Coin slot mechanism

coin slot mechanism

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    When the electromagnet is energized the latch is released and the motor switch snaps closed. The large pneumatic at the right pulls sllot knife switch slot, whereupon the switch latch keeps it open. A late ratchet style coin accumulator and switch mechanism installed in a Link model 2EX.

    This device is much more compact and much simpler than the earlier multi-component arrangement. When a coin is dropped into the slot it falls through the accumulator and hits a small coin which trips a one mechanism count latch on the ratchet wheel, allowing it to rotate counterclockwise one tooth or spot tune count.

    The ratchet wheel can be incremented multiple times adding additional tune counts by either a coin mechaanism or by the electromagnet connected to external wall boxes. Once the ratchet wheel is initially tripped the motor switch closes.

    Link Coin Slot Mechanisms

    A hook attached to the pneumatic at right rotates the ratchet wheel one click clockwise, subtracting one tune count, or if no additional tune counts are available the motor contacts are pulled open. Link cast iron wall box of a design that was probably in vogue when the Link Piano Company began business in When a coin was dropped into the slot at the top of the unit just above the crank and below the "Drop Nickel" sign it fell into a pocket attached to the small crank handle.

    If the coin coin undersized it would fall through the pocket and out mechanism the coin box without any further action. When the coins visible in the window were pushed down the bottom nickel, which was held snugly in the coin chute by a spring loaded pawl, would be ejected, whereupon it would fall upon a little weight balanced slot that, when depressed, closed an electrical contact.

    DIY Coin Mechanism for Vending Machine III - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits.

    The idea of the slog viewing window was to allow anyone to see whether or not a slug a nickel sized metal punching had been nefariously inserted, essentially keeping patrons honest through threat of mechahism embarrassment. Link cast iron wall box of a later design, estimated circa The more complicated earlier designs had given way to a much more simplistic, plain looking design by the s.

    Here there is a simple nickel drop slot at the top. Interior of the Link cast iron wall box, circa When the nickel drops it encounters the first zig-zag, where its speed is reduced as it rolls past a coin sizing slot in the backside of the coin chute.

    Coin Chutes – Coin Slides | Monarch Coin & Security Inc.

    The simple flat spring pushes any undersized coins out through the sizing coin without any further action. But if the coin makes its way past the sizing slot it continues on into the next zig-zag where it finally comes to a stop and falls into the cast bronze weight balanced finger.

    When this finger is rotated due to the weight of the coin the balancing weight at its left makes contact with a brass strip, thereby closing the electrical contact. Link Coin Slot Mechanisms Slot courtesy of Rusty King Early Link vertical coin accumulator mechanism with electrical contacts and coin eject pneumatic located at the bottom.

    Photograph courtesy of Rusty King The electrically triggered motor switch in housed in a sturdy cast iron housing located to mechanism immediate left of the motor.

    Welcome to Coin Mechanisms

    It is useful for promotional or discount programs, and for the establishment of a refund policy. It fits where any other coin chute would, and avoids the necessity of double stroking the machine. The Model is a single mechsnism or token mechanism. The units are simple, rugged, and easy to maintain. Available with factory mounted electric switch when required.

    Check out our Security Tokens for laundry and vending applications.

    You may find them on the market in different forms, but rest assured, there is only one manufacturer. These are ideal for apartment complexes and institutional laundries. Tokens allow you to control pricing as well as who has access to the use of the machine.

    Coins in non-competitive slots do not receive any points. There are not yet any eligible coins for this slot. Contact NGC. Slot Description Coin ID Coin Description Score Mod Score ID Add Coin. Join NGC for free to add coins, track your collection and participate in the NGC Registry. Learn more > Join NGC Already a member? The coin slot have a 15 degree angle. The coin ramp have a 10 degree angle. The square cut will allow smaller coins to fall. Bigger coins will be pushed out. The picture at the right side will show the path of the coin selected. OOPS! bigger coins doesn't fit. Nov 27,  · From - A DIY Coin mechanism for vending machines. Simple and easy to build. It can be adapted for your microcontroller problem. It.

    They will not work on machines with drop coin acceptors. Complete Kits are available for putting new commercial equipment into service.

    coin slot mechanism

    Monarch manufactures ONLY the chutes. Due to restriction on distribution, certain tokens are not available in all areas. These parts are required to put a machine into service.

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      Why Use Tokens? All changes are internal to the chutes, so it will fit where any other Vertical Coin Chute would be used. The special tokens are minted from gauge materials.

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      Patented; Jan: 11, My invention consists in new and useful improvements in coin slot mechanisms for pay-station telephones, coin-operated vending machines, and similar devices.

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      Early Link vertical coin accumulator mechanism with electrical contacts and coin eject pneumatic located at the bottom. The tall, upright nickel accumulator is a nicely crafted brass casting that can hold up to 20 nickels.

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