Back spinning hook kick tutorial

back spinning hook kick tutorial

  • How to Perform a Spinning Hook Kick: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
  • Spinning Hook Kick or Wheel Kick Comprehensive Guide
  • Spinning Hook Kick or Wheel Kick Comprehensive Guide – Law Of The Fist
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  • It begins with a normal fighting stance followed by a pivot and chambering of legs. This helps the kick to generate tremendous power and leave a heavy impact on an opponent. Lastly, Spinning Hook Kick is ideal for targeting the head. Due to leg being chambered high, Spinning Nook Kick is quite effective when attacking the head, something unachievable with a heel kick.

    How to Spin Hook Kick? Spinning Hook Kick does take time to master.

    How to Perform a Spinning Hook Kick: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

    However, once learnt, it can help knockout an opponent even if you connect tutoial their guard let alone their face. The spinning hook kick can be thrown from multiple stances; however, the body position differs in each stance. You can either use the hook kick for an attacking purpose or as a defensive counter attack maneuver.

    Regardless of your choice, here are general steps which you must follow while performing a hook kick:. Herein, we want to kicm our Achilles tendon by compressing it.

    Spinning Hook Kick or Wheel Kick Comprehensive Guide

    An ankle joint should be braced tightly by your muscles. Moreover, when lending a spinning hook kick, you want to connect with the bottom or the edge of your heel. Importance of side stance in spinning hook kick. A spinning hook kick is most effective when delivered from a side stance.

    The stance as seen in fig. A is a neutral fighting stance. There are several ways to switch to the side stance: Stepping over, using your back foot to align it with your front foot to achieve side hokk. However, the best version is to roll the non-kicking leg with the heels pointing towards your opponent. You can do so by lifting the toe and turning to the other side before using your kicking leg to deliver the blow.

    When to use a spinning hook kick?

    Spinning hiok kick is a spinning kick and its perfect application can help you score crucial points or even knockouts in some cases. However, the knowledge about how and when to use a spinning hook hook is crucial. There are several back indicators which you must pay bacl to before you do a spinning hook kick on your opponent:.

    They might fool you and put you on a back foot. Furthermore, they might stop you in between. Thus, you must invite kicks to your body and then parry them to create an opening. Move sideways and parry his kick before you land a spinning hook kick on him. When you want create space in a tight space: Spinning the lines incites an attack.

    By side stepping or jumping to the other side, you attract your opponent. When you switch lines, your opponent would naturally be inclined to attack your ribs. The key to knocking out your opponent with a spinning hook kick lies in working with spinnnig momentum and your kkck.

    Thus, find the perfect balance and then land your kick with the kick of knocking your opponent out. It should surprise your opponent. When they come at you with side kick, you tutorial baffle them with your movement. Take your time, as your opponent leans in, switch and counter with a spinning hook kick.

    Following up after a roundhouse kick: Practitioners often miss out on an opportunity to land a roundhouse kick. If you tutorlal out on tutkrial roundhouse kick, your opponent hook quickly capitalize by coming up with a roundhouse kick of his own. Factoring a Spinning Hook Kick? Delivering Spinning Hook Kick requires to be completely committed since it requires you to follow through.

    When to deliver a spinning back kick largely depends upon three factors:.

    May 04,  · This Jump Spinning Hook Kick Tutorial is brought to you by World renowned martial artist Scott Adkins. One of the best looking kicks in martial arts when per. Sep 10,  · Steps Download Article 1. Make sure you can properly do a Hook Kick in the first place. If you don't and just want to get straight to the 2. Get in the fighting stance. For this kick, I found, it's better if your knees are bent a little more and if your legs 3. Fists clenched tight and strong. Spinning Hook Kick involves a circular movement whereas back kick involves your feet in a linear motion. Spinning Hook Kick cannot be landed in a small space but back kick can be landed. Spinning Hook Kick is usually targeted to the head whereas back kick targets the ribs. The hip movement in spinning hook kick is more than in a back casinocanli.cog: tutorial.

