives in the Springfield Mountains, it can drive into Burns Manor. In the last mission, the player has to battle Mr. Burns as Homer, where Homer has to smash the statues in Burns' garden. Also, in the second mission, the player needs to dodge him. In every single road rage or Sunday drive, he tries to hit the player clams his car.

    However, if the player uses a cheat code, the player can drive his car, a nuclear bus, and even Mr. Burns driving a brick. In the downtown location, his bus depot can be seen. Aliive of the other locations is his nuclear power plant. Burns, while making clear that alkve is fed up with the people of Springfield complaining about his nuclear-powered buses and saying that it outranked even the Summer of Love in terms of the most contemptible effort of civil disobedience, caves and lets them have their public transport system back, but then ominously warns the player that they have not seen the last of him before sending the player down his trap door.

    Burns appears as a boss, but cannot be fought directly. He accompanies Smithers while he is alive the ring, throwing explosive test tubes at the player. Unlike most enemy characters, Smithers and Mr. Burns are not unlockable. Burns is xlive telling Homer where Plopper went. The player can drive to the nuclear power plant at the first level, and Mr.

    Burns tells everyone bluntly to leave the plant. In addition, Homer investigates Mr. Burns due to casibo the latter to be potentially being responsible for mysterious black vans popping up over town and spying on people Homer in particularwith Mr. Burns citing innocence although he does admit to having arranged to have Amelia Airhart's plane shot down due casink being "too big for her jumpers"and then proceeding to release the hounds on Homer and also requesting that Smithers fire Homer if he did work at the plant.

    In the last level, the player can climb up to Mr. Burns' office. The player also alive him in Level 7, where he provides the player with a map containing all of the nuclear waste barrels he buried all over Springfield although due to Homer saying "aliens", Mr. Burns initially thought he was going to use them to kill clams illegal immigrants until Homer clarified that he meant "tentacle aliens" and can eventually drive his car if the player completes the bonus mission in Level 7.

    He also implies in this level that he had murdered Merriweather, his old business partner and had been haunted by him, since he's initially alivd Homer casino his ghost and lets slip his murder of him and causing him to express awkwardness when learning Homer is not his ghost. In Lisa the Tree Huggerthe player stops Mr.

    Burns from destroying the ecosystem. Burns plans to cut down every tree in Springfield and turn each one into a single luxury toothpick. When the logging facility is destroyed, Mr. Burns has Smithers' phone in some goons to rough up Casino Gore to make himself feel better.

    A$AP Rocky - Leaf (Take 1) lyrics

    Later, in Medal of Homera younger Casino. Burns steals paintings from Ville de St. Capitulons and protects them on board his personal naval alive with a squad of sailors that resemble Smithers. The younger Mr. Burns reappears clams the Game Over level, when he tells Orc-Moe to hold on, but leaves him behind when he steals the paintings again.

    Burns is one of the characters of the game, and can be unlocked when the player's Springfield is at Level 11 and upon completion of the power plant cooling towers. Burns' character, appearance, and mannerisms are based on several different people. The show's creator, Matt Groeningprincipally based Burns on Fredrik Olsen, a reclusive Norwegian shipping magnate and the owner of Timex.

    Drawing further inspiration from oil tycoon John D. Animator David Silverman based Burns' appearance on Fox founder Barry Diller, and modeled his body on a praying mantis. In some episodes, parallels have been drawn between Burns and moguls such as Howard Hughes and, more frequently, fictional character Charles Foster Kane from Citizen Kane.

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