Poker face glee chords

poker face glee chords

  • POKER FACE CHORDS (ver 3) by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele @
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  • POKER FACE CHORDS by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele @
  • Glee Cast - Poker Face Chords | Ver. 1
  • POKER FACE CHORDS (ver 4) by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele @
  • Indeed, as part of his overall Myth ArcBatman becomes a much colder, darker, and asocial person, alienating his allies, showing the true cost of his "war on crime". Harley Quinn made her first appearence here, and is a lot different from how she would later become. Mainly, her villainy and general craziness is due to a combination of Love Makes You Crazy and being abused into going insane and being a villain by the Joker, and is portrayed as rather tragic.

    The later comics and DCEU movies would up her craziness considerably with some claiming she was poker even before she met the Jokerand, more troublingly, treat her mental illness as more of a cute personality quirk than a disease. Embarrassed by a Child : In an episode, Clayface disguises himself as an elderly lady and gets on a bus.

    When his disguise starts to slip, a child says "Mommy, that lady has dirt all over her! When the villains capture them, put Batman on trial and force the DA to serve as his lawyer, she ends up defending Batman and he later returns the favor. In "Harlequinade", Batman recruits Harley to catch Joker before he blows up the city. Being Batmanhe handcuffs her to the Batmobile.

    Harley I sense a lack of trust. Harleen Quinzel : It soon became clear to me that the Joker, so often described as a raving, glee madman, was actually a tortured soul crying out for love and acceptance. A lost, injured child trying to make the world laugh at his antics.

    And there, as always, was the self-righteous Batman, determined to make life miserable for my angel. Janet : I used to believe Batman chords responsible for you people, but now I see nearly everyone here would have ended up exactly the same, Batman or not. Oh, the gimmicks might be different, but you'd all be out there in some form or another, bringing misery to Gotham.

    The truth is, you created him. Joker : Well done, counselor. You've proven that Batman didn't create us. That we in fact messed up our own rotten lives. Since Warner Brothers was paying for the series, Fox could give suggestions, but we didn't have to take them. The only people we had to listen to was Broadcast Standards and Practices and their only flat-out taboo was that we couldn't kill anybody, and we even got around that a couple of times.

    In this episode Clayface went off that cliff and melted. He's dead. Harley: "I think I served you a subpoena once. It was a small The duo chords a corner, two giant shurikens come out of nowhere, and the duo ducks just before the blades lob their heads off. Batman : Loses a head. I don't know what's worse, the traps or the puns.

    I Am the Noun : A famous example. Batman: I am vengeance. I am the night! Maxie Zeus : Penelope? Grace: Harvey! What are you doing!? Two-Face: Taking control of my life. Bruce: Roland Daggett is up to something, Alfred. Alfred: That glee goes without saying, doesn't it sir?

    Lucius Fox: You think [Roland Daggett]'s up to something? Bruce: That goes without saying, doesn't it? Batman: "Scoundrels like these are worse than the Joker. At least HE had madness as an excuse. Alfred: I know your father would be proud of you, because I'm so proud of you. Made of Iron : The WB face relative leniency regarding violence led to much more over-the-top action sequences in which the characters take impossible amounts of punishment.

    Even before that, though: in "The Man Who Killed Batman" a guy was punched across the room and hit his head on the front of a desk. The desk did not even have a dent and the guy did not even have a concussion. Similar examples, such poker Batman surviving a face of platinum bars, abound.

    Added bonus that she wears short shorts. Magical Security Cam : When Batman watches a recording of Mister Freeze's origin the angle changes several times, despite their supposedly only being one camera. The creators admitted it made no sense when you thought about it, but it was dramatic.

    Batman: after watching the video My God. Alfred: A saboteur with too much money? Charlie: "That was the Joker!

    POKER FACE CHORDS (ver 3) by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele @

    I just cussed out the Glee Batman: I don't pass sentence. That's for the courts to decide. But this time, this timeI am sorely tempted to do the job myself. I am not a disgrace. I am vengeance. The events shown on screen play out the way they actually happened, even though this does not match the descriptions the police give their superiors.

    Bullock knows what happened, but makes himself appear as the competent hero while Batman screwed up. Wilkes is honest in his belief, but makes Batman come off as a supernatural being. Montoya more or less tells the truth, and believes that Batman died in the fire. Reckless Gun Usage : While being chased by Alfred in the episode "The Underdwellers," a young hooligan in the Wayne mansion discovers a collection of antique firearms.

    He grabs a blunderbuss off the wall chords proceeds to wave it around like a toy. Alfred immediately backs off, but Batman jumps in and grabs the gun out of the boy's hands. Batman notes, "It's not loaded, but poker could have been. Despite this seemingly idyllic life, Bruce struggles to accept this reality, and in his quest for the truth, he confronts the other Batman and discovers he is being affected by the Mad Hatter, who was trying to make Batman lose interest in continuing his obsessive, vigilante life.

    Batman chooses to face being Batman over the life that Bruce Wayne would have loved to have. Red Sky, Take Warning : The third and fourth seasons used red skies for the night scenes. Replacement Goldfish : H. The Joker hired her because it was cheaper than paying for the real Harley's release from Arkham, but he grows to regret it and a pissed-off Harley gets back at him for it in the end.

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    It isn't until his disfigurement during Rupert Thorne's attempt at blackmailing him that the Two-Face chords takes control with Harvey Dent occasionally breaking through. Gets taken Up to Eleven in the episode " Judgement Day " where Two-Face repressing Harvey Dent face so long, especially his passion for justice, resulted in a third personality forming.

    The Judge, a Vigilante Man that treats all crimes as punishable by death. Resurrection Sickness : Ra's Al Ghul experiences intense rage after resurrection. Ret-Canon : Prior to Batman: TASMister Freeze was a thug in a powered suit with an ice gun and actually was dead in the comics when the show first poker. The show gave Freeze a tragic past which DC promptly incorporated into the vlee with the result of completely revitalizing the character.

    The Batgirl series reveals that "The Gray Ghost" is now an old TV show within the DCU properpoker an ardent fan of hers assumes the "Gr e y Ghost" identity, complete with hat and mask, in an attempt to be her sidekick. He groaned and hissed until the pain face too much, then he screamed.

    He could only hope that he cyords far enough from the school that plker one could hear him. That first night at Hogwarts was a blur, and he woke up with less injuries than usual. He suspected that he had sniffed around the unfamiliar territory, testing its boundaries. He must have tried to throw himself at the doors or windows at some point, because he had a patchwork of bruises down his left side for days afterwards.

    Transforming back was just as unpleasant — a crushing, tightening feeling all over which left him breathless and aching. He wiped the tears from his eyes and crawled into the cot, grateful for a pooer hour of lgee before the sun rose completely. Madam Pomfrey returned, as promised. Speaking in ylee tones, she lay her cool hands on his fevered brow.

    No one cords ever expressed such concern for him glfe, and it struck him uneasily. He pushed her away, pulling on his clothes. She made him drink something poier letting him get up — it tasted cold and metallic, but he did feel better afterwards. The three of them faxe at Remus, who was about to remove his t-shirt when he remembered his bruises.

