Slot drain shower tray

slot drain shower tray

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  • The channel body features a standard 2" 50 mm no-hub outlet and is attached to the pipe using an appropriate mechanical no-hub coupling. The offset outlet is located 8" The perimeter of the channel body consists of a slot flange laminated with a collar made of KERDI. It ensures a simple and secure shower to the bonded waterproofing assembly, both in the floor area and on adjacent walls.

    The bonding flange extends approximately 1" 2. Each standard assembly is available in a brushed drain chrome finish. Each style assembly is available tray a brushed finish. The covering support is placed flush with the top of the xhower body and can therefore s,ot any thickness tile covering. The grate may be removed to clean the drain housing and the drain pipes.

    Clean the grates and profiles using common household cleaning agents. Trya steel exposed to the tray or aggressive substances should be cleaned periodically using a mild household cleaner. Regular cleaning maintains the neat appearance of stainless steel and reduces shower risk of corrosion.

    All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and chlorides. Stainless steel surfaces develop a sheen when treated with a chrome-polishing agent. Do not use abrasive or showe cleaning agents. Any leveling of the floor must be done prior to the installation of the channel body.

    For installation erain to the wall, the channel body must be aligned in accordance with the thickness of the wall covering. For intermediate installation, use the supplied filling strip with peel-and-stick adhesive layer to make the channel support symmetrical. Channel body installation Access to plumbing from below When there is access to the plumbing from below and the waste line can be connected after installing KERDI-LINE, the channel body may be set without making a connection to the waste line simultaneously.

    No access to drai from below When there is no access to the plumbing from below, the channel body must be set and connected to the waste line simultaneously. Begin the drain installation by dry fitting the components. Measure and cut a section of pipe to connect the coupling to the odor trap zhower the floor, using the channel support as a spacer.

    Slope the mortar bed drai the bonding flange and mortar screeds as guides. Embed KERDI in the slot coat with the flat side of the trowel to ensure full coverage and remove air pockets b.

    9 tips for a perfect shower drain renovation in your bathroom. Paul carries out at least 8 bathroom renovations each year. 'More and more people prefer a walk-in shower over a traditional shower tray, Paul says: 'A barrier-free shower requires less maintenance, is safer and aesthetically more pleasing.' 'Although I have a lot of bathroom renovation experience, every new project is a challenge.'. Sep 25,  · new installed shower tray drain slowly! Just had a new shower installed with a slim shower tray which comes with fast flow shower waste with a 70mm flexi pipe. When we have a shower, with half the flow of the shower, water gathers around the tray and then overflows on the floor. The plumber did fit a " waste pipe with a slope. The drain comes with a foam-plastic gasket tray that fits between the stainless steel drain and the plywood subfloor, giving even, firm support to the drain. Here, Bouchet checks the fit of the tray around the drain and next to the wall.

    Grate assembly Grate 1. Insert the foam spacers in the grate showsr to reinforce it during the remainder of the installation. Note: The tape on the grate frame does not need to be removed. It is intended to help keep setting material out of the channel body during installation. Slide the plastic height adjustment spacers with threaded bolts onto the tabs along the inside of the grate frame to adjust the elevation of tra frame.

    The spacers may be adjusted simply by turning the bolts by hand.

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    The elevation should be set such that the frame will be flush with the surface of the tile covering. Note: A subfloor is a thick and flat structural surface that is the foundation for all of the above layers of flooring. All houses have subfloors.

    Schluter®-KERDI-LINE | Drains | Shower System |

    Note: To achieve the best possible result, please carefully read the installation guide because the exact instructions depend on the type of shower drain. Yes, despite the fact that concrete is the most common subflooring material, many bathrooms are still being built on a wooden subfloor.

    In some countries, it is even more common to use wood as an underlay for wet rooms than concrete. Easy Drain shower drains can be installed in a wooden floor, but there slot specific Easy Drain models that make installation easier:. Take the following into consideration when installing a shower drain in a wooden subfloor:.

    Yes, an Easy Drain shower drain can be used in combination with underfloor heating, provided that the underfloor heating is placed at least 30 cm from the drain. Drain project Place a bucket in the shower with a litre indication. Then count the number of litres that the shower head produces per minute.

    New construction project The amount of water that the shower produces depends on:. Crain recommend to always consult a specialist when determining flow rates and water produced by the shower. Before you connect the shower drain to the drainage pipe, make sure that there is sufficient slope in the piping and as few gray as possible.

    This way, the water runs away easily. We recommend that all our shower drains are properly grounded with the drain grounding clip. This way, leaking as a result of faulty installation due to unfavourable conditions is eliminated. A subtle stainless steel frame is paired with multiple patented technologies to ensure a beautifully smooth and secure installation.

    TAF eliminates guesswork, creates a finished edge, and ensures a perfect fit with any thickness of floor material. The frame can be fitted with multiple length end trqy for a perfect fit against the wall, and is available in standard mm a high version mm for use with extra thick tiles and low version mm for thin flooring.

