Life is feudal spinning wheel

life is feudal spinning wheel

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  • Flax Stem > Flax Fiber > ???? = Rope?! :: Life is Feudal: Your Own Allmänna diskussioner
  • Flax Stem > Flax Fiber > ???? = Rope?! :: Life is Feudal: Your Own General Discussions
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    Life is Feudal • View topic - Stuck on Initializing

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    Life is Feudal - Procuration skill request

    Thank you for sharing this great article. Your Comment. Please login to post a reply You will need to be logged in to be able to post a reply. Wulf Life Profile View Posts. Honestly, I've never tried to use them as animal feed in game but in real spinning they are used for that purpose as well as medicinal uses.

    From the lice "Then to keep moving forward with the process, you need to create a Tanning tub and place your Flax stems inside and let it boil. This will give you Flax fibers. You can add 10 Flax stems feudal a time and receive feudal Flax fibers after an hour. When you have boiled the Flax stem in the Tanning Tub 60 procuration requiredyou will recieve Flax fibers which you can create Hank of linen in the Spinning wheel.

    Originally posted by roggek :. You need a lot of flax. I produce thousands of flax seeds per week, and with no use for them other then a few for replanting, but for every 1 used i get back. So i end up sacrificing them. Grinding them to spinning, or allowing it as feed for chickens perhaps, maybe mixed with grain?

    Thinking about oil. It could be wheel for frying in kitchen. Holurblodbad was the second war of the gods. After this war, the number of the new gods, the Holurs, was severely reduced, and Svefnii was imprisoned in the roots of the World Tree by the Holurs.

    Now his only goal is to create a Sword of Vengeance from the Sparks of humans, break free, and exact his revenge. Svefnii can still act on the world of humans, Sparksvaard, through his life, affecting wheel reality when he does so. He can also manifest himself in the dreams of his chosen ones. Through his dreams, Whrel is gradually changing spknning world, filling it with war and pain.

    Blacksmiths and a number of warriors are under his special spinnlng. It is believed that blacksmiths can see the reflections of his dreams more often than ordinary mortals can and are able to, whether consciously, unconsciously, or in a state of insanity, be conduits of his will.

    Life is Feudal: Procuration -, The Video Games Wiki

    The first Holur created by the Wisest Ones and imbued with the Flame, allowing him to create. The Master, who at the order of the Ereborns, the Ehrideity the Wisest Ones, created the silver braces of the world of Sparksvaard and made sure the heavenly dome dividing the worlds of Elgverden from the world outside, the world of the Creator.

    From ancient tales, it is known that Aori destroyed one of these braces at a crucial moment during the Godmassacre, thus creating a breach in the heavenly sphere and blinding the Ereborns. He was cast out through the breach by the dying Ereborns, banished to the realm of Light.

    life is feudal spinning wheel

    He is the only one who could have fully restored the dome of worlds. The words, and the echoes of the words, flew throughout all worlds, and according to the understanding of the Gottlungs, they are what seal the mastery of the expert craftsmen and leaders of this world. They are thus a blessing, and good fortune.

    These beliefs are not popular among the Slavards, however, and for them the seal of his words guarantees success in matters liffe commerce and the upkeep of property. This seal is more fitting for women than men. But having the patronage of another spinniny, even if a dead god, cannot hurt. Symbolic attributes: gloves thickly decorated in gold, golden bracelets, gold bracers, gilded sleeves for iss — the marks of people of power - worn by kings, princes, dukes, and barons.

    Flax Stem > Flax Fiber > ???? = Rope?! :: Life is Feudal: Your Own Allmänna diskussioner

    Lesser nobles may simply apply a gold-colored paint. Means of worship: none.

    Dec 24,  · The table below contains all object names and object IDs in Life is Feudal (LiF) as well as Life is Feudal: Your Own (LiFYO) Useful for generating an object using GM Commands. Tip: If you know the item name you are looking for, use "CTRL F" to search for it in the table below. Object ID. Object Name. Primitive sickle. Oct 07,  · Life is Feudal. Its a newer release, but is only in pre alpha stage, despite that its quite fun with some tedious parts. Then once done you have a spinning wheel and you use that to make a ball of linnen. Then you need weavers tools to make the rope out of the linen. Its a process, but once you get multiple people skilled up in different. Feb 26,  · General discussion about Life is Feudal MMO and Life is Feudal: Your Own, The main section and backbone of the forums. Forum rules. 82 posts • Page 1 of 3 • 1, 2, 3. Worldsprayer Alpha Tester Posts: 50 Joined: Fri Dec 27, am. Stuck on Initializing.

    Patron of: any profession in which a person has achieved mastery. World: beyond the boundaries of our world. A neutral deity. One of the Holurs, created by the Ereborns without any impartation of the Creative Flame. A piece of this flame was, however, given to Gloom by Svefnii. Gloom persuaded his sister Alglemy to lie with Svefnii and to embed in him the idea of mutiny against the Ereborns.

    He then stole the living Sword, Vallum Tussenrost, from his creators, for only that sword could cut down an Ereborn, but he could not wield it. And Svefnii took up the sword. After the Godmassacre, Gloom tried to mend the hole in the heavenly dome, but he could not seal it. One of the swords of the Godmassacre, Vallum Tussenrost, was hidden by Gloom in a tiny microworld; a space within space that he divided out, a place where there is nothing but the sword and darkness.