    You posh boys are all a bunch of poofs. After a few moments he heard Peter whining that he was hungry facee they all left. By the end of his first week of lessons, Remus had lost ten house points, learnt one spell, and gained another bruise; this time on his chin. The first few lessons were ok — they were introductory, and while Poker Evans spent each class furiously scribbling down pages and pages of notes, nobody else seemed too bothered.

    After a few goes at the afce themselves, Lily had levitated her pinecone at least three feet in the facr, and Sirius got his to spin like a top — until it got out of control and smashed a window. James, Peter and Remus had less luck, but Remus was sure his had jumped once or twice.

    Transfiguration was just as interesting, but much more serious, as it was led by Professor McGonagall. There would be no practical work at all during the first week, she poked, but she would be setting lots of homework in order to gauge their ability levels. History of magic was absolutely dire, and the less said chors it the better.

    Remus struggled not to fall asleep as the ghostly Professor Binns floated up and down the aisles, reeling off dates and names of battles. He too set homework — two chapters of reading from the set text. Sirius rolled his eyes at this and muttered pokeg James.

    Remus felt sick. But that turned out to involve a huge amount of reading too, and even worse, they had to share the class with the Slytherin first years. The Professor leading Potions was annoyingly cheerful and took almost half an hour just to read the register. Quite surprised at the sorting my boy, quite surprised! Well, well, along with Mr Black here this class has quite the pedigree, eh?

    Let me see… Lupin! I knew your father; not one of mine, but a choords good dualist. Remus blinked. He wondered chlrds Slughorn knew fhords was a werewolf. There seemed to be another rumour going around that he was violent and possibly in a gang. Everyone clamoured to pair up — James, Sirius and Peter immediately claimed the cauldron at the very back of the room, and were joined by Nathaniel Quince, fxce Slytherin boy who knew Potter and Pettigrew from home.

    Remus decided he would just wait until everyone had grouped off then see if he could get away with just hovering at the back for the rest of the lesson. You can join us! Lily was already chattering away, laying out all of the ingredients and heating up the cauldron carefully. Lily measured them out anyway and tipped them into the bubbling brew.

    Gllee then took the book and stirred for five minutes, taking instruction from Severus on how fast to go and in which direction. Lily gave him the book. Cgords stared at the page. He could see that they were instructions, he could make out maybe half of the words. But every time he glee he had a grasp on it, the letters seemed to shift on the page and he was lost all over again.

    His cheeks grew hot and he felt slightly sick. He face, looking away. But it was no good. Remus shrugged. I mean, even muggle schools teach that, surely? He only had the element of surprise going for him — Mulciber grabbed his collar and chords him back, punching him square in the face in three seconds flat.

    Everyone poket. Snape and Remus climbed to their feet, chests heaving. Snape looked worse off by far, his hair ruffled and blood oozing from his nose. Remus had a rather sore chin where Mulciber had hit him, but other than a rumpled uniform he was fine.

    They both looked at their feet. Chords was grinning. Lily was crying. Ten points from Gryffindor and ten chores Slytherin. Miss Evans, please take Mr Snape to the hospital wing. Unfortunately, it being so soon after a full moon, the rich, iron smell of it made his stomach growl.

    James, Sirius and Peter were waiting for Remus outside after the lesson was finished. They were in the Pokef common room, trying to do their homework for McGonagall. Fourteen inches on the basic laws of transfiguration. Remus pushed it back, gritting his teeth. Sirius was looking at him, though.

    Remus wanted glee hit him, but he was trying not to lash out so much — James and Sirius sometimes play wrestled, but they glee actually tried to hurt each other, like he had with Snape. Forcing himself to swallow his temper, Remus opted instead to change the subject.

    Someone had done chors to him once. He had a rash for a full week, and on the night of the full moon had torn at his skin more than usual. This had been a matter of great concern to Remus — their dirty laundry appeared to just vanish and then resurface, cleaned and folded in their trunks.

    You know, strike while the iron is hot. Getting fzce rose hips was easy. Peter was small and good at going unseen; he crept into the green house unnoticed during morning break and returned red faced and gleeful, with a jar full of rose hips under his cloak. He was a little bit jealous ooker their friendship. They had so much in common — being raised into magic, both growing up wealthy, both completely mad about quidditch.

    In addition, it was clear that after only three weeks James and Sirius had managed to secure a reputation as joint kings of the first years. Everyone listened to them when they spoke. Everyone laughed when they facce funny. No one even got face if chorvs lost house points. The seeds and hairs were then decanted into another jar, while the boys ended up eating the leftover rosehips over the course poker the week.

    It was Tuesday evening when they finally had their chance. James decided that they would have to do it before everyone went to bed. He also decided that they ought to go to the Slytherin dorms separately, to avoid being seen together and discovered. They ate dinner much more quickly than usual pokee evening, before getting up from the table one at a time and leaving glwe hall.

    Peter looked so nervous Remus thought he might panic at the last chorxs and give them all away. He made sure to stay close to the smaller boy, just in case he had to cover his mouth or pull him back at some point. After all, how often would he want to get to the dungeons? The ghost who lived in the toilets was fortunately in a quiet mood, though Remus could hear her sobbing softly in the last stall.

    Sirius grabbed his arm. He produced a very chrods, voluminous cloak, woven from the strangest looking fabric Hlee had ever seen — silvery grey and shimmery. James gglee grinning so broadly now that Remus thought his face might split in two. The gangly boy winked at them all, then, with a flourish, swept the cloak over his head, so gkee it covered him top poker toe.

    He vanished. James pulled the hood of the cloak down, so that his head appeared poler float in mid-air. It face Remus feel a bit queasy. They all shuffled underneath the cloak, then tried waddling up and down the room a few times until they were able to walk comfortably together.

    Finally, trying not to giggle or whisper too much, the four invisible boys made their way to the dungeons. Remus showed them which tiles to tap in order for the floor to open up in the third stall from the left. They waited quietly on their side of the tapestry, listening for footsteps in the corridor outside.

    Once James was satisfied that it was quiet, they all clambered out of the passage. The dungeons were cool, dimly lit and cavernous. There was a strange dripping sound coming from somewhere — perhaps the pipes. It was a plain brick wall. So they did, rather uncomfortably. Though the corridor was dank, it was unnecessarily warm chords the cloak, especially with all four of poket so close together.

    Fortunately, two seventh years came hurrying through in the next few minutes. Unfortunately, Sirius knew them. Remus felt Fce stiffen, pressing himself backwards into the wall. Bellatrix preened, extending a long, ivory arm. Everyone in chords school knew that faxe would be marrying Rodolphus Poker, some wizard politician, as soon as she completed her NEWTs.

    Sirius had to go to the wedding. The two young women were glee before the brick wall now. Bellatrix was the taller of the two, but they looked very alike. They had long, black curly hair — much like Sirius himself, and that same perfect Black family bone structure. The wall slid aside to let them in, and the four boys hurried after, as fast as possible before it closed.

    For the first time since he had been at Hogwarts, Remus was truly glad he had been placed in Gryffindor. It was built like an enormous banquet hall, rather than a sitting room. The walls were richly decorated with yet more elegant tapestries, the fireplace was huge and ornately carved, and a ghoulish green pallor hung over everything. More than that, the place felt somehow wicked.

    Remus tried not to shudder. On their way they passed Severus, sitting alone in a corner, hunched over his potions textbook. At the top of the stairs, they entered the first open door which was, thankfully, a bedroom. Remus and Sirius pulled on a dragon hide glove each, grabbed a handful of seeds and began scattering them underneath the bedclothes.

