Adrian rew slot machine music rym

adrian rew slot machine music rym

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  • Slot Machine Music | Adrian Rew
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  • Adrian REW | “Slot machine music” - Corticalart

    Brooklyn's Matthew Ryals brings a free jazz mindset to the modular synthesizer on these vignettes that feel full of motion and life. Switched On Ra by Bitchin Bajas. Parcel feat. Teleporter by sunking.

    Slot Machine Music | Adrian Rew

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    adrian rew slot machine music rym

    Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. Slot Machine Music Vol. Pear Growers Series. Amchine species may well never break the consumer trance created by The Zone which is Our World, but knowing we are being mesmerised is half the battle.

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    Slot Machine Music | Adrian Rew | Hanson Records

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    The Quietus | Features | Escape Velocity | Role Of The Dice: Adrian Rew Interviewed

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    adrian rew slot machine music rym

    Do You Wanna Funk? Baker's Dozen: Miki Berenyi.


    Certified Gold Global Pop Reviewed. Baker's Dozen: Chris Carter. Sometimes characterized as the crack cocaine of gambling, the intensity of the machine zone is a symptom of casino ergonomics: oxygen-saturated pleasure air, subtly controlling walkways, mesmerizing lights, and, as captured here, meticulously engineered sonic environments all play re role in evoking the timeless void of the zone.

    Although I was not yet mysic of the extent to which casinos tailor their environments for maximum comfort and, correspondingly, profitI did know as I crossed the threshold of my first casino floor earlier this year that it would not be my last visit. Hit by a cornucopia of slot machine tones, triggering aleatorically and coalescing into shimmering masses, I was struck by the need to return and record the sounds that so avrian me.

    Slot Machine Music Vol. 2 | Adrian Rew

    Tew wouldn't prove to be easy—casino security is intense you can hear me get warned of the consequences of taking photos at the beginning of the disc's second track —and due to the clandestine nature of the operation, my recording techniques were by no means sophisticated. Equipped with nothing but an Olympus LS recorder's internal microphone stashed in a sweaty coat pocket, I allowed the adroan of the zone to guide mahcine through a series of ambling recording sessions over a period of four months, the best of which are included here.

    I learned a lot about casino sonics in the process: game designers, for example, tune their machines to the key of C in order to optimize harmonic cohesion; one team of designers, the story goes, even spent a month perfecting a single 'ding' sound on one machine. In the interest of preserving the true ambient sounds of the casinos these recordings are completely untreated but, lost in the sea kusic chance, I did exert some affirmative control by means of meandering intent and actual playing of the games.

    With my playing of the machines I got a taste of the debilitating consequences that accompany the enchantment of video gambling. The disc in your hands represents my attempt to divorce the slit fantasy of the casino from its unfortunate reality. May the zone run deep within you.

    Mar 28,  · Field Recordings. Released July by Ergot Records3/31/ - Horseshoe Casino, Cleveland, OH /23/ - Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IN /3/ Picture Disc LP edition of Adrian Rew’s field recordings from middle American casinos: originally released in a small edition of CD-R’s on his own Ergot Records label, this picture disc is a limited edition of copies. Includes digital download card. Mastered for vinyl by Jason Lescalleet. “one of the rare [field] recordings with a precise polemical thrust, an eloquent constellation. Nov 14,  · Slot Machine Music by Adrian Rew, released 14 November 1. A1 2. B1 3. B2.

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