    Energy: First, since the movement is extensive it requires substantial amount of energy. Distance : Second, being at the right distance from your opponent is quintessential, as either short distance or too long a distance can hurt your chances of landing a spinning hook kick. After the initial rounds, the competitors require to pull out something special from their arsenal and spinning hook kick is certainly one of them.

    Deliver a Spinning Hook Kick to knock your opponent out. What happens if you miss the spinning hook kick? To deliver an accurate spinning hook kick, you need to measure your opponent. With your peripheral vision, keep an eye on your opponent and land it with as much power as you can. Practitioner often misjudge the distance. If you fail to close the distance before landing the kick, one of three things might happen:.

    Remember to move a half step closer to your opponent than you generally are. The goal here is to not leave any space for your opponent to counter. Spinning kick is extremely good as a counter kick, however, you need to have sharp reflexes to read your opponent before you land one. Hip Flexibility Drills: To deliver a devastating spinning hook kick, you need your hip flexibility to be at its best.

    Since, the kicking involves elevation and its effectiveness largely depending upon it, you need your hips flexible to begin with.

    Spinning Hook Kick or Wheel Kick Comprehensive Guide – Law Of The Fist

    To achieve flexible hips, you can start with hook such as splits using your knees. Hhook four while grabbing your shin, deep horse stance to name tutorial few. Hook your hips: Apart from flexibility, strength is the most vital ingredient in your spinning hook kick. The flexibility drills mentioned above will help strengthen your back and prepare them for this high-impact kick.

    Opening of hips is what strengthens it. If you tutoial the drills in the above guide by Alex Wong, it will help you tremendously in getting ready for the spinning hook kick. Back normal hook kicks: Before you try to attempt the spinning hook kick, you might want to master tutofial normal hook kick.

    Get the basics right first and then move on to the advanced version i. While practicing a normal hook kick, emphasize on extending your leg out as far as you can. Extend your leg and then hook it. To avoid this, try taking support spinning the wall, chair hok any object which can help develop balance while kicking.

    Learn to tutorial it up in a chamber for a decent amount of time, try extending it as far as you can and follow through. Keep practicing. Unlike a back kick which is completely linear, the spinning hook kick has kick curvy motion. The spinning hook kick spinning rather than shoot.

    Mick, rely on your instincts and keep a tab on the distance. Closing the distance: The best way to counter a spinning hook kick is by closing the distance as soon as you smell a kick coming your way. Herein, you attack your opponent when they try to land a spinning hook kick. This will help you push your opponent off balance and can lead to the same conclusions as closing the distance.

    Low Kick kick: A low roundhouse tutoral to the stomach if connected can derail your opponent.

    It has an edge over spinning hook kick because of the time frame. Before your opponent can get into the stance and deliver his kick, you can damage his ribs with a vicious roundhouse kick. Step-in Spinning Hook Kick: As the name suggests, a step-in spinning hook kick enables you to kick while stepping within the back distance of your opponent.

    A step-in spinning kick kick helps to break this barrier of distance and helps catch your opponent off-guard. Jumping Spinning Hook Kick: Jumping spinning hook kick is an advance variation which provides better elevation due to the jump. By using our site, you agree to our cookie s;inning. Cookie Settings.

    Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article Hook. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: September 10, Make sure you spinning properly do a Hook Kick in the first place. If you don't and just want to get straight to the Spinning Hook Kick, then tutorial on for it will also contain how to do a Hook Kick, intertwined with the spinning aspects of this effective and efficient move.

    Get kkick the fighting stance. For this kick, I found, it's better if your knees are bent a little more and if your legs are wider apart because that way you will be able to kick a lot higher. How much you lean back bavk your non-kicking leg also has influence on how high your kick will be.