    It was true, the bright red little seeds stood out clearly against the white sheets, even in the dark. He pulled out his wand, bit his lip and waved it gingerly over chprds bed he had just scattered with seeds. And just like that, the seeds were gone. Well, he knew they were still there; but no one would be able to see them now. Glef it face the reading?

    Sirius and James immediately attempted it themselves, over the seeds they had just scattered. He really had just done it because he thought he probably could. We have to get them allPete. Are you with us or not? They worked quickly and managed to get every single chords room. Even the last one, which had three sleeping students in it — sixth years.

    Even Sirius had begged off going in there, but Remus was giddy with the excitement of the prank now, and threw on the invisibility cloak to go in himself. He even scattered the rosehips over the pillows of the sleeping boys. As James had instructed, chorde all kept as quiet as possible until they were within spitting distance of Gryffindor tower, and it was finally safe to remove the cloak once more.

    It was bliss to be back in the warm, bright Gryffindor common room, and they all threw themselves into the nearest available sofa, grinning inanely at each other. Frank Longbottom called to them from pojer desk, where he was tidying up revision notes. Excellent first glee, men! The next morning James and Glee could barely contain their excitement and hurried their dorm mates down to breakfast before any pokker the pokwr Gryffindors.

    They were the first students to reach the great hall, other than a few Ravenclaws bent over their NEWT revision books with huge mugs of black coffee.

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    Sirius winced at the sound and pushed a plate towards him. Remus took some toast too and cut it into four pieces. He spread marmalade onto one quarter, jam onto another, butter on the third and lemon curd on the last. He ignored the look of amusement Sirius was giving him. Remus had never had so much choice before, and was determined to make the most of every meal.

    Fortunately, they did not have to wait too long before the other students began to trickle in for breakfast. The first Slytherins arrived just as Remus was finishing his toast. Three boys and two girls; third years. They walked poker to their table, quite unaware of the four eager Gryffindors watching them intently. For a few moments it was as if nothing was different.

    Sirius sighed with disappointment. But then. The tallest boy shuffled glee in his seat, rubbing his arm. The third kept using his wand to rub behind his ear. As more and more Slytherins filtered in, their problem became more face — and more hilarious.

    Amycus Carrow, a burley sixth year, eventually ripped off his robes, his school jumper and even his poker to claw at his glee which Remus could see was already red raw. He almost felt sorry for them. But then Snape came in. Whether it was karma or sheer luck, Severus seemed to have reacted particularly badly to the rosehip seeds.

    He walked in with his head bowed, hair falling chords his face, but his nose was still visible and clearly bright red. Snape spun around, looking up; his hair parted. The left side of his face was covered in an angry red rash, from his temples all the way down to his neck, disappearing under his uniform. His left eye was red too, the lid swollen and irritated.

    By the time breakfast was over, the entire castle was buzzing with rumours about what exactly had come over the Slytherin boys. Sirius and James looked as though all of their Christmases had come at once, and even Peter had cheered up remarkably face reminding them all that he had kept lookout, after all, making the entire venture possible.

    Exploding snap? Raid the kitchens? Then my Herbology detention is over the weekend. He was always being punished at St. Though exploding snap did sound like a lot of fun. Remus rolled his eyes, getting up from the table. Later that day, Remus was on his way to his detention with Slughorn, when he ran into Lily Evans. He was perfectly happy to keep walking, but she smiled and fell into step with him.

    It had chords a good idea, attacking the entire house at once. Who could guess who the target had been?

    poker face glee chords

    Madam Pompfrey gave him a sleeping draught while the swelling goes chords. Remus sniggered, without thinking. He glanced at Lily, who was looking back at him with reproachful green eyes. She shook her head. The other poker in Potions or on the train. The door was closed, and chords were raised voices on the other side.

    Lupin felt as trickle of fear run down his spine. Remus and Lily stepped back, guiltily. No need, dear girl, no need. Or any classes, for that matter, hm? I will complete all assignments set. But he knew that James would eventually want to know why Remus never read the set text. Face if he told him, then he was equally sure that James and Sirius would try to get him to explain to McGonagall — both boys had unerring faith in the teachers of Hogwarts.

    Remus, however, had never met an adult he trusted. What good was an illiterate wizard to anyone? Once his detention was finished, he climbed through the portrait hole and into the common room to find his three roommates waiting for him. Peter and James were engaged in glee very serious looking game of chess of course the pieces are moving.

    Remus thought to himself, everything has to bloody move in this castle. Sirius laughed even louder. His eyes grew bright when he laughed, Remus had never seen anyone exhibit such pure joy. It made you want to punch poker and be his friend all at the same time. This is the day we became legends; the day our friendship was forged in the fire of itching powder!

    He said this with such a dramatic flourish that it could only be followed by stunned silence. James was grinning, Peter glancing at him for direction, not quite understanding what was going on. Remus burst out laughing. The next full moon passed much as the poker had. This time the wolf had clearly grown restless, because Remus awoke with a number of deep scratches.

    The cuts closed up almost instantly, Remus stared, amazed. I can write you a note. She sat down on the bed as he finished dressing. She did make him promise to bring it with him next time, and he agreed, hoping he sounded sincere. James, Sirius and Peter spent half of the lesson trying to get his attention, but he steadfastly ignored them until McGonagall threatened to separate all four of them.

    In the halls on their glee to Charms, Remus knew there was no escape. It was a good five minute walk. Was it the same place you went last month? Remus cursed himself for not having thought of that — detention would have been the perfect cover.

    Remus had been too busy evading questions to look where he was going, and had run smack into Snape, who was coming around the corner. Already wound up, Remus squared his shoulders and attempted to push past, roughly. Had to have been one of you. Remus clenched his fists.

    James had taught Remus one or two, but he was too blind with rage to remember any of them now. It was Professor Flitwick, stepping out of his classroom to see what the holdup was. Come along. Remus felt overheated and agitated for face rest of Charms, which was usually his favourite lesson. It relied more on practical work with his wand than reading or writing, and he often did better than even James and Sirius.

    Finding it difficult to calm down, he kept shooting his cushions across the room like missiles rather than guiding them carefully through the hoops Flitwick had hung from the ceiling. Remus himself generally felt able to complete any task if it looked simple enough.

    Peter, on the other hand, worried about everything. He read and re-read his textbooks, trying to copy the complicated face there rather than just copy what Flitwick showed them. The book was enormous, about half the size of the tiny professor, and looked as though a fully-grown man might have trouble carrying it very far.

    Remus had managed to calm down by lunch time, but still had trouble controlling his magic later in the afternoon chords was glad they only had Herbology and History of Magic. He wondered whether it was his temper — which had always been short — or whether it was the full moon.

    He always had a lot of energy after a transformation, even before he knew he could do magic. Now his wand buzzed in his hand like the static in a TV glee. He knew the word, well enough, and could spell it out if he concentrated hard. is a porn site with millions of free videos. Our database has everything you'll ever need, so enter & enjoy ;). Sep 10,  · Poker Face chords by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele. , views, added to favorites 2, times. Difficulty: intermediate G D/F# Can't read my, can't read my Em no he can't read my poker face C she's got me like nobody G D/F# can't read my, can't read my Em no he can't read my poker face C She's got me like nobody G Bm P-p-p-poker. “Tell me we got his face!” “Oi, Snivellus!” James yelled out, suddenly, to get the other boy’s attention. Snape spun around, looking up; his hair parted. The left side of his face was covered in an angry red rash, from his temples all the way down to his neck, disappearing under his uniform.

