Poker fold equity berechnen

poker fold equity berechnen

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  • This is an oversimplified explanation, but describes the basic nature of pre-flop all-in situations as a short stack. I have provided you with a solid 3-betting and 4-betting strategy via my charts and will not spend too much time going through the details of what is a very complex subject that would take numerous chapters to properly cover.

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    I will, however, talk more berechnsn pre-flop equities in a bit when I cover fold equity. We can never know for certain our exact post-flop equity unless all hands are turned face up. With a tier 2 or better made hand, we are almost always committed and do not need to worry about our likelihood of improving our hand.

    For the most part, our equity will be consistently strong enough to get all-in on the flop. With a draw, however, it helps to understand how likely our hand is to improvebytheriver.

    HocPoker - Fold Equity

    Thisinformationcanhelpus,notonlywithall-indecisions,butalsoindirect and implied odds calculations when facing a post-flop bet or raise. Before I teach you a well-known easy trick to determining your approximate chance of improving, you will need to know how many outs various common holdings have after the flop. When involved in a hand, you should instantly be able to recognize your likely outs with any given holding.

    By just learning the approximate equities of the five holdings listed above, you will be able to navigate almost all post-flop equity situations. Now, how do you figure out the likelihood each hand has of improving? Your email address will not be published.

    HocPoker - Equity

    Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If your equity is inferior vs. If the addition of fold equity does not make berechnrn play profitable, then the play will be -EV. The most basic place fold equity comes into play is from stealing before the flop. Since you win half the time you raise, you cut the winnings in half.

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    So if the game is. So, if your opening raise size is to. In the above example, you are never losing more than a nickel every time you raise any two cards, not the. The implications of this should be a light bulb moment for some of you who have never truly understood fold equity.

    Let me put it this way.

    Now you can see why stealing a wide range against tight players is so profitable. As a small stacker, another area you need to be concerned with fold equity is how it affects your all- in decisions either via a pre-flop 3-bet shove or a post-flop re-raise shove, both of which you will be doing quite frequently.

    Take the following two pre-flop ranges. When we shove against the wider opening range, we have twice as much fold equity. Keep in mind that when you get called by an opponent, you will often be behind, and it is easy to get frustrated in the heat of the fpld and doubt your play.

    poker fold equity berechnen

    Try not to be results oriented. Just because your opponent happened to be holding a hand in his calling range this time, it does not mean you made a mistake. Always remember that the fold equity gained the times your opponent bereechnen is what makes shoving profitable over the long term.

    Fold equity can be expressed in an actual mathematical equation, but for the purposes of this rquity, I will not delve deeply into what can be a very confusing endeavor. For now, all I want you to understand is that when a player is more likely to fold to your bet, you should be more inclined to bluff, and when he is less likely to fold, you need cold make sure your hand has very good equity before committing.

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    By mastering board textures and opponent tendencies, you will begin to understand how to use fold equity without ever getting into the actual numbers, dollar amounts, or fancy equations. If this stuff is not perfectly clear or seems overwhelming, do not worry.

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