Custom slot in uncharted waters

custom slot in uncharted waters

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  • Shipbuilding Basics (Shipbuilding 101)
  • I cannot personally confirm or bust those myths in modding as SSIPs wateers bloody expensive. If you are a superstitious person, I guess it doesn't hurt to check my Fusion Success Myths and add the cargo oscilation theory. Ships may normally have up to 2 optional skills at the same time. Besides these 2 optional skills: 1 more may be added by fusion Inheriting.

    So, a ship with all the fusion bonus may have up to 5 optional skills. You may change your optional ship skills at any given time, with the exception of the one "inherited" Step 1: Get to any shipyard master Note: Not all cities have a shipyard master.

    HOT KEYS #UWO #UnchartedWatersOnline | Uncharted Waters Online (El Navegante)

    Step 4: Select "Add an optional ship skill", select the skill on the right and click next. So you got sick of your ship skills and want to try new ones? Ok, the new "order of the prince" update now allows you to do it. But there is a catch. You will lose all your optional skills, with the exception of your inherited skill if any.

    Some skills may require more than one OSP. Follow the link to learn how to obtain these. Table of Contents What is Fusion? Where do I start? Fusion consists of two ships. You will combine the two to make a new, improved base ship. Fusion Benefits Fusion can improve your ship's stats durability, sails, rowing, turn, wave, armour, crew, cannons and cargo.

    It slightly increases the cap or max for some stats. The amount depends on ship class Galleons, Waters Morts, Clipper You may also grade bonus - more details below : Add another broadside, slot and stern cannon, Add a skill to a ship, in one of two ways inheritance or skill slot addition.

    Custom the acceleration of a ship this un can be used up to 3 times. When a ship's grade goes up, it adds a small amount to the upper limit of some stats. Yes, you can now go beyond the previous ucharted limit. Example: A ship that had of horizontal sails may go up to The actual numbers depend on the uncharted number, ship form and ship class.

    custom slot in uncharted waters

    Besides an increase in the upper limit, your ship will also have a permanent bonus to one ore more ship stats. At g1, g3, and g6, you are able to add stats or skills to your base ship. The stats type bonus do not raise the cap level. The options are as follows:. Not a sound shipbuilding decision nowadays.

    Adds an extra cannon slot on your ship. Cannot have more than 5 on a heavy, 4 on a standard, or 3 on a light ship. Allow the possibility to add uncnarted 3rd optional skill to the ship. Common choice for high end battle ships with lots of good skills wafers choose.

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    Allow the possibility to add a 4th optional skill to the ship during the improve. Also take more damage in melee battles. Counts toward your optional skill limit. Most popular choice. Adds acceleration only, not top speed. Unconfirmed bonus to acceleration:. They are well worth their money and usually pay themselves in the long run. Move to a place where you have high base success rates.

    All other cities, including capitals will give the lowest base success rate. Store all your non essential ships somewhere before you start fusing anything. Keep only your flagship so you have 4 open ship slots to work with. It's good to increase your productivity and to avoid silly mistakes like using premium ships as mat ships.

    Yes, your aide captain will lose trust when you demote him. But he will get used to it, don't worry!

    Sailing | Official Uncharted Waters Wiki | Fandom

    You can buy blueprints from other players. Some company colonies have an arsenal. Pass your mat ship around your alts to get waters fully maxed on SHP. Bonus success only added if the ship's SGP is fully maxed. This applies to anything that is listed as an optional skill on the ship information screen, including refit options Melee, exploration, etc That's why you see a lot of "double refit" mat ships being advertised.

    Premium Cash Ships They do give a higher success rate when used as mats. Procedure Making mat ships. For heavy ships LC Large Carrack is the cheapest choice. The reason we uncharted unharted is because the success rate of fusing the same ship Large carrack to Large carrack is much higher than fusing different ships Watfrs carrack to Modified Large carrack.

    If you succeed, your Windjammer will become g1. However, if it fails, it will gain grade experience custom will still be g0. Regardless of the result the mat ship will be destroyed. It's always skot good idea to store your base ship on an alt while you are making mat ships.

    You slot also need to store high end mat ships on an alt i. Even considering more fails making mat ships like this should still be cheaper as you should cut costs in half. Note: When grading your main base ship always use a mat ship with at least one grade higher than the base ship. Skill Inheritance Skill inheritance should be done at g1 as it will have lower costs in case of failure.

    Custom Shipbuilding

    A clermont cannot have NTP by default, but it has huge cargo which makes it an ideal boat to have this ship skill. Step 2 - We get this Ningbo ship to g1 or g2 by fusing big trading carracks BTCs to it scroll up for details. The choice for BTCs is to keep the ship form as cargo Better bonus for cargo than expedition. Step 3 - Take this g1 Ningbo ship and use it as mat for your g0 clermont.

    During the skill bonus selection On the right you will scroll to the far bottom and select the NTP skill Will have a star next to it :. As usual the mat ship will be destroyed after fusion.

    Maritime Guide | Uncharted Waters Online (El Navegante)

    If your fusion was a cudtom you will have g1 clermont with the NTP ship skill on it. If not, you will lose the mat ship and not have the skill on your clermont. Whenever your fusion fails, there's a chance of you having a fiasco. As far as I can see this is the most popular job choice for maritimers. Mines are op, period.

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    When you have high rank Mine Laying against targets with not-high-enough Steering, mines can deal damage each. Really, mines are op and Guardian and Scouts are the best jobs with favored Mines — you can compare the two yourself but the main difference is that the former has Accuracy and Repair, while the latter has Evasion and Steering favored.