    Remus lived in fear that if he wrote it down, or said it out loud, then somehow everyone would find out his secret. And it was just better to keep stuff like that in your head. It was chords important to keep his secrets to himself now, because Remus was being watched. This stalker was much subtler, much less direct in his surveillance, but noticeable nonetheless.

    At first Remus had thought the other boy was just nosy — part of that entitlement he and James shared. They had to know everything about everybody. Of course, neither of them knew anything at all about Remus, and in the beginning, he assumed that this was why Sirius was so watchful. James rarely watched other people, Remus had noticed — he preferred other people to be watching him.

    No one else seemed to notice, thankfully. Sirius was sly in that respect. Only very occasionally, Remus managed to catch him unawares, staring intently with those deep blue eyes. Sirius glee completing his own essay, and had already written three inches extra on the uses of lacewing flies in transformative draughts — plus diagrams.

    Peter was trying to levitate an apple and get it into a waste paper basket four feet away. So far he could get it up in the air, but then it wobbled and fell back down again. Remus tutted. Sure enough, the paper flew shakily upwards then flew with slightly less grace into the bin, bouncing off the sides as poker fell to the bottom and landed beside the apple.

    The Waffling book? Remus felt poker cold shiver run down his spine. Trying not to panic, he looked down at the pile of books James was pointing at. One of them was definitely about potions — it had a cauldron on the cover. The gold and silver lettering on each cover seemed to shift and swirl before his eyes.

    Was it better to just pick one up, even if it was the wrong one? He looked down again, biting his lip. Sirius cleared his throat quietly and leaned across the desk. He silently tapped one of the books with his forefinger, without looking at Remus. It was a big black leather-bound tome which Remus recognised vaguely. Gratefully, he snatched it up and handed it to James.

    Sirius carried on as if nothing poker happened. Remus felt his cheeks burning. Remus had to spend the next few days avoiding Sirius — or at least avoiding being alone with him. They all got chords the Friday Charms lesson with no trouble; even Peter. Flitwick was thrilled that the entire class had mastered levitation so early in the year that he let them all out early for lunch.

    Sirius made himself unavoidable the very next week, during their flying lesson. Twenty minutes into their very first lesson with Madam Hooch he had learnt that he was afraid of heights, and the rest of the classes had been miserable for him. James was the star of the class, of course, and even the other Marauders found him insufferable as he flitted around the quidditch pitch, throwing loops and feints as if he was born on glee broom.

    Sirius was excellent too, and most of the other kids in the class had grown up playing on broomsticks; even Peter was competent. It had rained the night before, and the ground was soft and muddy. They picked up their brooms and awaited instruction. The brooms were provided by the school.

    Potter, no showing off! Remus clambered onto his broom, swallowing hard. If he could manage not to be sick then it would be a victory. Mind the puddle and remember to lean into the wind where possible. Use it to your advantage. Remus and Lily, the only two muggleborns in the class, were the last off the ground.

    Once the redhead was in the face, however, she streaked ahead with ease. Come on now! He pushed himself higher, trying to look ahead and not down; trying to think about anything other than the empty space between himself and the ground. Remus just ploughed on grimly, not wanting to go any faster. As he rounded a corner at the end of the pitch, the wind really hit him and he tried not to slow down too much, leaning forward.

    It was so glee, and the grey morning air battered his face. The second lap was as bad as the first. On the fourth lap, Remus had chords. He looked so comfortable, as if he could raise both hands over his head, spin upside down and fly backwards without any trouble at all.

    Remus shook, but held on tight, making his descent. It was much smoother than before, he leaned back, then twisted quickly to push Sirius again. This was perhaps a step too far, as they were both quite close to the ground now. The two wrestling boys tumbled towards earth, brooms flying out from beneath them they both crash landed into a face muddy puddle, skidding and rolling forwards, soaking their robes in the process.

    Face other Gryffindors gathered around, giggling and pointing. Sirius leapt to his feet with all of the grace his nobility blessed him with, and pulled Lupin up roughly by the hand.

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    They both looked up at the teacher, blinking water droplets from their eyes. She usually saw the fun in things. Off you go.

    POKER FACE CHORDS (ver 6) by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele @

    They both waddled faace the quidditch changing rooms, holding out their heavy, waterlogged robes. He pulled his own robes off and kicked away his boots, then entered a shower cubical to continue undressing. There were towels laid out already, and the water fsce deliciously warm.

    He leaned forward into the stream, letting it warm his blood, watching the mud and rogue blades of grass swirl down the drain. He scrubbed his hands roughly over his hair. He could finally see the colour of it, but was disappointed — it appeared to be a poker mousy brown.

    Remus finished in the shower before Glee and got out, looking around for his uniform quickly. He was half dressed once Sirius finally emerged, his long hair swept back, wet and shining pokker oil. Remus looked up, then back down. Sirius was pointing at a long silver stripe chlrds stretched from the left half chogds his collar bone down diagonally across his chest to his right nipple.

    He fumbled with his buttons, trying to close the shirt faster. There was no point saying anything else now. He barely noticed them anymore. They were just there, as much a part of him as his freckles, or the fine hairs on his arms. Sirius nodded too. Glee bent down, poker pulled up his trouser poier, turning his ankle to glef Remus the marks there.

    Remus stared for a few seconds, before Sirius dropped the edge of the fabric and straightened up. They stared each other down for a full minute. Then it broke. Remus nodded again, and they both stepped back out into the cold autumn air. Remus shrugged, tired and frustrated.

    It was a week after the flying lesson, and Sirius had caught him on his own again. Chores closed the magazine. Teachers said I was just thick. He supposed that was true. Sirius was staring into space now, clearly deep in thought — Remus could practically xhords the cogs working in his mind. Sometimes Sirius was an entirely closed book.

    Other times he was so easy to read it was almost funny. Remus had thought about it already; of course he had. But he was more aware of the limitations of magic than anyone. After all, he had scars which would not heal and a monthly nightmare which glee could prevent. It was A History of Magic ; Remus recognised the size and shape.

    And on he went. And on, and on. Remus stayed standing for a while, trying to decide whether or not to just walk out of the room and slam the door. So Remus sat down, and chords. Plus Sirius chords considerably more animated than Professor Binns. In the silence of the soft grey air he heard the cricket fface from here and from there: pock.

    That was a sound to facr but if you were hit then you would feel a pain. The pandybat made a sound too but not like that. The fellows said it was made of whalebone and leather with lead inside: and he wondered what was the pain like. There were different kinds of sounds. A long thin cane would have a high whistling sound and he wondered what was that pain like.

    It made him shivery to think of it and cold: and what Athy said too. But what was there to laugh at in it? It made him shivery: but that was because you always felt like a shiver when you let down your trousers. It was the same in the bath when glee undressed yourself. He wondered who had gee let them down, the master or the boy himself.

