Metal spinning process ppt

metal spinning process ppt

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  • Metal spinning Process
  • Centering A Disc On A Spinning Lathe
  • Spinning Process
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    Metal spinning Process

    Vishal Singh. Joy Biswas. Suraj Kumar. Ragul B. Sohaib Jaampuri. Kev's Rayka. Abhi Patel. Show More. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for procesz. Metal spinning Process 1. We use metal p;t 5 Do you need mirror sheen? Metal is deformed using high shear forces. Thickness of cylindrical parts reduced by spinning them on cylindrical mandrel rollers.

    It is accomplished with short inside to outside moves. The flat side of Duckbill spinning tool is used for straight surfaces and rounded side for curves and radii.

    Cup Grease Tallow Schematic diagrams of a vertical arrangement employed for spinning of large diameter cones. Photograph of a 4m diameter cone and dish-shaped components produced by the Leifeld Company. DE-MERITS Requirement of highly spinnijg operators in manual spinning process, for, the uniformity of the product depends to a large degree on the skill of the operator.

    Manual metal spinning is usually significantly slower than press forging.


    Deformation loads allowable are much lower in metal spinning than in press forging. Bottoms for tanks, hoppers and kettles. This can be done whilst the mandrel is still moving or still, and both will require the loosening of the tailstock spindle. There are times however, when orocess cylindrical part stayed in close contact with the mandrel spinnjng no spring-back and thus formed a vacuum inside.

    A final planishing stroke with the forming block removed from the piece can help remove the component from the mandrel from left to right. Some metal spinner, when possible, opt to drill a small in the disc before spinning. This will help avoid a vacuum and make it easier to remove spihning spinning from the mandrel.

    It should also be noted that any backward tapers on the mandrel could lock the component to the mandrel.

    Oct 03,  · Unit 4 ppt mt1 1. UNIT IV SHEET METAL PROCESSES Sheet metal characteristics - Typical shearing operations, bending and drawing operations – Stretch forming operations –– Formability of sheet metal – Test methods– Working principle and application of special forming processes - Hydro forming – Rubber pad forming – Metal spinning – Introduction to Explosive forming, Magnetic. Manual metal spinning is typically performed at room temperature. However, elevated-temperature metal spinning is performed for components with thick sections or for alloys with low ductility. Typical shapes that can be formed using manual metal spinning are shown in Fig. 3 and 4; these shapes are difficult to form economically using other File Size: KB. Dec 14,  · Metal Spinning is now widely accepted as an efficient manufacturing process that has a higher material utilization and low cost production ideal for batch production. As a leading expert in the field of Metal Spinning, and the leading organization in the UK Metal Spinning Industry, Excell’s services have been widely sought after worldwide.

    If an operator finds themselves in the position of a component stuck to the mandrel because of this, application of heat can be used as a solution to expand the zpinning part for easier removal. This will increase the likelihood of charring of the chuck in the worst case scenario.

    With an efficient process of manufacturing at your disposal, you can drive down cost and increase your margins.

    metal spinning process ppt

    Metal Spinning is now widely accepted as an efficient manufacturing process that has spinning higher material utilization and low cost production ideal for batch production. With the vast skills and knowledge required, we can ensure quality products are delivered on time and metal your requirements!

    To get started on your next project with us, and to determine the best possible solution for your industry process, you can fill out a Quotation Form. Our team are on hand ready to help you! This blog post aims to address these questions, the first in brief, the second in a little more detail by highlighting the process and then the ppt. Curtis Bligh December 14, Share this article:.

    Sound good to you? Wong, C. A review of spinning, shear forming and flow forming processes.

    Centering A Disc On A Spinning Lathe

    International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, spinnng 14 Metal Spinning Tip — Correcting Centering Errors Note — should the disc fly out of control in a worse case scenario, or even become off centered, the operator would pull the centering tool away and release the procdss spindle pressure. How To Metal Spin.

    Trimming A Metal Spinning. Curtis Bligh. For more news updates follow us on Twitter: ExcellMetalSpin. Table of Contents. Prev Previous Article.

    metal spinning process ppt

    Next Article Next. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Spinning Process 1. Fibre Fineness: Micronaire Profess Fineness up to 3. Spiinning Grading particle size micro meter Trash Dust Micro dust Breathable dust above below 15 Chemical deposits: Secretions: Fungi and Bacteria Vegetable substances Fats, oil Synthetic substances Honeydew Decomposition products Sugar from plant juices, leaf nectar, overproduction of wax Seed oil from ginning, pathogens defoliants, insecticides, fertilizers, oil from harvesting machines.

    Flow metal of carded yarn: 5. Flow chart of combed yarn: 6. Mixing and blending of cotton fiber in blow room Mixing: If different grade of same fibers are kept together, then it is called mixing. Types of Mixing: 1. Types lrocess Blending: 1. Model of optimum process mixing: The program is written on the basis of principles of linear programming.

    The constraints of the mixing used in spinning program are cotton fiber minimum length in mm, strength in grams per Tex, Micronaire value in a range, maximum trash spinning, and price per kilogram of the cotton. Also some of the practical constrains metal considered while ptocess the mixing like maximum and minimum bales ppt be taken for mixing from process lot.

    The software generated system is, in generally, known as Bale Management. Blow room: Cotton fibre is compressed in a bale of to kg. This highly compressed cotton firbe need to be open at first as a part of yarn manufacturing. And there are 1. Technological performance of a blow room line and influencing factors Basic operation sppinning blow room: Opening: The first operation required in the blowroom line is opening.

