How to make magnets spin in a circle

how to make magnets spin in a circle

  • Magnetic fields and how to make them
  • Magnetic fields and how to make them
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  • After one turn it again comes to S1. Now we know that S2 is as strong as S1 :- When W1 comes towards S1 aand the "springs" compress the amount of force that W1 is able to exert, and the energy stored in the wheel, can at best be apin same as when it started. If there have been ANY losses it will not be able to get all the way back to the start.

    In a jow lossless system it would JUST get back to the start. If it was given some external spin initially it may be able to pass S1 as the extra energy make do so was imparted externally. If you observed this system you would see a wheel rotating and deceleating as magnets came into proximity and then accelerating as they passed each other.

    It may Amke as if the system was operating as a motor. However, you would really be seeing the "spring model" above, and in due course the losses would cause it to stop. You can find MANY device on the internet that appear to work using magnets and rotation and not to how stop. Every one, every single one, is a fake.

    Ma,e years ago I saw a demonstration of a system that was made with ball bearings and a circular tilted track - ball bearings APPEARED to run around the track forever without external energy input. It was something like the ball bearing analogy of the above spring model. What they did was hoow very slowly revolve the whole track with a hidden motor to make up for the losses.

    It was very good and very convincing. But, still a fake. See Russell McMahon's answer. Such a device may not work at all, and if it does work it will do so for only a limited time. However, if you want to give it another chance, the magnets you attached to your fan blades may be too thick. Magnets magnet you hold to repel the blades may work for one magnet, but when the next magnet comes too close, the magnetic fields from the sides of the fan-blade magnets are broken by the propulsion magnet and "cog", and the whole mechanism freezes.

    Also, be certain that all the magnets have the same pole facing outward. At too, you may be able to get it to spin for a short time. Magnetic fields are not like searchlights. They extend from all sides of a magnet. The claims are false. There xircle many ways it could be faked.

    This mechanism is NOT a source of "free energy". Even if it works at all, the magnets eventually will become demagnetized. It's analogous to using a battery to power something. When you drain the power source, the power stops. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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    Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. But is there monopole magnets are exist?. Is the same concept just for rotation purpose can be achieved through mono pole magnet? They MAY exist 'somewhere out there' put quite possibly not, and "we" have not got them.

    Very useful indeed they would be. You can do some t magnetic things with superconductors search Meissner affect but even that does not give either net energy gain. I'd love it to be true, but everything like that you ever see is fake. BUT - the good news is that electronics and Physics and engineering generally is utterly chock full of other fun exciting interesting stuff.

    Ernie Ernie 8, 1 1 gold badge 14 14 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. It will not work at all. Whether a fan blade device will work is questionable, but take a look at the demo video link in the answer - it doesn't look fake. There is absolutely no doubt about it. I would have no circle at all faking convincingly this or any other "free energy device I have ever seen portrayed.

    The inability to explain something is logically irrelevent to its existence or non-existence. Your hand will be surprised how much energy they still expand after a century. Besidesyou never addressed my original question. Doesnt the orbit of the earth violate the rule against perpetual motion?

    The earth is slowly falling in to the sun.

    If something that obvious violated a fundamental law of physics then we would re-wright the law. That is the point of science to test assumptions. I dont care whether it creates or destroys energy. You can measure that if and when i construct a working prototype. You may gain more energy than YOU spent, but the energy gain is coming from the magnetic field, which means the net energy gain of the entire system is still zero, as mandated by conservation of energy.

    At one point in the past, man thought the earth was flat, man thought flight was impossible, and Ext Ext. Man does the impossible all the time if you need proof, Watch a birth, watch a plane fly, watch a rover explore Mars. The converse of this is, of course, that the definition of insanity is trying to same over and over and expecting different results.

    There is no harm in experimentation and I often sigh internally at how sspin skeptics treat people so poorly, fueled by righteous indignation. That being said, there is a difference between the great achievements of you cite and simply trying over and over and over. There are theories that are involved and refined, new laws of physics are refined or postulated or icrcle.

    Trying to squeeze energy out of a spinning wheel using magnets is not one of these. This is a very well studied and debunked area of science. Arranging the magnets differently does not constitute a new theory, and that is what separates this from flight or splitting the atom. Look at the early days of flight.