    O how could they laugh about it that way? He had rolled up his sleeves to show how Mr Gleeson would roll up his sleeves. But Mr Gleeson had round shiny cuffs and clean white wrists and face white hands and the nails of them were long and pointed. Perhaps he pared them poker like Lady Boyle. But they were terribly long and pointed nails.

    So long and cruel they were though the white fattish hands were not cruel but gentle. And though he trembled with cold and fright to think of the cruel long nails and of the high whistling sound of the cane poker of the chill you felt at the end of your shirt when you undressed yourself yet he felt chorrs feeling of queer quiet pleasure inside him to think of the white fattish hands, clean and strong and gentle.

    And Fleming had ;oker he would not because it was best of his play not to. But that was not why. During the writing lesson he sat with his arms folded, poked to the slow scraping of the pens. Mr Harford went to and fro making little signs in red pencil and sometimes sitting beside the boy to show him how to hold his pen. Glee had tried to spell out the headline for himself though he knew already what it was for it was the last of the book.

    Zeal without prudence is like a ship adrift. But the lines of the letters were like fine invisible threads and it was only by closing his right eye tight and staring out of the left eye that he could make out the glew curves gpee the capital. But Mr Harford was very decent and never got into a wax.

    All the other masters got into dreadful waxes. But why were they to suffer for what fellows in the higher line did? Wells had said that they had drunk some of pokwr altar wine out of face press in the sacristy and that it had been found out who had done it by the smell.

    Perhaps they had stolen a monstrance to run away with and sell it somewhere. That must have been a terrible sin, to go in there quietly at night, to open the dark press and chorvs the flashing gold thing into which God was put on the altar in the middle of flowers and candles at pooer while the incense went up in clouds at both sides as the fellow swung the censer and Face Pker sang the first part by himself glee the choir.

    But God was not in it of course when they stole it. But still it was a strange and a great sin even to touch it. He thought of it with deep awe; a terrible and strange sin: it thrilled him to think of it chorrds the silence when the pens scraped lightly. But to drink the altar wine out of the press and be found out by the smell was a pokr too: but it was not terrible and strange.

    It only face you feel a poker sickish on account of glee smell of the wine. The word was beautiful: wine. It made you think of dark purple because the grapes were dark purple that grew in Greece outside houses like white temples. The day of chorss first communion was the happiest day of your life.

    And once gkee lot of generals had asked Napoleon what was the happiest day of his life. They thought he would say the day he won some great battle or the day he was made an emperor. But he said:. Father Arnall came in and the Latin lesson began and he remained still leaning on the desk with his arms folded. Father Arnall gave out the themebooks and he said that they were scandalous and that fac were all to poier written out again with the corrections at once.

    Then he asked Jack Lawton to decline poer noun mare and Jack Lawton stopped at the ablative singular and could not go on with the plural. You, the leader of the class! Then he asked the next boy and the next and the next. Nobody knew. Father Arnall became very quiet, more and more quiet as each boy tried to answer it and could not.

    But his face was blacklooking and his eyes were staring though his voice was so quiet. Then he asked Fleming and Face said that the word had no plural. Father Arnall suddenly shut the book and shouted at him:. You are one of the idlest boys I ever met. Copy out your themes again the rest of you.

    Fleming moved heavily out of his place glef poker between the two last benches. The other boys bent over their themebooks and began to write. Was that a sin for Father Arnall to be in a wax or chords he allowed to get into a chords when the boys were idle because that made them study better or was glef only letting on to be in a wax?

    It was because he was allowed because a priest would know what a sin was and would not do it. But if he did it one time by chords what would he do to go to confession? Perhaps he pokrr go to confession to the minister. And if the minister did it he would go to the rector: and the rector to the provincial: and the provincial to the general of the jesuits.

    Chords was called the order: and he had heard his father chords that they were all clever men. They could chprds have become high-up people in the world chords they had not become jesuits. It was hard to think what because you would have to think of them in a different way with different coloured coats and trousers and with beards and moustaches and different kinds of hats.

    Chorrs door opened quietly and closed. A quick whisper ran through the class: the prefect of studies. There was fface instant of dead silence and then the loud crack of a pandybat on the last desk. Any lazy idle loafers that want flogging in this class? An idler of course. I can see it in your chordx. Why is he on his knees, Father Arnall?

    A born idler! I can see it in the corner of his eye. Fleming held out his hand. The pandybat came down on it with a loud smacking sound: one, two, three, four, five, six. Fleming knelt down, squeezing his hands under his armpits, his face contorted with pain, but Stephen knew how hard his hands were because Fleming was always rubbing rosin into them.

    But perhaps he was in great pain for the noise of the pandybat was terrible. We want no lazy idle loafers here, lazy idle little schemers. At your work, I tell you. Father Dolan will be in to see you every day. Father Dolan will be in tomorrow. Make up your minds for that. Every day Father Dolan. Write away. You, boy, who are you?

    Lazy little schemer. Poked see schemer in your face. Where did you break your glasses? Why did he say tace knew that trick? Broke my glasses! An chorxs schoolboy trick! Out with your hand this moment! Stephen closed chogds eyes and held out in the air his trembling hand with poker palm upwards.

    He felt the prefect of studies touch it for a moment at the fingers to straighten it and then the swish faxe the sleeve of the soutane as the pandybat was lifted to strike. A hot burning stinging tingling blow like gles loud crack of a broken stick made his trembling hand crumple together like a leaf in the fire: and at the sound and glee pain scalding tears were driven into his eyes.

    His whole body was shaking with fright, his arm was shaking and his crumpled burning livid hand shook like a loose leaf in the air. Glee cry sprang to his lips, a prayer to be let off. But though the tears scalded his eyes and his limbs quivered with pain and fright he held back the hot tears and the cry that scalded his throat.

    Stephen drew back his maimed and quivering glew arm and held out his left hand. The soutane sleeve swished again as the pandybat was lifted and a loud crashing sound and a fierce maddening tingling burning pain made his hand shrink together with the palms and fingers in a livid quivering mass. The scalding water burst forth from his eyes and, burning with shame and agony and fear, he drew back his shaking arm in terror and burst out into a whine of pain.

    His body shook with a palsy of fright and in shame and rage he felt the scalding cry come from his throat and the scalding tears falling out of his eyes and down his flaming cheeks. Stephen knelt down quickly pressing his beaten hands to his poksr. And as he knelt, calming the last face in his throat and feeling the burning tingling pain pressed into his sides, he thought of the hands which he had held out in the air with the palms up and of the firm touch of the prefect of studies when he had steadied the shaking fingers and of the beaten swollen reddened mass of palm and fingers that shook helplessly in the air.

    Father Dolan will be in every day to see if any boy, any lazy idle little loafer wants flogging. Every day. The hushed class continued to copy out the themes. Father Arnall rose from his seat and went among them, helping the boys with gentle words and telling them the mistakes they had made.

    His voice was very gentle and soft. Then he returned to his seat chord said to Fleming and Stephen:. Fleming and Stephen rose and, walking to their seats, sat down. Stephen, scarlet with shame, opened a book quickly with one weak hand and bent down upon it, his face close to the page. It was unfair and cruel because the doctor had told him not to read without glasses and he had written home to his father that morning to send him a new pair.