    As a sidenote, if you have RSM or SSM mines inflict great disorder or flood, but half damage then the benefit of favoring Mine Laying is of course discounted. Besides all the melee-oriented skills it has Accuracy, Gunnery, Evasion, Steering and Repair for cannon fights. Filibuster is paralleled by none, but it is hard to get, and expensive to change into, so I put Pirate up there too.

    He just lack the flexibility to effectively switch into the Lookout role. Ecbar is just listed because he is the only battle aide with both Double Shot Defense and Cargo Seizure — the former being one of the most important aide skills for PvP and the latter being the most useful aide skills for plundering.

    Shipbuilding Basics (Shipbuilding 101)

    One of the most frustrating things for less experienced maritimers is the control. There are always multiple things that you need to do and to do them all uncharted need to use custom than just your mouse clicking finger. Here are some general tips that you may find helpful, at least they work well for me:. You will also enjoy a significant advantage if you can switch between skills based on the situation.

    Note this also reduce the system-delay for the deactivation to take effect. You should initiate actions a second or so before you need the actions performed. Basically, it is never easy to sink a decent enemy, so such attempts often end with little to no real contribution to the team.

    Your offensive strategy should revolve around this. Sticking close to allies does have one problem though — you will jncharted into each other from time to time. If you are close to the uncharter of the battle zone use the edge too ie, sail close to the border with a narrow area left, enough for you to maneuver, not quite enough for your enemies to squeeze in their and move freely without risking accidental retreat.

    Such teamwork is the most important, yet also the hardest-to-master, aspect of maritime, as there are too many variables to consider. Below is just one example: A The idea here is that, while you should stick with your allies, you unchartes not be constantly holding hands. C Same scenario slot figure B, except you and your ally are both smarter and waited for the opponent to sail a little further ahead or you two slowed downso now both of you can score a critical — but if you get the timing wrong the opponent will simply sail waters your firing range.

    X As you can see in this example, there are lots of things you need to take into consideration, ln you do need to predict what your enemy and ally will do, so really, you unchartwd to have efficient controls so you have the time and spare mental resources to plan and think over your decisions!

    How do we decide what combination of skills to activate eg, cannon skills or defensive skills and how to manoeuvre our ships in battle eg, stay up close or snipe from afar? Why do veterans suggest waters ships a certain way? Remember you are not a threat when you are reloading and your opponent can uncharted anything with impunity eg, turn 90 degrees stern facing you for a few sec to move in a different course to gang your ally.

    I have come to learn that play-style has A LOT to do with actual speed, as I have fought alongside and against players who were sailing ships that were supposed to be wateers or slower than mine, yet turn out to be significantly faster — because they try not to turn ie, not lose speed unless they absolutely need to.

    I suppose this is another reason why snipers stay from afar, where they can build up speed before coming in to make a kill. Normal shot again, but with much better range and loading speed at the expense of power. Smoke shot is awesome, at least the Ganador version is. Uncharted shotGanador version, is incredibly powerful and has quick reload, and the constant fire effect frequently take your enemy below max dura plus occasionally lead to ammo explosion never experienced it myself, but stated in the reliable Taiwanese wiki.

    Still, Grand Volkans are known as waters of the most op cannons in the game. Unless you are sailing in MLA doing 1v1 against someone in a troll elot, or unless you can reliably catch your opponent in disorder eg, have RSMyou will not be able to wipe someone out in slot. Even knowing this, a lot of new-to-intermediate maritimers stay in melee just for the sake of it.

    If you stay in melee, there should be a good reason for it. For example, when it is 3v2 and you think trapping an enemy in melee can give your allies a better advantage in 2v1 as opposed to letting all 3v2 of you sailing freely. I have littered this guide with such examples because it is supposed to be such a fundamental tactic yet it is actually hard to consistently pull off.

    The advise was to count roughly 7sec for the round to pass, then shoot half a sec early if the first-strike player retreat, and half a sec late if the latter-strike player retreat. For things like Carro16 which have faster bullets, I can simply press the firing key as soon as the retreat message is shown.

    Second, to use op melee items: Drill of Destruction leads to flood, which cannot be fixed by enemies without Drainage Pump or Watertight Bulkhead ship skills because pails only fix leaks. The flood will greatly unchrted down the enemy ship, plus making it take a lot more damage from cannons explained custom Cannon Damage sectionso that enemy becomes a literal sitting duck.

    Some say that if you do a small angle turn in the same direction just before you enter melee eg, when you anticipate an enemy will snipe youyou are even more likely to do the turn away in time after melee. Formula is for reference only, and to satisfy nerdy desires. Note that WMB unchzrted activates if you are on the receiving end of the melee battle.

    To be on the receiving end, you need to have lower crew ability than your opponent, and to slot this you should dismiss your seasoned crew and hire noob sailors. These ships existence is another reason why melee can only occupy a secondary role. The good thing though, is that these anti-melee ships are generally low in dura and thus somewhat balanced.

    Hopefully this section custom help make your grinding experience less tragic…. Once in a while you might need to reset the quest if too many enemies lamely sail outside the wagers. You should see your Evasion cuustom Repair etc. Image below: your ship is blue, enemies who can critical shoot you are red, enemies who will help you grind are green, enemies who are prevented from helping you grind are yellow.

    With Penetration you get skill proficiency by dealing lots of damage minimum of skill rank -1 then x2 so at r10 you need to deal at least 18 damageso you should rank the other three skills first, then once Accuracy and Ballistics are at a high enough level to help you deal lots of damage grind Penetration.

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