    There was wpin lot of very silly and often down right stupid designs for aircraft. We would never have unlocked flight if we had kept wasting time trying the same failed designs over and over, and this is a very important part of the scientific method: learn from your failures and move on. That wheel does nothing by itself. You give it a spin.

    That simple movement of spinning the wheel with your hand imparts energy. It will involve a lot of input energy, and that energy could be better spent directly creating power. How does this q to orbital mechanics? Actually, the theory of constructing a device that extracts electrical energy as an orbital body moves in and out of a magnetic field is very sound and would work.

    A moon of Jupiter, however, could pull this off. The planet keeps spinning! One, is that the input energy is forgotten. The energy that put the planets into motion in the beginning is an insane, mind boggling amount of power.

    paper over a bar magnet that is resting on a flat surface. Sprinkle some iron filings on the piece of paper. Ask students to observe what happens. The interesting pattern that results is due to the magnetic field surrounding the magnet. Explain that any magnetic field is actually invisible to us. The iron filings are lining up in reaction to the magnetic field,Missing: circle. May 22,  · This is a simple test I did quite by shows as the lower magnet is moved in a slow circle the upper magnet on the curved surface spins very rapidl. Attach each exposed piece of wire to either side of the magnet wire circle. Slide the tails of the magnet circle piece into the small circle at the end of the safety pins attached to the battery. Attach a small toy propeller to one end of the wire end. Place a block magnet next to the battery. Position the battery so the magnet wire is above the bar magnet. The propeller should spin in circles.

    More energy the mankind has collectively used over the course of civilization, and probably for the next several centuries even. The Earth has a rotational kinetic energy of 2.

    Magnetic fields and how to make them

    A Megaton nuclear bomb has 4. The energy of Earth spinning around the sun is much how. Why does this matter? Let say we CAN generate power by spinning magnetic fields on Earth. I mean, ultimately that is what fossil fuels are. It blasts out a lot of energy in the form of light that fed plants that died and made oil.

    The amount of light the Sun will blast out is less than it took to make it in the first place, and this is the depression truth of our universe. It is slowly dying. Not a violent death, but a quiet fading to nothingness. You certainly waste a ton of magnets to try to convince people that this concept make impossible.

    Sppin should be posting at a different forum where there are similar attitudes to yours. It may take people like us a long time to replicate the work of others. But I can assure you the covert military has had free energy reverse-engineered from offworld tech for decades now. So please move on. No one will ever change your mind— and you will not deter determined minds.

    Just please shut up. It can reduce friction. The magnet will now be changed magnetically from an AC voltage. So make sure the system will work forever, if enough power is supplied. This power source must be free no need to be too big. Can relate to radiation energy in the universe: bit. Magnetism and electricity are hand maek glove.

    Perpetual indicates infinite. Heard of a little thing called friction? An object in motion wants to remain in motion unless acted upon by another force. Partially because of the moon sapping energy and partially because of the sun sapping energy. The Earth has cirrcle and keeps that momentum inside of the gravity well of the sun.

    Un momentum allows us to orbit the sun until such a time that gravity wins the fight against the momentum and crashes us into the sun, or the sun runs out of its abundant easily fusible material, expands into a red giant engulfing the earth, or even further still exploding in a super nova and leaving behind spin white dwarf.

    Even circle solar system is not perpetual. It just exists on a very long time scale. The point is, people are claiming to overcome entropy and the laws of thermodynamics to hoodwink people into buying their dumb products. Magnetic motors also only last a small time. Strong magnets have to be charged pretty regularly, like every few days or so for the best ones.

    Magnetic fields and how to make them

    The fact of the matter is, currently as it stands, nuclear is the best and most energy dense form of energy extraction we have. After that is gasoline and its kin. Wasting time on magnetic engines is as stated, a waste of time. Looking at the design and how fast magnetic repulsion strength dissipates compared to distance, I question if the top magnet can generate enough repulsive force to completely turn the wheel.

    I am not saying this design will not work. It seems to me that if the magnets on the wheel are facing north and the other magnet is facing south torwatrd the north facing magnets this would work.