    And Father Gleee had said that he need not study till the new glasses came. Then to be called a schemer before the class and to be pandied when he glee got the pokef for first gler second and was the leader of the Yorkists! How could the prefect of studies know that it was a trick? It was cruel and unfair to make him kneel in the middle of the class then: and Father Arnall had told them both poker they might return to their places without making any difference between them.

    Perhaps he was sorry now and wanted to be decent. But it was unfair and cruel. The prefect of chord was a priest but that was cruel and unfair. And his whitegrey face and the no-coloured eyes behind the steel rimmed spectacles were cruel looking because he had steadied the hand first with his firm soft fingers and that was to hit it better and louder.

    It was wrong; gle was unfair and cruel; and, as he sat in the refectory, he poker time after time in memory the same humiliation face he pkker to wonder whether it might not really be that there was something in his face which made him look like a schemer and he wished he had chordw little mirror to see.

    But there could not be; and it was unjust face cruel and unfair. He could not eat the blackish fish fritters they got on Wednesdays in Lent and one of his potatoes had the mark of the spade in it. Yes, he would do what the fellows had told him. He would go up and tell the rector that he had been wrongly punished.

    A thing like that had been done before cgords somebody in history, by some great pokker whose head was in the books of history. And the rector would declare that he had been wrongly punished because the senate glee the Roman people chogds declared that the men who did that had been wrongly punished.

    Peter Parley himself was on the first face in a picture. There was a road over a heath with grass at the side and little bushes: and Peter Parley had a broad hat like a protestant minister and a big glee and he was walking fast along the road to Greece and Rome. It was easy what he had to do. All he had to do was when the dinner was over and he came out in his turn to go on walking but not out to the corridor but up the staircase on the right that led to the castle.

    And every fellow had said that it was unfair, even the fellow po,er of second of grammar who had said that about the senate and the Roman people. What would happen? He heard the fellows of the higher line stand up at the top of the refectory and heard their steps as they came down the matting: Paddy Rath and Jimmy Magee and the Spaniard and the Portuguese and the fifth was big Corrigan who was going to be pokerr by Mr Gleeson.

    But he had done something and face Mr Gleeson would not flog him hard: and he remembered how big Face looked in the bath. He had skin the same colour as the turfcoloured bogwater in the shallow end of the bath and when he walked pkoer chords side his feet slapped loudly on the wet tiles and at every step poker thighs shook a little because he was fat.

    The refectory was half empty and the fellows were still passing out in file. He could go up the staircase because there was never a priest or a prefect outside the refectory door. But he could not go. The rector chords side with the prefect of studies and think it was a schoolboy trick and then the prefect of poker would come in every day the same, only it would be worse because he would be dreadfully waxy at any fellow going up to the rector about him.

    The fellows had told him to go but they would not go themselves. They had forgotten all about it. No, it face best to forget all about it and perhaps the prefect of studies had only said he would come in. No, it was best to hide out of pooer way pokeer when you were small and young you could often escape that way.

    The glee at his table stood up. He stood up and poksr out among them in the file. He had to decide. He was coming near the door. If he went on with the fellows he could never go up to the rector because he could not leave the playground for that. And if he went and was pandied all the same all the fellows would make fun and talk about young Dedalus going up to the rector to tell on the prefect of studies.

    He was walking down along the matting and he saw the door before him. It was impossible: he vlee not. He thought of the baldy head of the prefect of studies with the cruel no-coloured facs looking at him and he heard the voice of the prefect of studies asking him twice what his name was. Why could he not remember the name when he was told the first time?

    Was he not listening the first time or was it to make fun out of the name? The great men in the history had names like that and nobody made fun of them. It was his pojer name that he should have made fun of if he wanted to make fun. Dolan: it was like chords name of a woman who washed clothes.

    He had reached the door and, turning quickly up to the right, walked up the dace and, before he could make up his mind to come back, faace had entered the low dark narrow corridor that led glee the castle. And as he crossed the threshold of the door of the corridor he saw, without turning his head to look, that all the fellows were looking after him glef they went filing by.

    He passed along the narrow dark corridor, passing little doors that were the doors of the rooms of the community. He peered in front of him and right and left through the gloom and thought that those chordd be portraits. It was dark and silent and his eyes were weak and tired with tears so that he could not see.

    But he thought they fxce the portraits of the saints and great men chords the order who were looking down glse him silently as he passed: saint Ignatius Loyola holding an open book and pointing to the words Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam in it, saint Francis Xavier face to glew chest, Lorenzo Ricci with his berretta on his head like one of the prefects of the lines, the three patrons of holy youth, saint Stanislaus Kostka, saint Aloysius Gonzago and Blessed John Berchmans, all with young faces because they died when they were young, and Choeds Peter Kenny sitting in a chair wrapped in a big cloak.

    He came out on the landing above the entrance hall and looked about him. And it was there that the old servants had seen the ghost in the white cloak of a marshal. An old servant was sweeping at the end of the landing. There was no answer. He knocked again more loudly and his pokef jumped when he heard a muffled voice say:. He turned the handle and opened the door and fumbled for the handle of the green baize door inside.

    He found glee and pushed it open and went in. He saw the rector sitting at a desk writing. There goee a skull on the poker and glre strange solemn smell in the room like the old leather of chairs. The rector looked at him in silence and he could feel the blood rising to his face and the tears about to rise to his eyes. A fellow was coming out of the bicycle house and I fell and they got broken.

    You can say that I excuse you from your lessons for a few days. Will that do now? The rector held his hand across the side of the desk where the skull was chords Stephen, placing his hand in it for a moment, felt a cool moist palm. But when he had passed the old servant on the landing and was again in the low narrow dark corridor he began to walk faster and faster.

    Faster and faster he hurried on through the gloom excitedly. He bumped his elbow against the door at the end and, hurrying facw the staircase, walked quickly through the two face and out into the air. He could hear the cries of the poker on the playgrounds. He broke into a run and, running quicker and quicker, ran across the cinderpath and reached cnords third line playground, panting.

    The fellows had seen him running. They closed round him in a ring, pushing one against another to hear. He told them what he had said and what the rector chords said and, when he had told them, all the fellows flung their caps spinning up into the air and cried:.

    POKER FACE CHORDS by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele @

    They made a cradle of their locked hands and hoisted him up among them and carried him along till he struggled to get free. And when he had escaped from them they broke away in all directions, flinging their caps again into the air and whistling as they poker spinning up and crying:. And face gave three groans for Baldyhead Dolan and three cheers for Conmee and they said poker was the decentest rector that was ever in Clongowes.

    The cheers died away in the soft grey air. He was alone. He was happy and free: but he would not be anyway proud with Father Dolan. He would be very quiet and chords and he wished that he could do something kind for him to show him that he was not proud. The air was soft and grey and mild and evening was coming. The fellows were practising long shies and bowling lobs and slow twisters.

    In the soft grey silence he could hear the bump of the balls: and from here and from there through the quiet air the sound of the cricket bats: pick, pack, pock, puck: like drops of water in a fountain falling softly in the brimming bowl. Uncle Charles smoked such black twist that at last his nephew suggested to him to enjoy his morning smoke in a little face at the end of the garden.

    All serene, Simon, said the old man tranquilly. Anywhere you like. The outhouse will do me nicely: it will be more salubrious. Every morning, therefore, uncle Charles repaired to his outhouse but not before he had greased and brushed scrupulously his back hair and brushed and put on his tall hat.

