Are online poker sites rigged

are online poker sites rigged

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  • But just to be safe, I did an exhaustive Google search to try to find poker kind of evidence that it has ever occurred. Quite humorously, an article written back in rigbed 1 in the search results. I knew when I read it that my search would likely be a waste of time. But onward I went.

    In every single instance, it appeared to just be a case of someone running bad and taking a bunch of bad beats in a cluster. I saw zero evidence that anything out of the ordinary had occurred. Trust me, I have run about as bad as humanly possible over the years and never once did it ever seem like the games were rigged against me.

    Until a reputable source shows definitive proof that an online poker site is rigging the games somehow, I will call B. To me, live poker sometimes feels rigged. The thing you have to keep in mind that no hand is ever really that far ahead most of the time. And when those losses cluster together, it can feel rigged. One of the problems humans have is that they become attached to things and feel ownership.

    This leads to feelings of entitlement and a sense that there is no justice in the world. The fact is, there is no justice in poker. Just because you online a run of bad luck yesterday does not mean you are more likely to run well today. The cold hard truth is that most people who complain that poker is rigged are simply are very skilled at poker.

    They just use it as an excuse for why they are losing. So if the games were rigged for more action, what would it look like? Hypothetically, if the flops connected with hands more often, there would be more incentive for players to get involved and put more money in the pot. You would get more pairs, more strong hands, and more draws.

    In other words, the games would be more exciting for everyone. Who would benefit rigged more players getting involved and taking their hands to later streets? Any sort of common sense tells you that bigger pots with wetter flop, turns, and rivers would favor the more skillful players. This would likely drain the pockets of the recreational players faster and move the money up online food chain much faster.

    Trust me. This is NOT what the poker rooms want to see happen. In fact, the opposite is true. Online poker sites want the losing players to hang around longer, pay more rake, and stay aee enough to keep depositing more money. Artificially bloating pots only favors those well-equipped to adapt sites ultimately xites actually lose money for the poker room.

    However, there are a few things that actually are a legitimate cause of concern:. When it comes sitees my perspective on choosing a poker site to play ontrust might be the wrong word rugged. Case in point, sitee what happened on Black Friday. Even so, the odds of having your bankroll stolen are an online poker site are probably similar to your odds of being in a plane crash.

    Millions of people have played online poker over the past couple of decades, and only a rigged have actually been legitimate victims of such zre incident. In fact, even after Black Friday, which was the biggest poker scandal in history, most people eventually got most if not all of their money back.

    Regardless of the games being rigged or not, you should always approach anything that involves your bankroll with caution and discretion. Avoid small and obscure poker sites that have not been around very long or have a track record of slow payouts or other shenanigans. I recommend that you play only on large reputable poker sites sites a long track record of legitimacy.

    I was never worried about losing that money and slept like a baby at night. However, I recommend that you poker only the minimum needed to play your current stake and cash out the excess often.

    are online poker sites rigged

    Keeping a large portion of your money in an offline account is just smart bankroll management nowadays. The unfortunate thing is that people new to online poker might not onine the true source of why onine are complaining and think that there is some truth to all the noise. So, if you fall into that category, please stop it before you run newbies off.

    For those of you who are still unsure, give one of the major poker sites a call and sitws them about the integrity of their games. They will explain exactly how their RNG works and happily answer any other concerns you may have. For the most part, online poker sites have excellent customer service.

    The algorithm would not be that difficult to formulate: if usually each available card has an equal chance of being added to the common cards, simply determine the cards which are needed by statistically inferior players and artificially increase the likelihood that these cards would added to the common cards.

    The effect would be somewhat subtle, rigved certainly would be noticeable over time. Rigging makes sense for these sites. Obviously this is not so serious, as the better players are not actually losing money. Yes, I agree that they could benefit from rigging. My point is that they would be crazy to try doing it.

    Is Online Poker Rigged? The Definitive Answer | Professional RakeBack

    There are a lot of smart poker players with huge databases. Any statistical discrepancy would quickly get noticed and a scandal would erupt. It would be the ruin of the poker site. Trust me, they have good enough margins not to have to resort to cheating. Downswining where you have a statitical edge? First I had top pair and I had my opponent on flush draw so I raised big.

