Slot car hard body mounting

slot car hard body mounting

Remember Me? Zippity's Button What's New? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: mounting hard bodies. I'm new to drag, first of all. To compound the problem, I've never mounted a hard body to a slot chassis.
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  • mounting hard bodies
  • mounting hard bodies
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  • Slot Car Body Mounting
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  • New or old, the rear wheel well locations are terrible. Additionally we are limited by a cut line rule so you are stuck with the wheel rubbing overhang.

    H&R Hardbody rules Indoor Motor Sports

    There are creative methods to stop the body from rubbing The new Red Fox Charger is a dream to mount. The cat cow catcher allows for the guide to be sllt properly and thus allowing for a better wheel well placement. The Parma Cyclone is the perfect fitting retro stock car body proportionately in my opinion, but the charger excels over it on the track.

    Posted 06 August - AM. Posted 06 August - PM. Joe "Noose" Neumeister Sometimes known as a serial despoiler of the clear purity of virgin Lexan bodies. Lexan is my canvas! Posted 07 August - AM. I hagd asking for opinions on how far is acceptable in moving the body forward or back in relation to the molded in wheel positions.

    mounting hard bodies

    Posted 07 August - PM. Posted 08 August - PM. Posted 20 February - AM. Posted 20 February - PM. The wheelbase is a bit short on the VFC when you caf it at the molded lines for the wheelwells. The last one I mounted was pretty well centered in the front, the rears were offset to the back. No big deal, it passes tech because thats the reality of these bodies.

    slot car hard body mounting

    With the Red Fox guide it's very close in the front, if you run a shorter guide like Parma you can split the difference front and rear a bit better. Most widely used body is the VFC Charger.

    mounting hard bodies

    Some people are running the Red Fox, but it may work better or worse, depending on the chassis. Once in a while a VFC Daytona I find that body works well if you need to loosen the handling a little bit.

    Nov 04,  · Another nice way to make the holes for mounting, I use a regular straight pin and heat it with my soldering iron. If you can find the pins with the little balls on top it saves the finger tips. The point of the pin wont slide down the contour of the body like a drill will do. Apr 12,  · This video is a tutorial on the tedious process of mounting a lot car body on a scratch built chassis. There are endless ways to do this, but I have found th. Building the B&E Eliminator 1/24 Scale Hard Body Slot Car Chassis. Brian Meharry of B&E Slotsport’s 3 part video series. Part 3: B&E Slotsport. Hardbody Slot Car: Body Mounting: 1/24 Scale Slot Car Racing: Model Kits.

    The good thing with those is the nose is so long, you can run any guide without issue. Posted 10 September - PM. When I think of "retro" hadr respect to slot cars, I envision hard bodied cars from the Golden Age of slot car racing. I can't see how slot cars with vacuform bodies are consistent with the word "retro".

    B&E Chassis Building "How-To" Videos | Slot Car Gallery

    Board IP. Sign In Create Account. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Posted 05 August - PM Looking at these bodies I am seeing mountings with the wheel arches cut in rather creative locations and in some cases wheels that overhang outside the arch by a lot moving the body forward from what I would call the normal position.

    So the question is what is the current acceptable Retro stock car body positioning? Please don't tell me if you can get away with it it is legal.

    Slot Car Body Mounting

    I know that. Posted 05 August - PM Not trying to be a pain, but you'd probably get a better answer by placing the thread in the hatd ruleset sub forum you are referring to.

    slot car hard body mounting

    Posted 05 August - PM mounying to me that I'd rather have it further back bosy forward. Posted 05 August - PM Thanks Steve but I am not so much asking if you would move it forward or back but rather how much can and do you move the body forward or back placing the wheels outside the molded in wheel arches.

    Posted 05 August - PM sorry about that. I don't know the exact rules. Newsletter Email Address:.

    Body mounting my way.

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    Hardbody mounting tube sizing - 1/24 Model Racing - Slotblog

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    How do I mount a hard body?

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      I have been asked several times to describe how I mount my hard plastic bodies. So it is time to go over how I like to mount them.

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