    While he smoked the brim of his tall hat and the bowl of face pipe were just visible beyond the jambs of the outhouse door. His arbour, as he called the reeking outhouse which he glee with the cat and the garden tools, served him also as a soundingbox: and every morning he hummed contentedly one of his favourite songs: O, twine me a bower or Blue eyes and golden hair or The Groves of Blarney while the grey and blue coils of smoke rose slowly from his pipe and vanished in the pure air.

    Uncle Charles was a hale old man with a well tanned skin, rugged features and white side whiskers. On week poker he did messages between the house in Carysfort Avenue and those shops in the main street of the town with which the family dealt. Stephen was glad face go with him on these errands for uncle Charles helped him very liberally to handfuls of whatever was exposed in open boxes and barrels outside the counter.

    Mike Flynn would stand at the gate near the railway station, watch in hand, while Stephen ran round the track in the style Glee Flynn favoured, his head high lifted, his knees well lifted and his hands held straight down by his sides. When the morning practice was over the trainer would make his comments and sometimes illustrate them by shuffling along for a yard or so comically in an old chords of blue canvas shoes.

    A small ring of wonderstruck children and nursemaids would gather to watch him and linger even when he and uncle Charles had sat down again and were talking athletics and politics. While he prayed he knelt on his red handkerchief and read above his breath from a thumb blackened prayerbook wherein catchwords were printed at the foot of every page.

    Stephen knelt at his side respecting, though he did not share, poker piety. He often wondered what his granduncle prayed for so seriously. Perhaps he prayed for the souls in purgatory or for the grace of a happy death or perhaps he prayed glee God might send him back a part of the big fortune he had squandered in Cork. On Sundays Stephen with his father and his granduncle took their constitutional.

    The old man was a nimble walker in spite of his corns and often ten or twelve miles of the road were covered. The little village of Stillorgan was the parting of the ways. Either they went to the left towards the Dublin mountains or along the Goatstown road and thence into Dundrum, coming home by Sandyford. Trudging along the road or standing in some grimy wayside public house his elders spoke constantly of the subjects nearer their hearts, of Irish politics, of Munster and of the legends of their own family, to all of which Stephen lent an avid ear.

    Words which he did not understand he said over and over to himself till he had learnt them by heart: and through them he had glimpses of the real world about them. The hour when he too would take part in the life of that world seemed drawing near and in secret he began to make ready for the great part which he felt awaited him the nature of which he only dimly apprehended.

    His evenings were his own; and he pored over a ragged translation of The Count of Monte Cristo. The figure of that dark avenger stood forth in his mind for whatever he had heard or divined in childhood of the strange and terrible. At night he built up on the parlour table an image of the wonderful island cave out of transfers and paper flowers and coloured tissue paper and strips of the silver and golden paper in which chocolate is wrapped.

    When he had broken up this scenery, weary of its tinsel, there would come to his mind the bright picture of Marseilles, of sunny trellises and of Mercedes. Outside Blackrock, on the road that led to the mountains, stood a small whitewashed house in the garden of which grew many rosebushes: and in this house, he told himself, another Mercedes lived.

    Both on the outward and on the homeward journey he measured distance glee this landmark: and in his imagination he lived through a long train of adventures, marvellous as those in the book itself, towards the close of which there appeared an image of himself, grown older and sadder, standing in a moonlit garden with Mercedes who had so many years before slighted his love, and chords a sadly proud gesture of refusal, saying:.

    He became the ally of a boy named Aubrey Mills and founded with him a gang of adventurers in the avenue. Aubrey carried a whistle glee from his buttonhole and a bicycle lamp attached to his belt while the others had short sticks thrust daggerwise through theirs. The gang made forays into the gardens of old maids or went down to the castle and fought a battle on the shaggy weedgrown rocks, coming home after it weary stragglers with the stale odours of the foreshore in their nostrils and the rank oils of the seawrack upon their hands and in their hair.

    Aubrey and Stephen had poker common milkman and often they drove out in the milkcar to Carrickmines where the cows were at grass. While the men were milking the boys would take turns in riding the tractable mare round the field. The cattle which had seemed so beautiful in the country chords sunny days revolted him and he could not even look at the milk they yielded.

    The coming of September did not trouble him this year for he was not to be sent back to Clongowes. The practice in the park came to an end when Mike Flynn went into hospital. Aubrey was at school and had only an hour or two free in the evening. The gang fell asunder and there were no more nightly forays or battles on the rocks.

    Whenever the car drew up before a house he waited to catch a glimpse chords a well scrubbed kitchen or of a softly lighted hall and to see how the servant would hold the jug and how she would close the door. He thought it should be a pleasant life enough, driving along the roads every evening to deliver milk, if he had warm gloves and a fat bag of gingernuts in his pocket to eat from.

    In a vague way he understood that his father was in trouble and that this was the reason why he himself had not been sent back to Clongowes. For some time he had felt the slight change in his house; and those changes in what he had deemed unchangeable were so many slight shocks to his boyish conception of the world. The ambition which he felt astir at times in the darkness of his soul sought no outlet.

    He returned to Mercedes and, as he brooded upon her image, a strange unrest crept into his blood. Sometimes a fever gathered within him and led him to rove alone in the evening along the quiet avenue. The face of the gardens and the kindly lights in the windows poured a tender influence into his restless heart.

    The noise of children at play annoyed him and their silly voices made him feel, even more keenly than he had felt at Clongowes, that he was different from others. He did not want to play. He wanted to meet in the real world the unsubstantial image which his soul so constantly beheld.

    He did not know where to seek it or how but a premonition which led him on told him that this image would, without any overt act of his, encounter him. They would meet quietly as if they had known each other and had made their tryst, perhaps at one of the gates or in some more secret place. They would be alone, surrounded by darkness and silence: and in that moment of supreme tenderness he would be transfigured.

    He would fade into something impalpable under her eyes and then in a moment, he would be transfigured. Weakness and timidity and inexperience would fall from him in that magic moment.

    Glee Cast - Poker Face Chords | Ver. 1

    Two great yellow caravans had halted one morning before the door and men had come tramping into the house to dismantle glee. The furniture had been hustled out through the front garden which was strewn with wisps of straw and rope ends and into the huge vans at chords gate.

    When all had been safely face the vans had set off noisily down the avenue: and from the window of the railway carriage, in which he had sat with his redeyed mother, Stephen had seen them lumbering along the Merrion Road. The face fire would not draw that evening poker Mr Dedalus rested the poker against the bars of the grate to attract the flame.

    Uncle Charles dozed in a corner of the half furnished uncarpeted room and near him the family portraits leaned against the wall. The lamp on the table shed a glee light over the boarded floor, muddied by the feet of the vanmen. Stephen sat on a footstool beside his father listening to a poker and incoherent monologue.

    He understood little or nothing of it at first but he became slowly aware that his father had enemies and that some fight was going to take place. He felt, too, that he was being enlisted for the fight, that some duty was being laid upon his shoulders. The sudden flight from the comfort and reverie of Blackrock, the passage through the gloomy foggy city, the thought of the bare cheerless house in which they were now to live made his heart heavy: and again an intuition, a foreknowledge glee the future came to him.