    Gloom named it Anbhearn, and thus he sealed it. The sagas of the Northerners say that whoever can truly pronounce this key word in the language of the gods shall be able to return the sword of the Last Battle to Svefnii the Sleeping One. In the tales of the Gottlungs, before the second battle of the gods, Gloom created a sword with his own hands, a sword he could wield, and named it Ormslanger.

    But in his battle with the Sleeper, he dropped it, and so the sword fell into the world of the humans, bringing forth firestorms and earthquakes. Gottlungs swords are called by the same name. They are light swords with short, wide, wavy blades. The Slavards are certain that the Gottlungs have simply mistranslated the ancient texts, and that the word Ormslanger is simply referring to Gloom's manliness.

    This manliness fell down to Sparksvaard, specifically to spinning part of the world where the Gottlungs live. The Gottlungs do not agree with this interpretation. Though, granted, it is a less debated point. The legends say that Gloom lives in his own world, in unbelievably wheel mansions overflowing with luxury — all alone.

    There he busies himself with political intrigue and sumptuous feasts among his "dummies," creations without a Spark, created solely to comfort him in his boredom feudal loneliness. Sometimes in fits of madness he kills them all, filling their palaces with their cold, transparent blood.

    When this happens, powerful rains and floods fill Sparksvaard. Pieces of human bodies, fish, coins, and more fall down from the sky. Gloom's mark is a cut mouth, with scars on the cheeks. A slit throat is called "Gloom's smile. Symbolic attributes: crooked knife, snake, tambourine and pipe, red codpiece.

    Means of worship: torture, life, drunkenness, smoking. World: Izenlen. An evil deity.

    Flax Stem > Flax Fiber > ???? = Rope?! :: Life is Feudal: Your Own General Discussions

    She weaves the threads of human destinies into the great tapestry of reality. She is barely paid any attention in myths and ancient texts, but we can assume that Holza was one of the Ereborns destroyed by the Holurs. No one has ever seen Holza's face, but Old Holza is one of her nicknames nonetheless.

    This is likely a reference fdudal how ancient she is, and how she is among the "old gods," the Ancestors, the Ehrideity.

    Spinning wheel - Official Life is Feudal Wiki

    She was left alive because she holds the widening breach in the heavenly sphere, weaving and spinning the fabric of time. Thus the infiltration of the Ancestral Light into the world of Elgverden is slowed. Time is a part of the fabric of the universe, and Holza made herself a part of this fabric.

    Time has the most influence in the world of people. Its effect is slowed in the Upper and Lower Worlds. The Holurs hate that time exists, and thus hate Holza. Time did not exist before Godernblodbad. All Northerners know how Gloom the Horny brags at the heavenly feasts that he has seen the face of Holza.

    He did see her, certainly, in the midst of a passionate battle. Actually, her face looked so much like another part of her body that he was mixed up at first. But of course he later realized his error. She does not have her own world, but she does have a hole in space: the "Home of Holza" in Izenlen.

    Her home is spun of time itself, and no other deities can enter there. She is depicted with one of her symbolic attributes and wearing a closed, hooded cloak that obscures her face completely.

    Cadia's Creed: Warhammer 40k and the Imperial Guard: Life is Feudal

    Symbolic attributes: ball of thread, spindle, spinning wheel, braid several weaving lines in an ornament may be used to indicate a desire for Holza's patronage. Patroness of: Time. Occupations associated with rivers and flowing water, since it is one of the things that symbolize time.

    The Scriptorium

    Kalle, as the northerners call her Kallente is the goddess of feusal, motherhood, and fertility. She is patroness of the hearth and home. She does not have her own world but does have a place in space, a sort of world called the House of Kallente. No other deities can enter this house. In the merry sagas of the northerners, Gloom never ceases his attempts to get into Kalle's house, with specific intentions.

    life is feudal spinning wheel

    Kallente is young, and generally depicted as beautiful, loving, and stupidly naive in the tales that circulate throughout the world. In the sagas and tales of Sparksvaard, we find hints that Kallente is one of the embodiments of the clever Holza, and that through her, the goddess of time wanders the worlds and keeps an eye on the gods.

    The ostensible stupidity and effusiveness exhibited by Kallente, then, is just a way to divert the eyes of the Holurs who were victorious in Godernblodbad. But then again, who knows what tales can be trusted? Symbolic attributes: Wreath, female breasts, a woman's figure with feuxal wreathed head and a braid wrapped around its body.


    Depicted in the nude. Ilfe of: childbirth, home and hearth, homemaking and agriculture. Amate the Sun is the deity of light and heavenly fire for the Gottlungs, and the deity of beauty though Kalle fights for this title in the Slavards' faith and renewal. She is eternally young and unspeakably beautiful.

    The Gottlungs believe that any beautiful woman is but a reflection of the Sunmaiden. White or blond hair is the mark of this goddess's patronage. The Gottlungs ballads say that at the beginning of lide, when none of the gods particularly wished to burn up, Amate was beset by loneliness and promised herself to her chosen mortal heroes — if they could prove themselves worthy and look upon her.

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