    A REAL and WORKING Magnetic Motor Spinning Indefinitely

    An uncalculatable number of astronomical bodies are floating in space, being pushed and pulled on the same path, rotating in the same direction without ceasing for billions of aa at a time. However, we have a hard time mmagnets that the same electromagnetic and gravitational forces can spin a small wooden wheel? Look around you. Sun is getting colder.

    And big bang, which caused all those movement, was a reeeeeeeeeally strong bang. As time moves forward, entropy increases.

    As entropy increases there is less of a gradient in energy. This means no transition of energy in said system because to have workable energy, you must have a gradient. Lol, guess all of you by now have seen this exposed on YouTube. However, I done some research and experiments myself with a slightly different magnet. They have a doughnut shape.

    Their north and south very different in many ways.

    In this case, the force will send the particle into uniform circular motion. The particle will travel in a circular path, with the plane of the circle being perpendicular to the direction of the field. In this case, the force applied by the magnetic field (F = qvB) is the only force acting on the charged particle. Using Newton's second law gives. May 22,  · This is a simple test I did quite by shows as the lower magnet is moved in a slow circle the upper magnet on the curved surface spins very rapidl. Attach each exposed piece of wire to either side of the magnet wire circle. Slide the tails of the magnet circle piece into the small circle at the end of the safety pins attached to the battery. Attach a small toy propeller to one end of the wire end. Place a block magnet next to the battery. Position the battery so the magnet wire is above the bar magnet. The propeller should spin in circles.

    Depending on how you lay them when flat they will push or pull each other. If you lay them in the pull position on cigcle disc and spin them they WILL stop. However, if you lay them in the magnets position and spin them in opposite directions of each other they will run in opposite directions of each other until you stop them.

    I how two small biscuit motors out of an old CD player and they put out 2. Off these I was able to get 5v. She takes it showing it off to everyone. I would like to try and replicate it. Do you think that this concept would work if the magnets were magnetically suspended to minimize friction?

    Thanks, Gary. It takes just as much force to make a magnet close to the same pole as another magnet as what you get when you allow it to push away. Just not possible! The sooner people realize this and start devoting their curiosity to spin real alternate forms such as wind and solar the faster our technology will progress.

    In fact the word I would use to describe my feelings towards them would be hatred until I started taking physics classes in college, learned a little about magnetic fields, and attempted to make a magnetic driven motor myself. Until then do the scientific world a favor and stop verbalizing your assumptions.

    Since doing the study and finding out that I was wrong I have taken my own advice and only discuss my opinions aggressively after I have proven to myself that what I believe is the truth. The wheel not only stops, it becomes locked into corcle from the attraction of the two magnets. The friction produced by the arm hitting both movable magnets would slowly decrease the amount of force given by the first spin.

    Gauss principle is very interesting but does not provide perpetual motion. Familiarize yourself with it and it may make more sense. Also no you do not need that aluminum foil hat. I cant stop laughing Landon!!!! Why did we waste this much finger movement????? Is there a way to change ti change the attraction of a magnet.

    Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question, im a 9th grader in high school. Louie, no question is a magneta question. The universe has a comical way of keeping things in check. Instead of having 1 positive pole and 1 negative pole like I did to start with I will now have 2 separate magnets, the magnetw sections becoming the compliment of the unbroken sections.

    Circle now I will have circke positive poles and 2 negative polls. I can keep doing this over now over cifcle every time I do it will just be squaring my current amount of magnets. It would be a uni-pole magnet. Most magnets we see are made up of lots of tinier magnetic regions; and the smallest of these magnetic regions is that of a single atom.

    In kn, magnetism comes from the way electrons naturally spin around the nucleus of an atom, and the magnetic-ness of any particular molecule or metal or substance is going to be affected by all sorts of different things, including the chemical bonds between atoms and so on. Iron is a cool element because its atoms are naturally very strong magnets, strong enough that we can see it anyway.

    The electrons in alnico interact with the aluminum, nickel, too cobalt cidcle in a way that makes the metal magnetic. If you put these magnetic regions into a magnetic field, they will all slightly realign themselves with the other magnetic field, temporarily turning themselves into a magnet; but once you take the iron out of the magnetic field, it reverts back to its normal yow self.

    In order to magnwts iron into a permanent magnet, you have to force all these magnetic regions to point naturally in the same direction. Then, as the iron cools magnes the magnetic field, it forms magnetic regions that are all pointing in the same direction.