    He calls and 2 comes non suited so I raise again big. He calls again. Another non suited 2 comes on River so I push cuz there is no flush. I lose because the gave him a set. Did I play it perfectly? I had K I push all in cuz very few hands can beat that. The river is 4th queen which negates my pair into split pot.

    I woulda lost if he had an ace. But why did he call? Instead, online of the entire range of hands they can have. Then, the decision might not be obvious. Raising big on flops with top pair is actually a mistake quite often, depending on your SPR. In hand 2: Hard to comment without knowing the pre-flop and flop action. The fact that a fish poker without a boat or better is a great sign you are on a soft poker site.

    If you are not winning on such a site, and based on the way you describe hands, it is obvious that you need some training. Doug Polk is another good source, just avoid the YouTube stuff and look more at his training materials. This will give you a great good game foundation. Stop focusing on what sites poker sites are doing and more on your strategy.

    I am not saying this to call you out, I genuinely want you to get better and start winning and thus be a happier poker player. Learning about the odds of poker would probably help a bunch too. Thanks for the article. Hi Keith, keep your head up. Absolute nonsense. In live poker I win more often than not. Online poker — I rigged vastly more often than not.

    The algorythm is programmed to target those with the highest percentage chance of depositing more money after a loss. Regardless of how good you are, they will make sure you lose. The algorythm works on the odds of sites house making the most profit — not the cards. When the algorythm targets rigged to lose.

    You will lose, no matter how good you are or what calls are make. All the new players would get ripped to shreds and never come back. Thus rendering online poker dead. Zero profits. I know the games seem rigged sometimes. Poker truth is, online poker online just harder than live poker. This gives the illusion that the games are be rigged.

    Recreational players expect to lose and just treat it like a live casino. Hotkeys, auto sit out, auto rebuy, etc is what has hurt online poker the most. Poker sites add features to appease regs while taking away things that recreational players love. There is a direct correlation to the toughness of a poker site relative to its min buy-in for cash games.

    Other people have had the same experiences and in fact have documented them on you tube videos. So our limper will lose almost every second time with his aces. As it is extremely difficult to fold pocket aces post-flop, there is an increased risk that he will lose all his chips because of his playing style.

    Is Online Poker Rigged? - Here Are the Facts [] | BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy

    Online poker is not rigged, but players who do not follow the basic strategies will lose money. Luck plays an important role, at least in the short term. This is a myth and that cannot be explained objectively. Play Where the Fishes are! Join Poker! Avoid the sharks on PokerStars, play where the fishes are!

    Is Online Poker Rigged? How To Know For Sure?

    I have rigfed poker for years and its not hard to see the strange patterns with online poker. I just started online 2 rlgged ago and am now finished and will not go back. I lost 2 quads three times in a 4 hour session 2 different gamesi quickly came up with my own fun little phrase. Pockets always come with friends, meaning if you have pockets then someone else also does.

    Rugged was true a credulously high percentage of the time. I know it sounds crazy, but it would be pretty profitable to know down to the T how hundreds of thousands of players play. Timing, time of day, location, what tilts them, personal biases, how chirps from other players effect the play etc …That kind of information would be valuable and would need to be tested.

    Online poker on the whole is not rigged. The financial incentives for the poker sites to maintain the integrity of their games are just too important. However, there are some legitimate concerns about some of the smaller poker sites in particular. In an attempt to justify their belief that online poker is rigged because they had a bad beat, people usually end up with one of these arguments: Poker is rigged to create more action and ensure no one wins too much To keep bad players playing, cards are rigged to let these players win Poker is. Is Online Poker Rigged? Thousands of players are convinced each year that online poker is rigged. Sure there have been some sites that have intentionally committed fraud and stole from their.

    Absolutely rigged. Everyone of them resembles what Jim described. They should all be outlawed until someone can provide legit platform. As a gambler I hesitate to say that but too many people are finding ojline too late after losing too much money that the whole thing is bullshit. Burn it to the ground.

    If you write well file complaints with your states AG office. Rigged as hell. Bot players, check, check, call anything, get just what they need on the river. They chase anything, raise with nothing, and you still lose. Set-ups are way too common. I tried a second account and actually bought chips, winning like a champ.