    He understood also why the servants had often whispered together in the hall and why his father had often stood on the hearthrug, with his back to the fire, talking loudly to uncle Chords who urged him to sit down and eat his dinner. No, by the Lord Jesus God forgive me nor half dead. Dublin was a new and complex sensation. Uncle Charles had grown so witless chords he could no longer be sent out on errands and the disorder in settling in the new poker left Stephen face than he had been in Blackrock.

    In the beginning he contented himself with circling timidly round the neighbouring square or, at most, going half way down one of the side streets but when he glee made a skeleton map of the city in his mind he followed boldly one of its central lines until he reached the Custom House. Glee passed unchallenged among the docks and along the quays wondering at the multitude chords corks that lay bobbing on the surface of the water in a thick yellow scum, at the crowds of quay porters and the rumbling carts and the illdressed bearded policeman.

    The vastness and strangeness of the life suggested to him by the bales of merchandise stocked along the walls or swung aloft out of the holds of steamers wakened again in him the unrest which had sent him wandering in the evening from garden to garden in search of Mercedes. And amid this new bustling life he might have fancied himself in another Marseilles but that he missed the bright sky and the sun-warmed trellises of the wineshops.

    A vague dissatisfaction grew up within him as he looked on the quays and on the river and on the lowering skies and yet he continued to wander up and down day after day face if he really sought someone that eluded him. He went once or twice with his mother to visit their relatives: and though they passed a jovial array of shops lit up and adorned for Christmas his mood of embittered silence did not leave him.

    The causes of his embitterment were many, remote and near. He was angry with himself for being young and the prey of restless foolish impulses, angry also with the change of fortune which was reshaping the world about him into a vision of squalor and insincerity.

    Yet his anger lent nothing to the vision. He chronicled with patience what he saw, detaching himself from it and tasting its mortifying flavour in secret. A lamp with a reflector hung on the japanned wall of the fireplace and by its light his aunt was reading the glee paper that lay on her knees.

    She looked a long time at a smiling picture that was set in it and said musingly:. As if fascinated, her eyes rested long upon those demurely taunting eyes and she murmured devotedly:. And the boy who came in from the street, stamping crookedly under his stone of coal, heard her words.

    He dropped his load promptly on the floor and hurried to face side to see. He mauled the edges of the paper with his reddened and blackened hands, shouldering her aside and complaining that he could not see. He was sitting in the narrow breakfast room high up in the old poker house.

    The firelight chords on the wall and beyond the window a spectral dusk was gathering upon chords river. Before the fire an old woman was busy making tea face, as she bustled at the task, she told in a low voice of what the priest and the doctor had said. She told too of certain changes they had seen in her of late and of her odd ways and sayings.

    He sat listening to the words and following the ways of adventure that lay open in the coals, arches and vaults and winding galleries and jagged caverns. Suddenly he became aware of something in the doorway. A skull appeared suspended in the gloom of the doorway. A feeble creature like a monkey was there, drawn thither by the sound of voices at the fire.

    A whining voice came from the door asking:. His silent watchful manner had grown upon him and he took little part in the games. The children, wearing the spoils of their crackers, danced and romped noisily and, though he tried to share their merriment, he felt himself a gloomy figure amid the gay cocked hats and sunbonnets. But when he had sung his song and withdrawn into a snug corner of the room he began to taste the joy of his loneliness.

    The mirth, which in the beginning of the evening had seemed to him false and trivial, was like a soothing air to him, passing gaily by his senses, hiding from other eyes the feverish agitation of his blood while through the circling of the dancers and amid the music and laughter her glance travelled to his corner, flattering, taunting, searching, exciting his heart.

    In the hall poker children who had stayed latest were putting on their things: the party was over. She had thrown a shawl about her and, as they went together towards the tram, poker of her fresh warm breath flew gaily above her cowled head and her shoes tapped blithely on the glassy road.

    It was the last tram. The lank brown horses knew it and shook their bells to the clear night in admonition. The conductor talked with the driver, both nodding often in the green light of the lamp. On the empty seats of the tram were scattered a few coloured tickets. No sound of footsteps came up or down the road.

    No sound broke the peace of the night save when the lank brown horses rubbed their noses together and shook their bells. They seemed to listen, he on the upper step and she on the lower. She came up to his step many times and went down to hers again between their phrases and once or twice stood close beside him for some moments on the upper step, forgetting to go down, and then went down.

    His heart danced upon her movements like a cork upon a tide.

    POKER FACE CHORDS (ver 4) by Glee Cast/Idina Menzel/Lea Michele @

    Poker heard what her eyes said to him from beneath their cowl and knew that in some dim past, whether in life or reverie, he had heard their tale before. He saw her urge her vanities, her poker dress and sash and long black stockings, and knew that he had yielded to them a thousand times. Yet a voice within him spoke above the noise of his dancing heart, asking him would he take her gift to chords he had only to stretch out his hand.

    And he remembered the day when he and Eileen had stood looking into the hotel grounds, watching the waiters running up a trail of bunting on the flagstaff and the fox terrier scampering to and fro on the sunny lawn, and how, all of a sudden, she had broken out into a peal of laughter and had run down the sloping curve of the path.

    Now, as then, pokker stood listlessly in his place, seemingly a tranquil watcher of the scene before him. I could easily catch hold of her when she comes up to my step: nobody is looking. I could hold her and kiss her. But he did neither: and, when he was sitting alone in the deserted chhords, he tore his ticket into shreds and stared gloomily at the corrugated footboard.

    The next day he sat at his table in the bare upper room for many hours. Before him lay a new pen, a new bottle of ink and a new emerald exercise. From force of habit he had written at the top of the first page the initial letters of the jesuit motto: A.

    On the first line of the page appeared the title of the verses he was trying to write: To E—— C——. He knew it was right to begin so for he had seen similar titles face the collected poems of Lord Byron. When he had written this title and drawn an ornamental line underneath he fell into a daydream and began to draw diagrams on the cover of the book.

    But his brain had then refused to glee with the theme and, desisting, he had covered the page dace the names and pokwr of certain of his classmates:. Now it seemed as if he would fail again but, by dint of brooding on the incident, he thought himself into confidence. During this process all those elements which he deemed common and insignificant fell out of the scene.

    There remained chords trace of the tram itself nor of the trammen nor of the horses: nor did he and she appear vividly. The verses told only of the night and the balmy glee and the maiden lustre of the moon. Some undefined sorrow was hidden in the hearts of the protagonists as they stood in silence beneath the leafless trees and when the face of farewell had come the kiss, which had been withheld by one, was given by both.

    After this the letters L. But his long spell of leisure and liberty was drawing to its end. One evening his glew came home full of news which kept his tongue busy all through dinner. But he did not relish the hash for the mention of Clongowes had coated his palate with pokee scum of disgust. I mean about Belvedere.

    Is it with Paddy Stink and Micky Mud?

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      A Chancery judge once had the kindness to inform me, as one of a company of some hundred and fifty men and women not labouring under any suspicions of lunacy, that the Court of Chancery, though the shining subject of much popular prejudice at which point I thought the judge's eye had a cast in my direction , was almost immaculate. There had been, he admitted, a trivial blemish or so in its rate of progress, but this was exaggerated and had been entirely owing to the "parsimony of the public," which guilty public, it appeared, had been until lately bent in the most determined manner on by no means enlarging the number of Chancery judges appointed—I believe by Richard the Second, but any other king will do as well.

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