Best poker documentary

best poker documentary

As poker players we also all secretly enjoy to watch the occasional piece of degen behaviour when it comes to gambling. This is the Daniel Negreanu story filmed in documentary style after his induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. Charting his rise to the pinnacle of the game, we get to see a glimpse behind the scenes at exactly how it all came together. Worth a watch. This is a fun look into the world of high-stakes tournament action by two independent filmmakers. Made during the height of the poker boom we get to see the excitement behind what poker players are chasing day-after-day.
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  • Is it the method by which it is filmed and narrated, with the production as important as the story being told? Certainly, the latter is hugely important, and a good documentary can become great if it is handled correctly.

    Best Gambling Documentaries of All Time - Nerdsofgambling

    Week in, week out here on Documentary Weeklywe review films made on a variety of subjects that interest, excite and in some instances terrify. One thing is for certain, a great documentary only becomes such if the story being told is of interest. That means finding poker, events or situations documentary have not previously been explored, and taking them to the next level.

    The world of poker has spawned plenty of films over the last few years, looking at people and places from history, as well as the origins of the best. It is a game that has inspired Hollywood blockbusters, such as Molly's Game, but away from the high stakes and famous names, there is an industry that many people simply do not understand.

    Many filmmakers have tried to bring that world dlcumentary for a mainstream audience, but only a few have succeeded with a quality, informative and engaging production. With so many poker documentaries out there, how can you choose which to view? We have selected three which examine aspects of the poker world, both online and in casinos, as well as one of the biggest stars of the felt.

    Top Five Poker Shows on Netflix - PokerTube

    All three give documentary fascinating glimpse into a life far removed from the normal nine to five, and the pitfalls that accompany those all-consuming highs. Online best, and indeed online casinos are poker business in Yes, Bet Raise Fold released is another documentary that focuses on the ever-rising game of online poker.

    This one, though, looks at the origin of life, the universe and the game: Where and how did online poker start, exactly? Take a look at the trailer on YouTube or watch the movie directly from the official website, here. Visit us on Facebook and tell us documentay favourite poker documentaries and card playing flicks!

    best poker documentary

    No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail So, what happens when a filmmaker couple decides to pack up everything, hit the road and head off to play poker and film it? Drawing Dead: The Highs and Lows of Online Poker Drawing Dead is a vitally important movie, and it shows you both sides of the poker circuit: The story is told from the perspective of a professional poker player who definitely has the odds on his side and a gambling addict, for which the game has come to represent something worlds apart.

    Three of the Best Poker Documentaries Out There — Documentary Weekly

    Is Virtual Currency a Gamble? Bbest currencies like Litecoin, Zcash, Etherium and Bitcoin have become an increasing appearance on the. All Things Poker-Themed What do you get the poker-playing, card-loving, ace-drawing friend who has everything?

    poker documentaries. We all have those thoughts of becoming a professional poker player. So we have searched the internet to bring you the best Poker documentaries for your enjoyment. Bringing you hours of content to sit back and delve into. So go ahead and enjoy the mad crazy world of poker. Here are Alex’s picks for some of the best poker documentaries out there. Grinders () Grinders was released through documentary filmmaker Journeyman Pictures, and it features filmmaker Matt Gallagher doing what people really, really shouldn’t: Jumping right into poker playing to see if his winnings would be enough to support his wife Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Apr 28,  · The Best Poker Movies & Documentaries Rounders We want to start with one of the absolute cult poker movies, which has a not to be underestimated portion in the poker boom as it introduced the game of Texas Hold’em to a lot of casinocanli.coted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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      Poker has been one of the most popular gambling games for a long time. Over the years, it has become a game that can achieve the dreams of the players in a very short period of time.

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      They say it takes 10, hours to become adept in any field. How the heck did he pitch that to his wife beforehand?

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      The gambling industry has been growing significantly in the last decade. Many experts believe that gambling industry is currently one of the biggest industries in the world that is currently worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Only in , the total gross win of thecasino from all over the world only from the gamblers was more than billion dollars.

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      We all have those thoughts of becoming a professional poker player. So we have searched the internet to bring you the best Poker documentaries for your enjoyment.

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