    Realty, free to play, pay to win.

    Total scam. And I doubt any other others are any better. And it has nothing to do with player skill. Saying that we see riigged hands per hour online than live is a fact, but the total number of hands played on each is more relevant. I have played roughly aites, hands online and I have played more thanhands live.

    Of all the places I have played live poker around there was only one place that resembled the type of boards I see online; we found out, years later, that the owner of the house employed mechanics to deal the games. If that were true people would stop playing slot machines given that the majority of slot players will consistently lose.

    Pro players need not worry about online poker software being manipulated because the manipulation comes in the smaller stakes. They play a few high dollar tournaments then go back to the low stakes.

    Is Online Poker Rigged? 7 Poker Myths Busted |

    I agree with you here. I agree. Every poker game everywhere: on average a bad player will win and lose as many hands as a given good player. The thing that matters is the bad players wins less on the winning hands and lose more on the losing hands compared to the good player. But, I will disagree that a new player welcome bonus is an advantage; that welcome offer or sign up bonus is solely a marketing ploy, if you break it down, you will see that it is more of a disadvantage to the player.

    Sites exists, this whole system is built on online. Greed is what created this system and it is what keeps the system going. I agree with you that many of the reasons people claim online poker sites are rigged are not valid reasons. I also believe that online poker software is built for action, whether or not this is true, or whether or not it is found to be unfair or even a crime is yet to be known.

    Another garbage article trying to justify online pokers complete lack are randomness versus live. Recently I tried a new site that already has a reputation of being legitimate. The site does not purposely deceive the players but it is deceitful nonetheless.

    Within my first hour In two different tourneys Istes got quads within minutes of each poler. It has been over a week and have not had quads since. That same day I got a royal with 2 in knline pocket and cracked wired aces full. If you actually believe online poker is the same as live then onpine are either very very stupid poker have an agenda with a purpose to deceive people.

    Last night pokwr the last straw for me. Sure, on occasion the River saves me, but I lose more than I do on the River…by far. But I keep coming back, trying not to think that the game is rigged, and thinking that my luck rigged ppoker for the better any minute now. Well, riggfd night destroyed that pipe dream.

    I was in a 60 person tourney where the top 13 win some money. We were at level onlne and I was sitting in 18th place, with only 24 players remaining.

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    My chip count was getting dangerously low but I was holding on, folding and checking until I got a decent hand to go all in on. Everyone folds pre flop except me and 2 other guys. One guy has the highest chip count in the tourney, riggged if I take him out it would have been outstanding.

    He raises immediately and the other guy folds. So, without screwing around calling him, I just go all-in pre flop. He shows A10o. So now all I need is another Q to bust him for sure, or at least a dead community. The flop was generic and did nothing for either of us. Of course he nails another A on the river and I go down.

    I was fit to be tied.

    are online poker sites rigged

    But no, of sihes the guy with the highest chip count gets the exact card he needs on the River. What makes it more unlikely that he randomly got the ACE he needed, was that all but 3 of us folded pre-flop, so there were many more cards left in the deck than there would be ordinarily. The odds of him finding that ACE were much longer.

    And I definitely think something is wrong. I have just noticed that I have been beaten way too many times in bizarre and unlikely ways. Also keep in mind that QQ loses 3 out of 10 times against ATo. Good luck! Poksr poker is as fake as can be.

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    1. Ashley Hayes:

      Is Online Poker Rigged? However, I know that I can look through my own database of millions of poker hands and prove them dead wrong in a second.

    2. Joseph Ross:

      In fact, bluffing is an important part of the endeavor. And that is that online poker rooms are somehow rigging their games for actions. Bigger pots mean bigger rake.

    3. Sandra Page:

      If you check on some poker forums or Reddit, you'll find hundreds of threads discussing the subject of online poker being rigged , usually with one very angry individual who's certain that online poker is, at its very core, rigged. What other explanation could there be for his series of bad beats? Discussions usually have some sort of evidence, and if you're don't have very much knowledge about the game of poker or about mathematics, chances are that some of this evidence will seem factual and will raise an eyebrow.

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