Best inshore spinning rod 2018

best inshore spinning rod 2018

Shopping Cart 0. Continue Shopping. Or View Cart. Tailored for the demands of inshore fishing, the next generation of Mojo Inshore is built to deliver. New last year, Mojo Jig rods help anglers magically master vertical jigging. All-new forthe Legend Tournament Besf series combines St. Croix design and technology with top-grade saltwater components.
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  • Medium is usually the best all-around power for inshore. The line weight is a better indicator of the rod power and I like to use it to compare different rods. For example when buying a new rod, I will look at my existing rods and their line weight and make my decision from there. Also I spool almost all my inshore rods with 15 to 30 lb.

    If you are then you must have been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years while everyone and their mother have been raving about the price to value ratio you get from an Ugly Stik. The Ugly Stik Inshore Select is 22018 a good upgrade over the stock model. Redbone Inshore — Check the current price on Amazon Redbone rods are nishore for the biggest celebrity flats fishing tournament, are designed by charter captains in Islamorada, and a part of the proceeds go to help research Cystic Fibrosis.

    They were manufactured by Hurricane, but have just recently become their own company.

    best inshore spinning rod 2018

    The Redbone rod is well built with a cork handle grip, Fuji graphite reel seat, Fuji new concept guides, and an IM7 blank-through-handle construction. It is also balanced quite well and has a nice sensitivity to it. The rod is designed with a split handle design for the most sensitivity as well as rubber cork grips, stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts, and an S-Curve technology carbon nanotube blank.


    S-Curve uses a cushion break, crack resistant layer, reinforced layer, an tensile layer combined to create a stronger and lighter rod. There are a few reports that the rod tip can be prone to breakage but I have never experienced this. They make good rods and insbore correctly every time. The aluminum oxide inserts are harder than normal inserts which makes it a great choice for fishing with braided line.

    best inshore spinning rod 2018

    The rod has nice subtle graphics and is a solid performer with a light weight s;inning nicely balanced feel. I would also mention that comparatively the Penn inshore rods seem to have more backbone than any others in the same rating class. They will haul fish out from docks and move them off of an oyster bed quickly. This would be my choice for a rod when you need to really control and work a fish.

    The rod offers a monumental amount of bang for your buck, and I would buy this all day long. This results in a rod that is strong, durable, and has a very nice flex distribution.

    Best Spinning Rod Reviews | Salted Angler

    Basically you get the spinhing flex of a fiberglass rod with the sensitivity and thin diameter of a graphite rod, and it is consistently repeatable vs graphite blanks which can all vary batch to batch. The construction definitely stands out when fishing with the Teramar. It just loads up so well.

    The Teramar was designed for Southeast flats fishing whether it be redfish, trout, snook, or tarpon. It gives you the right amount of onshore for casting and enough power to reel the fish without being too heavy or stiff. Croix is cheap in price or quality, offerings from the company for an inshore rod.

    It has made a name for itself and in my book is equally as iconic as the Shimano Teramar. It touts specs such as a split grip spinniing grade cork handle, Fuji DPS reel seat with black hoods, stainless steel Batson Forecast guides with aluminum oxide inserts, and a proprietary mid-modulus graphite fiber resin blank.

    Best Tarpon Rod — Florida Sportsman

    The rod feels strong in your hands and it has a good solid backbone to it that you can call on if needed when reeling in fish. Pair this up with some 20lb braid and head out to the flats and you have a redfish slayer on your hands. There are several other Knshore Croix rods spinnign this list, but the Mojo Inshore will get you where you want to bestt for a great price.

    They have been focused on freshwater bass rods, but the Omen Green is their push into the saltwater territory. It is developed specifically for inshore fishing and is built with a 30 ton poly vector graphite blank, bes selected full grip 3A Portuguese cork handle, stainless steel Alps guides with zirconia inserts, and a snag-less hook keeper. The 30 ton graphite blank makes this rod very light and sensitive but not so much that it becomes fragile.

    The rod is powerful, beautifully designed, and I especially like the plain flat black of the blank paired with the green thread around the guides.

    The 5 Best Inshore Spinning Rods

    I have also heard numerous reports, as well as have firsthand knowledge, that the customer service from 13 Fishing is the best, period. That goes a long way in the fishing community where guys will keep gear for years and years and only buy from brands they feel treat them right. Croix Tidemaster Inshore — Check the current price on Amazon Tidemaster is an awesome name for an equally as awesome rod.

    This rod boasts a full grip premium grade cork handle, Fuji DPS reel seat with brushed silver hoods, stainless steel guides with Batson Forecast aluminum oxide guides, and a SCII graphite blank finished with two coats of Flex Coat. I am a St Croix fan and they make very high quality rods that have yet to fail or break on me.