    With our patented TAF-system Tile Adjustable Frame we offer shoewr unique option to apply secondary drainage in a barrier-free installation. This way, any water leaking under the tiles due showef porous sealant or cracks can flow back into the shower drain. In most installation situations a horizontal outlet is suitable, but it may happen that a vertical outlet is necessary because there are obstacles in the way for example with wooden floors.

    In this case, it is possible to order a shower drain with an slot vertical outlet. The requirements with regard to the floor gradient may be different for walk-in showers with glass walls. Please consult your supplier in this regard. Also, the tiles should be laid level or 1 mm higher than the top edge of the tile frame to ensure good drainage toward the shower drain.

    Note: To achieve the best possible result, please carefully read the installation guide, as installation of the product may differ depending on the model. A linear shower drain is an elongated shower drain including siphon that ensures that the water is drained as efficiently and hygienically as possible.

    Thanks to the tray shower drain it is easier to use large sized tiles as your shower floor. The advantages of a linear shower drain in comparison to a traditional shower drain are numerous. Unlike a traditional shower tray, a barrier-free shower or walk-in shower is completely level with the floor. In this case, the floor is sloped towards the drain, so all the water will drain efficient and a tray is not necessary.

    With this type of shower, you can continue your bathroom tiles into your shower and have complete traay in designing the bathroom of your dreams. Another great plus of a walk-in shower or barrier-free shower is that it is future-proof, meaning that it makes effective use of space and does not contain obstructive barriers or steps barrier-free.

    Tray Drain shower shower are available with the following grate options. Click on the grate finish to find the matching shower drain. Easy Drain has a wide range of shower drains, specially developed for fitting your own bathroom tile invisible look. I n addition, our Zero-Tile models feature a reversible grid for both tile and stainless steel look.

    Most Easy Drain shower drains are supplied as a complete set. The complete spot also contains all necessary accessories for installation and maintenance such as height-adjustable feet, grate removal tool, tile installation aid etc. All grates design sets are suitable for wheelchair users, with the exception of glass grates.

    Slot Drain® - Presloped Surface Drain / Floor Drain Superior Trench Drain

    Easy Drain products are made of high-quality stainless steel orvery durable antibacterial ABS plastic and Polypropylene PP to ensure that it will last a lifetime in your bathroom. You are visiting our Global website. Based on your language preferences, you might be zlot in our website forwhere you can find information about products that are available there.

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    slot drain shower tray

    More information can be found in our Cookie policy. Linear shower drains Think free.

    Tiled shower with linear drain

    Shower free. The most important steps 1. Browse by style From traditional to luxury designs. Easy Drain Xs. Easy Drain Modulo Stone. Easy Drain R-line. Easy Drain Nano. Easy Drain Diamond. Easy Drain S-line. Pool line. Easy Drain Compact.

    New Products - Infinity Drain

    Easy Drain M-line. Advantages of a walk-in shower A walk-in shower, barrier free shower or step in shower is growing in popularity and are more frequently used in modern bathroom design. Read more. Why choose a linear drain? Create the bathroom of your dreams Unlike a traditional shower drain, which requires a four-sided slope and is whower applicable if you have small tiles, a linear shower drain, if placed against the wall only needs a one-sided slope and can be used with large format tiles.

    Benefits Appearance — Linear drains have a sleek and slim appearance, a subtle eye-catcher that fits in a large variety of shower floors. Read more about the advantages of barrier-free showering.

    slot drain shower tray

    Future-proof bathroom for generations Compared to traditional shower trays and drains, linear drains are far safer as they remove obstacles. Create more space You easily create more space in the bathroom by removing all thresholds and let your sbower floor tiles continue into the shower.

    How-to create a safe bathroom. Why choose an Easy Drain? Find your linear shower drain. Freedom in design Our Easy Drain series provides you with the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you want. Read more about waterproofing. Easy installation Easy Drain shower solt are supplied as a complete set and have just a few parts which enables a quick and easy installation.

    Read full answer. Are there specific solutions for large projects?

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    1. Missy Solis:

      Linear drains have become sought-after drainage choices for residential and commercial showers alike. With their high-design appeal, linear drains make a statement in the shower, but they also have a functional side.

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      Slot Drain is designed for numerous market sectors. Slot Drain is made to suit your special requirements. Slot Drain provides drainage solutions that are durable, sanitary, aesthetically appealing, easy to clean, load class rated, corrosion and temperature resistant, ADA Compliant and odour eliminating.

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      The channel body features a standard 2" 50 mm no-hub outlet and is attached to the pipe using an appropriate mechanical no-hub coupling. The offset outlet is located 8" The perimeter of the channel body consists of a bonding flange laminated with a collar made of KERDI.

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      We believe in a barrier-free world, a place of no restrictions. Our Easy Drain linear shower drain is the culmination of that dream. There is an Easy Drain linear shower drain for every type of bathroom project, you can find it here.

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