Poker quotes goodreads

poker quotes goodreads

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  • Liars Poker Quotes (1 quote)

    For example, if Kerrich landed, say, 44 heads in the first tosses, the coin would not develop a bias towards the tails in order to catch up! That's what is at the root of such ideas as "her luck has run out" and "He is due. For what it's worth, a good streak doesn't jinx you, and a bad one, unfortunatelydoes not mean better luck is in store.

    Strip Poker Quotes by Lisa Lawrence

    People like to bet on the one with three legs and a wheeze. He simply maintained that the more effort and ingenuity you put into gambling, the more you took out. It can get into a man's blood just as gambling and lust for money have been known to do.

    A Poker Game of Love Quotes by Alice Walsh

    Prophecy is an act of faith of the saints. Two men who have nothing against each other get in a ring and try to hurt each other, to provide vicarious fear for people with less guts than themselves. And to cover it up they called it sports and gambled on it. He had never looked at that way before, and if there was any single thing quotew could not endure it was to be a dupe.

    Poker Face Quotes (14 quotes)

    Science and humanity become the villain. Everyone knows that but the gamblers want to play their cards.

    25 ratings, average rating, 13 reviews. A Poker Game of Love Quotes Showing of “It should never be your job to pick up the pieces of a broken man or to housebreak one. There are far better things you can do with your time.”. ― Alice Walsh, A Poker Game of Love. Strip Poker Quotes Showing of 1. “But weren't done, not by a long shot. his great hands lifted me under my ass and my thighs, urging me to get on the table and lie on my side. His arm hooked under my leg right under the kneecap, and now everyone had a spectacular view of my dripping for him.”. ― Lisa Lawrence, Strip Lisa Lawrence. Sep 06,  · Inspirational quotes about poker. 1. “Fold and live to fold again.” ~ Stu Ungar. 2. “Life, like poker, has an element of risk. It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced.” ~ Edward Norton. 3. “Poker is not a game in which the meek inherit the Earth.” ~ David Hayano.

    Be aware of the nuclear gamblers. Men like Billy Phelan, forged in the brass of Broadway, plker, in the time of their splendor, telegraphic statements of mission: I, you bums, am a winner. And that message, however devoid of Christ-like other-cheekery, dooms the faint-hearted Scottys of the night, who must sludge along, never knowing how it feels to spill over with the small change of sassiness, how it feels to leave the spillover on the floor, more where that came from, pal.

    Leave it for the sweeper. There are a couple ways to go about this. One is the robotic approch: where your face becomes a mask and your voice a monotone, at least while the hand is being played. The other is the manic method, where you affect a whole bunch of tics, twitches, and expressions, and mix them up with a river of insane babble.

    The Best Quotes about Poker: Inspirational, True, and Funny Poker Quotes

    The idea is to overwhelm your opponents with clues, so they can't sort out what's going on. This approach can be effective, but for normal people it's hard to pull off. If you've spent part of your life in an institution, this method may come naturally. Still, Bosch was awed by the spectacle of light.

    poker quotes goodreads

    In every imaginable color and configuration, it was a megawatt funnel of enticement to greed that burned twenty-four hours a day. Bosch felt the same attraction that all the other grinders felt tug at them.

    poker quotes goodreads

    Big Swinging Dickettes. The reward for being a good producer is to be made a manager.

    Liar's Poker Quotes by Michael Lewis

    The best producers are cutthroat, competitive, and often neurotic and paranoid. You turn those people into managers, and they go after each other. They no longer have the outlet for their instincts that producing gave them. They usually aren't well suited to be managers. Half of them get thrown out because they are bad.

    Gambling Quotes ( quotes)

    Another quarter get muscled out because of politics. The guys left behind are just the most ruthless of the bunch. That's why there are cycles on Wall Street—why Salomon Brothers is getting crunched now—because the ruthless people are bad for the business but can only be washed out by proven failure. The nature of the game is zero sum.

    Poker Quotes (53 quotes)

    Then he went even further. He said that every decision he has forced himself to make because it was unexpected has been a good one. Some higher authority must first put the stuffing into the turkey.

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