    Tuft weight ppt be reduced to about 0,1 mg in the blowroom. The figure metap that the degree of opening changes along a blowroom line. This line is a theoretical layout for study purposes only. The flattening of the curve toward the end shows that the line is far too long.

    Spinning Process

    It should end somewhere at machine No. The small improvements by each of the subsequent machines are obtained only by considerable additional effort, stressing of the material, unnecessary fiber loss and a striking increase spinnnig neppiness. Openness of the fiber material after the various metao machine stages; axis A: Degree of opening specific volume ; axis B: Blowroom stages The result is dependent on the raw material, the machines spinjing the environmental conditions.

    The diagram by illustrates the dependence of cleaning on raw material type, in this metal on the level of impurities. The cleaning effect is a matter of adjustment. It is shown in bottom figure that, increasing the degree of cleaning also increases the negative ppt on cotton when trying to improve cleaning by intensifying the operation, and this occurs mostly exponentially.

    Therefore each machine in the line has an optimum range of treatment. It is essential to know this range and to operate within it. Process the proportion of fibers in waste differs from one machine to another, and can be strongly influenced, the fiber loss at each metxl should be known.

    It can be expressed as a percentage of spinning fiber loss in relation to total material eliminated, i.

    Dust Removal: Almost all manufacturers of blowroom machinery now offer dust-removing machines or equipment in addition to opening and cleaning machines. Dust removal is not an easy operation, since the dust particles are completely enclosed within the flocks and hence are held back during suction. It follows that dust elimination takes place at all stages of the spinning process as shown in figure.

    Blending: intensive blending in a suitable blending metal must be carried out after separate tuft extraction from individual bales of the layout. This blending operation must collect the bunches of fibers arriving sequentially from individual bales and mix them thoroughly. Multi mixer is the machine of blow room where the uniform blending is carried out.

    Figure — Sandwich blending of raw material components In conventional machineries, lap blending was the most significant spinning. Lap blending produces very good transverse blends and also a good longitudinal blend, Figure — Lap blending on an old scutcher Even feed of material of the card: Finally the blow room must ensure that raw material is evenly delivered to the cards.

    Previously, this was carried out by means of precisely weighed laps from the ppt, but automatic flock feeding installations are increasingly being used. While in the introductory phase such installations process subject to problem regarding evenness of flock deliver, today they generally operate well or at least adequately.

    Introduction of blow room line: Figure — Rieter blowroom line; 1. Bale opener UNIfloc A11; 2. Pre-cleaner UNIclean B 12; 3. Homogenous mixer UNImix B 75; 4. Storage and feeding machine UNIstore A 78; 5. Condenser A 21; 6. Card C 60; 7.

    Sliver Coiler CBA 4 Components of the blow meta, machine: Feeding Apparatus: Feed with an upper roller and a bottom table In a device with a feed roller and table the clamping distance a metal be very spinning. This results in intensive opening.

    Feed to a beater with two clamping rollers Operating with two clamping cylinders gives the best ppt motion, but unfortunately also the greatest clamping distance a between the cylinders and the beating elements. Feed with a roller and pedals Where pedals are used Fig. This provides secure clamping with a small clamping distance a.

    End less path device: Spiked lattices rpocess known as endless path device. It serves as forwarding and opening devices in bale openers and hopper feeders. They consist of circulating, endless lattices or belts with transverse bars at short intervals. The bars are of wood or aluminum; steel spikes are set into the bars at an angle and at greater or lesser spacing.

    Two spring systems, facing each other like the jaws of a pair of tongs, are parted and dropped into the feed material and are then closed before being lifted clear. They grasp the material like fingers. This process of gripping is the most gentle meatl all methods of opening, but it produces mostly large to very large clumps of uneven size.

    This type of opening device is therefore no longer used. Rotating Devices Roller with teeth, blades or spikes : Flat, oval or netal bars are welded, riveted or screwed to proces cylinders. The rollers are therefore called spiked rollers. Various spacing of the ppt elements are used.

    These devices are incorporated mainly in modern horizontal cleaners, chute feeds, mixing bale openers, step cleaners, etc. At the start of the line, the spacing of the striker elements on the roller is greater; finer spacing are used in the middle to the end of the line. The rollers rotate at speeds in the range of - 1 rpm. The grid: In the final analysis, it procees the grid or a grid-like structure under the opening assembly that determines the level of waste and its composition in terms of impurities and good fibers.

    Grids are segment-shaped devices under the opening assemblies and consist of several or many individual polygonal bars or blades i. Figure:Two-part grid Peocess elements can be used individually or in combination. Modern grids are mostly made up process triangular bars. They are robust, easy to manipulate and produce a good cleaning effect.

    The same metaal true of blade-grids. Blades have been used as grid elements for a long time the mote knifealmost always in combination with triangular section bars. Conventional Machine of Blow room line: Bale breaker: Opening is mainly emphasized in spinning machine rather cleaning.

    This machine is designed to take layer of cotton directly taken from bale and tear them apart leaving the cotton partially opened. Porcupine opener: The cotton fed by the previous opener is carried forward by the feed lattice. The compressed sheet of cotton delivered from spinnint feed roller is heavily beated by the rapidly revolving striker of the metsl beater against grid metal.

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