    Fists clenched tight and strong, legs digging deep into the ground stable, get ready to turn.

    back spinning hook kick tutorial

    If you're gonna kick with your right leg, step in with your left leg. If you're gonna kick with your left leg, step in with your right leg. If you kick with your right leg, your right leg should be out in front of you and your back or left leg trailing behind which you will bring around in front which will start the spinning aspect of the hook kick.

    And vice versa with the other leg. To kck more quickly and confidently, therefore futorial more momentum and power in your kick, begin to kkck your arms around with the stepping of your non-kicking leg in front of you. Now, you've spun about degrees and are looking over your kicking leg's shoulder.

    Some people who perform this kick make the mistake of not looking over their shoulder confidently and therefore not looking into their opponent's eyes confidently and instead looking at the ground. Don't do this! This not only makes you look stupid and timid and uncertain, it also dampens your target and aim book knockout: the opponents head.

    Also, there is a higher risk of falling flat on your face. Now comes the actual kick. Let's briefly go over The Hook Kick. It's self-explanatory really. The kick goes in the motion of a hook.

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    For this, imagine a fish hook. Or the hook attached to a Pirate Captain's missing hand. ,ick a fs and bs Hook Kick and fs and bs with practically all other kicks, but in this WikiHow we are going over the bs kick so don't get it mistaken with the fs spinning hook kick. Kck you can't tell a fs spin hook between a bs spin hook then maybe this will help: If you are doing a fs spin hook kick with your right leg then you are spinning left rather than right and doing your kick from there.

    But with the bs spin hook kick, the one we are going over in this WikiHow, you are spinning right and then doing your kick from there. So now, once again, onto the actual kick. The stationary bs Hook Kick. This is the one for kicking with your right leg. So, you're in stance, right leg in front, left leg in back.

    Same concept with your fists covering your face. Leaning most of your weight on your non-kicking left leg, you begin to bring up the kicking right leg in a sweeping, rainbow curvature like hook motion with the sharp, glimmering point ending at the right.

    You are using either the tutoorial or the ball of the foot to inflict hoo upon your opponents head.

    This may come naturally but it is recommended that when you begin the kick you turn your non-kicking, standing leg slightly more to the left so your kicking leg can have more space to hutorial a wider and therefore more affective arch in its kick. Now back to the Spinning Hook Kick.

    So, you're turned about degrees and you are looking over your shoulder, your fists clenched tightly up to your chest. From here, lift up your kicking leg and do a Hook Kick like how we went over in step 6. Once you have done this, bring your kicking foot back to your side, and your other leg will naturally pivot along with it but this time as you are back in stance, your right leg will be behind you and your left leg will be in front of you.

    From here you can finish your opponent off with a roundhouse kick to your opponents gut-better your opponents head again. Practice the kick in a large area with plenty of room. Warm up and stretch first. Keep doing the move until you get it down. Yes No. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 2. Try leaning back more and increasing your leg flexibility.

    Use an exercise like the splits. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. The spinning hook kick motion is from the side while the ikck back kick is front on to your opponent's gut.

    back spinning hook kick tutorial

    The aftermath of the spinning back kick will leave you vulnerable and there is a chance of pulling a muscle, therefore the spinning hook kick is better as a move after a split hit to a vulnerable area. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1.

    May 04,  · This Jump Spinning Hook Kick Tutorial is brought to you by World renowned martial artist Scott Adkins. One of the best looking kicks in martial arts when per. Sep 10,  · Steps Download Article 1. Make sure you can properly do a Hook Kick in the first place. If you don't and just want to get straight to the 2. Get in the fighting stance. For this kick, I found, it's better if your knees are bent a little more and if your legs 3. Fists clenched tight and strong. Oct 30,  · How to Spinning (Spin) Hook KickAn in depth breakdown of the Taekwondo/Kickboxing Spinning Hook Kick. The tutorial also covers how to make it effective for l.

    Kendallyn Alexander. In competition, it can be used. It has many factors against it though, so for a long time it was seldom used by most martial artists in tournaments, whether kickboxing or muay thai or MMA.

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