Origin of the word pokie

origin of the word pokie

You do the Hokey Pokey, And you turn it all around, That's what it's all about No other song seems to symbolize a good orlgin for people and bring smiles to their faces to quite the same extent as "The Hokey Pokey. It's complicated. Written to entertain Canadian troops narcos future spin offs in London, the song was similar to the "Hokey Pokey" we all know today. Composer Al Tabor was also entertaining Canadian troops in wartime London, and in he wrote a participation dance song called "The Hokey Pokey.
  • The Ambiguous Origins of the Hokey Pokey | Mental Floss
  • ᐅ Pokies – Meaning & Origin (Term explained)
  • Pokey | Definition of Pokey by Merriam-Webster
  • The Ambiguous Origins of the Hokey Pokey | Mental Floss

    It is also commonly heard associated with sports events. The gamblers of the Pacific also use pokies daily; both the machine and the word.

    The origin of the word pokey as a slang term for jail isn’t certain, but it might be based on the word pogey, referring to a type of institution for housing poor people. In this sense, pokey can refer to a jail or a prison: the coppers can send you to the pokey for the night or the judge can lock you up in the pokey . Jun 24,  · What is the meaning of the word pokies this is a low to medium volatility slot game that provides a chance for gamers to take a little-calculated risk without worrying about losing huge money amounts, while playing for a proposition 7 gives the house an edge of. When next he appeared, do your best to refrain from using strong language. Dec 21,  · In the 19th century, the word came to mean “cramped or confined,” as a small room might make a resident feel “poked at” by the walls. Since jail cells are not known for their generous elbow room, this is probably the connection between “poky” (cramped) and “pokey” (jail). “Poky” also acquired the meaning of “dull, narrow-minded and slow” here in the US, probably from that same sense of “cramped.” “Poky” today is a useful little word .

    The first Urban Dictionary entry on pokies comes from — both for nipples and the machines. Contents: Meaning Origin Spread. Meaning What does Pokies mean? What's the origin of Pokies? How did Pokies spread?

    ᐅ Pokies – Meaning & Origin (Term explained)

    Urban Dictionary — Pokies. History and Etymology for pokey origin unknown.

    origin of the word pokie

    Learn More About pokey. Time Traveler for pokey The orgin known use of pokey was circa See more words from the same year. Phrases Related to pokey the pokey.

    origin of the word pokie

    Statistics for pokey Look-up Popularity. Style: MLA. Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary.

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    Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! Love words? Need even more definitions? Merriam-Webster's Words of the Week - Oct. Silent Letters When each letter can be seen but not heard. Ask the Editors 'Everyday' vs.

    Pokey | Definition of Pokey by Merriam-Webster

    What Is 'Semantic Bleaching'? How 'literally' can mean "figuratively". Literally How to use a word that literally drives some pe

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      Related: Poked ; poking. To poke around "search" is from ; to poke along "advance lazily; walk at a leisurely pace" is from The sense evolution there might be via the notion of "grope, search, feel, or push one's way in or as in the dark;" poke meaning "work in a desultory, ineffective way" is attested from , and poking "pottering" is by

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      SlangLang » Slang » Pokies. Pokies may refer to several things, depending on the origin of the speaker, as well as the context of the sentence, it is in. Another use of the word comes from Oceania; namely Australia and New Zealand, where it is commonly used in everyday speech to refer to a poker machine.

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