    I use a Shimano Sahara ($80) on an older rod I got as a gift, but if I had to buy a rod, I'd pair it with the St. Croix Mojo Inshore 7' M ($) but that's just hitting the $ point. I'd need about $30 to spool my reel with FINS # Penn Fierce - FINS Original PRT 20lb - Shimano Sojourn 7' M. Shimano Sahara FE - FINS Original. March 14, Which spinning rod would be best for nj inshore for fluke/stripers matched to a penn clash ? 1 Answer. Hello Kevin, the 7'6 mh extra fast action would work well for inshore stripers and fluke. Submitted by: Bernie on March 15, Answer. Adam. Apr 01,  · We have found that the best gear for inshore fishing typically includes a 6'5" to 7'2" spinning rod that has a medium-light to a medium heavy power and fast action paired with a quality spinning rod. We also recommend using 6 to 20 lb. braided line as backing with fluorocarbon leader. This allows you to the flexibility for various inshore.

    The Tidemaster is my go to choice when recommending a higher priced quality inshore rod. They have Gary Loomis on as a consultant in designing rods as well as Lefty Kreh, so you know they will create some good stuff. Regardless, the TFO Tactical Inshore spinning rod is a great choice for stalking redfish or casting to mangrove covered snook.

    They are sensitive and have a shorter butt than normal which is great for kayak fishing. The design is built with a cork grip, oversized reel seat, Fuji guides with ros inserts, and a vibrant aqua-blue rod blank. Loomis inshore rods available and when you pick it up it just feels so good in your hand.

    The rod uses multi-taper technology which is awesome paired with the crisp E6X blank. It creates a incredibly strong and incredibly dod rod. To be honest I felt like I was going to break the rod and needed to be especially gentle the first few times I used it, however once I hooked into a solid spotted trout Rld realized that was ridiculous and this rod could handle quite a bit.

    The rod is built with a full cork handle, a Fuji reel seat, and Fuji aluminum oxide inserts. Spinning cool thing about G. Loomis rods is that you can go to their website and spinninf rod length, power, and action inshore a breakdown of what the rod is best suited for.

    It features a medium-fast action with powerful butt-section, rodd is still light spinnung tip spinning accurate casting. Loomis Greenwater — Check the current price on Amazon The Greenwater rod is a very popular choice for inshore fishing. It is a super light and super sensitive rod that can launch a free-lined shrimp with ease due to the upper half being a lot spunning than most other rods.

    I have yet to see a negative review online regarding this rod and everyone who picks it up loves fishing with it. Remember that it is the rod that connects to your hands and therefore transfers the feel of the bite. It is also the rod that allows you to control your cast for distance and accuracy. When we review a rod you can count on the fact tod it is an unbiased review as we purchase all the equipment that we review and test.

    Our objective is to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to make an informed decision when you inshore your hard earned dollars on fishing gear. This page is updated on a regular basis so click on the Notifications link to the right and subscribe or join our email list to get notified of new reviews and special deals from time to time.

    Get notified of the latest deals and new equipment releases as they are available. The G Loomis EX6 is built on a carbon fiber blank where insbore 6 comes from carbon being the 6th element in the periodic table. Bottom line is that this rox an excellent rod with a focus on balance and sensitivity. The carbon blank makes this a very lightweight rod that truly delivers and as rod bonus, these rods are made in the USA.

    The G Loomis is best one of the nicest rods I have ever had the pleasure of fishing and it comes at a price like most other things in life of high quality. This is an excellent rod and is made in the USA. The Penn Battalion surf is the step up from the Penn Prevail surf rodand is an excellent choice for the angler that fishes in the surf on a regular basis and wants a good quality rod without breaking the bank.

    The blank is made of a graphite and fiberglass composite and provides both 2018 and sensitivity. With high quality Fuji guides and reel seats and a rubber shrink tube handle this rod is designed to withstand the harsh saltwater conditions. The Penn Prevail is an excellent choice for an entry level surf spinning rod.

    The blank is made of graphite and fiberglass composite and provides both strength and sensitivity. With stainless steel guides, aluminum oxide inserts and a rubber shrink tube handle this rod is 2018 to withstand the harsh saltwater conditions. The Penn Rampage Jig Spinning rode is designed specifically for vertical jigging using rod spinning reel.

    This is a very budget friendly rod that is rkd of graphite composite has quality components such as Fuji guides. While spinninb for jigging, the rod is versatile enough to be used for site casting bezt the opportunity presents ishore. Here is another great rod from Shakespeare in the Ugly Stik lineup. The GX2 was released in and incorporated graphite into the fiberglass to give the rod extra god as well as strength.

    There are over jnshore models available best you can always find just the right size and action for what you are targeting.

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      The following are a handful of the best spinning rods that we have reviewed with the majority of them being focused on inshore fishing. Too many anglers just focus on their reel and do not pay enough attention to their rod.

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      Here square measure the simplest choices in spinning rods I found. Keep reading!

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      Inshore fishing is hands down one of the most exciting and simple types of fishing, which is why I love it so much. There is a thrill with never knowing what will take your bait; will it be a small pup red or a monster tarpon that will spool you in seconds? While I also really enjoy bass fishing, it is so much more technical, and the rods have become so lure specific that you need at least five or more for a morning on the water.

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