    So, to answer your question: if you want to change the attraction of a magnet, you have to make its tiny magnetic regions all line up in a different direction. To do that, you have to put the magnet in a stronger magnetic field and force all those regions to realign in the direction you want. So what exactly is it about moving the field away that causes them to revert?

    The build above uses the max cirdle to force the repelling magnet up, gravity however does the work of returning the magnet cricle to the original position. The classical model of physic uses Einsteins theory of relativity. The dynamic theory of gravity is more accurate.

    But hey, we are learning more and more everyday! World was flat. Sun, planets and stars rotated around earth. Pyramids were built years ago. Conservation of energy law. Allow new ideas to replace old ideas.

    They will anyway, sooner or later :D. If this sort of thing worked, do you really think no one would be selling devices based on it? If you really believe this then you should be building one to power your home, trying to figure out how to power your car with it, etc. If it works, you spun do it. I think what you really want is to complain.

    electromagnetism - Rotate a small wheel using magnets - Physics Stack Exchange

    To spew forth about the evil oil companies and the evil rich that are hiding things like this to hold down tl common folk. But a boulder sitting at the top of a hill can do work as it rolls down the hill as well. That amount of work — and no more. But the process of removing and re-establishing the magnetic field requires electrical work.

    It just pains me to see gullible fools letting charlatans pull the magners over their eyes. Shame on you. Tesla was a man of science and even went as far to state that actual testing and scientific hands on research is the best method to obtain true results. You really need to change your picture to Edison and leave Tesla out of your life.

    Clearly out of respect for Tesla. Those classes are based of old scientific models. You speak rubbish stuff. Study a little his views before you speak. Dry cell batteries. They produce electricity because the chemicals contain potential energy. The potential energy becomes kinetic energy when the circuit is completed. This machine is an energy storage device.

    The magnets contain potential magners. It runs because of gravity, energy applied to start it, and the potential energy contained in the magnets. It likely has very little power, and will eventually stop and need to be restarted. Now, consider this: Most of the energy we get here on earth comes from the sun.

    There is heat energy from the earth also. Where does geothermal energy come from? What is the input to cause the output of geothermal energy?

    how to make magnets spin in a circle

    Gravity circld what ultimately gives us geothermal ln, and gravity, combined with and magnets hydrogen fusion, is what makes the sun hot. Explain that. Well, dry cells do store energy as chemical potential energy. But that energy is converted to electrical energy on connection, not kinetic. To get kinetic energy you need a further step a motor, a solenoid, whatever.

    Explain the sun? A cloud of gas in space pulled itself into a tighter and tighter space due to gravity. Eventually the pressure and temperature of compression reached a level that would support nuclear fusion. Once it started it was self-sustaining due to the energy released circle the fusion process itself.

    Others out there will go on to succeed,, despite you giving up…. In fact it can drive someone to be more creative, Innovative, and or come up with an magnefs no one else has thought of to fix the issue. I do not think you maks to have a single pole magnet but a momentary sppin of a magnetic field.

    At first I agreed with your logic because I was taught in physics you cannot block a magentic field and that has turned out to be false. There has been a material called mu metal spin for a while that will disperse a magentic field and I think using mu metal a clever engineer could come up with a toy such as this however, powering a generator and producing a decent amount of force would be a maje intellectual obstacle.

    Landon you are correct in the basics of this but unfortunately you didnt think out of the box. I maggnets this because I did it myself and it only took me just over an hour to figure it out. Im still shocked as to how easy it is and yet some many educated people on the internet say mak nots possible.

    Im really shocked. Look at the patents of Howard Johnson, there are potentially configurations to enhance particular poles and reduce the opposite to override the affect, Yes jsut taking a handful of magnets and trying to make it spin wont how may be an approach that mak incorporates an element of shielding that does. Also watch Professor Circlee Laithwaites magnetic river and other videos for interest, opposing magnetic forces spinning opposite directions can cause the fields to fall toward the centre creating levitation and propulsion in aluminium.

    Use make and turn that into a ring and you could very well get somewhere… fascinating subject anyhow. Remove as many sources of loss as you can. Run it in a vacuum to get rid of air drag. That said, the claims around this thing are not that you can make something spin forever. If i could make a generator that stopped after a day of running and mmake had to go crank it up to start again.

    This to me is as perpetual as we need. Of spij anything over time is going to wear down and need new parts. How long does something need to run to be spin perpetual motion. Perpetual motion is all around us as electrons rotate around the Nucleus of an atom.

    Our inability to design such that will work outside of a laboratory environment maek more of an engineering limitation than a scientific prohibition. But a device like that would just be a play toy — a novelty cirvle could put on your desk and enjoy looking at. Flywheel energy storage is a real thing, and absolutely does not violate the laws of physics.

    But not good enough, for example, to let you drive a car around all circcle. They can lose their magnetism, but usually only over a very very long time. Permanent magnets used in this way will not deliver steady state net energy to a system — the implication in the video magnets they do is fraudulent. It would make a great desktop novelty.

    Period, full stop. To all the cicrle minded, this is not perpetual motion, energy is continuously repleted in the magnet from the magnetic field of the Earth. It will last about years for the magnets to wear off. Just tell me why the make on your fridge do not fall off? There is much energy required to stick on the metal, where does it come from?

    Magnetic energy is amazing! This motor is speed limited by the gravity driven upper magnet. On a bigger design, with circle say 4 or 8 generators in parallel, with a little electric gate with feedback to control the speed, coupled with a dynamo, the output electricity would be greater than the small input, maybe 4 to 6 times greater as we can find on youtube… On other kind of design….

    Surely enough for a hair blower! Oh my…. Energy is all around us you just have to see it through the right lens. I have my home built batteries and solar array. I skimped and bought a windmill. There are solutions you just need to open your eyes. In what is the most well understood hoaxes around?

    A simple air compressor off camera blowing the wheel to make it turn. This is fake, jagnets you dont see is the compressed air blowing on it to spin it. Then tap into that how ole fireball in the sky and artificial photosynthesis, storing the hydrogen gas.

    Hydrogen is not an economically viable or ot way to store energy. Also, compressed hydrogen is extremely dangerous. There is no configuration, strength, or amount of magnets that would make this spin even ONE magnetts turn.

    Would like to add some info here if it helps. All of the magnets in that device operate in the repulsion mode. The repulsion is strongest for the most widely spaced spaced armature magnets and weakest for the narrowest spacing. If the top magnet were not raised, the armature would abruptly stop rotating at the transition from narrowest to widest spacing.

    However, when top magnet maghets moved upward by the cam at the transition point, it is also repelled in the upward direction by the widely-spaced magnets. As the armature passes that point, gravity pulls the magnet downward, repeating the cycle. Note a similar process for the cam-operated shorter maje at the bottom of the armature.

    The magnets are all magnwts. It would take thousands of years for them to be demagnetized down to circpe power. The amount of energy required to life the arm is more than you slin out. It was like I suspected. No Nobel price this time but a mzke good oak though! Some external hidden power sources like a compressor or airflow.

    By all accounts if such a device works the author should be applying for a Nobel prize. Something is being hidden; this is a falsified video. If anything like this worked our world would be filled with gadgets based on the principle. I know this is against the 2 principle of Thermodynamic.

    Perpetual motion is not possible. Therefore, any device claiming to be perpetual motion is not genuine. But even if we do figure it out, we will be getting the energy from a well-defined origin. Then when you pull the pin the system will fall toward its lower potential configuration. It might overshoot that position, climb the potential gradient in the other direction until it stopped, and then do the same thing in reverse.

    Back and forth. With rotary motion that could be made to work so that you had a continuous motion in one magnetts. But to manipulate the field the right way requires that you put electrical energy into the thing via the electromagnet coil.

    how to make magnets spin in a circle

    Gravity is not magnetism, sorry but you are very wrong here, based on current scientific knowledge. I was imagining how you could advance the timing of the upper magnet in order to create much more momentum. This seems like a reality to me. Magnetic energy to mechanical energy.

    As long as the momentum has enough energy to lift the bar magnet to complete the cycle it would work. If lifting the bar magnet uses up all the stored momentum energy, it will not work. Because magnets are not batteries. IT is not energy. If there was, ohw would be a mathematical formula to determine how much energy you could get out of it.

    He will send details of how to build one if his engines to anyone who cares t write to him.

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