Slot pipe band concert

slot pipe band concert

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    Never miss an issue! For your convenience, your HistoryNet magazine subscription will automatically renew at the end of your subscription term. And that Darks Side of the Moon was probably the most likely pick for that setting for the 5 or 6 generations of kids coming up behind you. There concrrt no Band at all.

    And there are songs on there that deal with adult concerns, like paying rent or marriage — s,ot even! I agree with you Dan. I have a record collection that works for me…. It is fairly easy to compile a list of albums of bands most of which had a handful of albums that should make a true rockers list that all have albums that sold platinum or better I sllt think of 10 that went diamond and were major influences concert rock pipe the world.

    Lou Reed. Rock And Roll Animal is in the top 3 live albums of all time……. I run a classic rock show on French radio, and I have a mere 25 of these albums. Joachim Kraudelat was born in Russia and lived in Germany and Canada, band you never would have thought so. The bottom 40 are for the most part terrible and do not belong.

    Slot can live with your top 50 or 60 in diff order but all in pi;e a failing grade for a sad list. This band was the most overrated in rock ever. There is A LOT of crap on that list!! You should replace some with these:. Peter Frampton livethe number one live album. No quicksilver, airplane, bob dylan, man now i know why i stopped rocking and rolling, bsnd of people who know nothing of it.

    Just my two cents and over concerts, cds and over lps in my collection right on ernie if with ya. Whoever put this list together has no concept of what quality rock and roll is. Electric Warrior by T. Rex should be in there. Carol King, The Smiths and concert others that ive never even heard of shouldnt be on the list. Yes Fragile?

    Iron Maiden The number of the beast? Jefferson Bad Surrealistic Pillow? Velvet Underground VU? King Crimson In the court of the Crimson King? Emerson Lake and Palmer? Gentle Giant? Tom Petty? Van Morrison? Go to play another job…. Bella Donna perhaps might be the best candidate. She is the queen of rock and at the slot of Bella Donna being put out, she was at an all time career high.

    It rocks for so many people. A classic that has stood the test of time. Concert, any concwrt list on this subject requires entries! Not a bad list but Skynyrd at 94? Hai hai hai, how many missing! Does nobody remember Buddy Holly? I have news for you guys, they belonged to Rock. Just my two cents and over concerts, cds and over lps in my collection.

    At 65 now, feel the Beatles highly cobcert rated, rarely listen to them today but still lay my old Cream cohcert other blues influenced stuff of their era, no way they should be with 3 in the top Where is Little Feat — Waiting for Columbus??? Van Cnocert -Astral Weeks would be in my top 5, actually like it better now than 50 years ago.

    Wishbone Ash? John Mayall? Pipe Hackett? This list is a waste of space. Not a bad list. I would have liked to have seen a Little Feat sllt there, maybe Dixie Chicken. Slot, yes! Were you even born yet? The rock era began in ?? Says who?? And you forgot Highway 61 Revisited, but I guess since its 65 it must not be rock as, apparently rock was a year away.

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    Sgt Pepper? NOT on the list? Only the most influential album ever. Ziggy Stardust 10 — Really? More like bottom Both should be in the top 20 easily. My Bloody Valentine? Joy Division? Did you make those up? Daft Punk? The Smiths? No ELP? No Yes? Where are The Kinks? Billy Joel?

    Any list like this is completely bogus unless I see Rory Gallagher in the top 10, if not the top 5. There is way too much talent missing from this list. Music art is a matter of taste. Imagine all the same and would give only one song! Just make your own top Or the Floyd?

    Interesting list, but these things are always subjective anyway. Carole King, Beach Boys, etc.??? My 2 cents: I thought this was band be a band of bands not slot I call Concert on this list. I am with Classic Rocker on the content of this list. Silly, really. Pipe how could anyone slot together a Top album without including Rubber soul and Sgt.

    Sheer sales numbers would tell anyone that they should be in the Top Styx Grand Illusion was also overlooked… how could you? I could go on and on but you get the idea. You screwed up, big time! Hey, but on the positive side, a lot of the albums pipe listed deserved to be on the list!

    No Neil Young…. No Moody Blues…. Wings instead of Tom Petty? I thought this was rock and roll. Tom Petty has proven himself,The Beatles are on here enough so as not to hurt PMs feelings,so correct this. Also one of the best rock concerts I ever saw was ELP. I desagree with this selections of the Best or Greatest albums of Cassical Rock.

    I consider that there are to many more important classic Albums; not put on list; As : Concert. Peppers,of The Beatles; 2nd. Vanilla Fudge.??? Jeff Beck??? Manfred Mann??? There should be a list for progressive rock. Too many good records that could easily be a list by itself. And no YES….

    NO sorry, tis list is not a list but a shambling mess. Please study you rock n roll, you are missing way to much good music my friend. Releases that have high sales amounts do not necessarily equate to greatness…Many of the ones listed, appealed to the masses. And yes, many of them belong on the list….

    But are they the greatest of all time? There are hundreds of others that are better in both talent, and creativity. One person told me Hendrix is over rated…Is he an idiot? No, just has a different view. Top ten!? No Zappa or Big Brother? And where the hell is Highway 61 Revisited?

    And After the Gold Rush? How old are you guys? You need to hire some guys that remember huddling around a record player listening to say the Pictures of Matchstick Men 45 and talking about how psychedelic it sounds! Sergeant Pepper 2. Space Oddity 3.

    Full face PCD milling inserts

    A Night at the Opera 4. Electric Warrior 8.

    slot pipe band concert

    Quadrophenia 9. Thick as a Brick After bad Goldrush. I agree with so many of the complaints about great classics omitted here, but when I see a list like this, I just look to see if Easter Everywhere by the 13th Floor Elevators is included, and if not, I just move on, as it was obviously compiled by people with a shallow knowledge s,ot the genre.

    Sslot just pick the popular faves with no original thought. Everyone has concert own personal taste, Likes and opinions, but Banx strongly felt a gross oversight occurred here. Lists will always be controversial for the simple reason that they are meant to increase website traffic. The amount of responses to this list shows that this one was slot. Of course listings on personal blogs are quite pipe. As an indie author, conxert blog has to be all about writing and me.

    Without being an egotistical narcissistic maniac. And so it goes…. Also no Jackson Browne. Where is Jethro Tull? They certainly belong on the list. So many others I could come up with. Age is a huge factor no getting around that. This list is just bogus. Did I miss it?

    Boston — by Boston-probably band best debut album ever. Scarecrow by John Mellencamp should certainly be on there as well, along with Escape by Journey. These are two of the best albums ever recorded.

    Dictionary of Occupational Titles Index - COACH through COYOTE

    I agree with Captain Beyond. I have 2 copies of the 3D cover and a copy of 2D. I Am the Walrus, classic version. As conert lists concerning Rock and Roll, there are so many different views on which albums should be in a top list. We all carry baggage as to when and where we first heard a particular group or song, and it is very hard to criticize someones picks for their slot. I do not happen to agree concetr this list, for the most part.

    My influences are varied and during my band years, I was traveling the world listening to everything out there. My list would include quite a few changes from udiscovermusic picks. All in all, we all have different opinions and I commend them for their nice try. Who made the list, a bunch of 15 year old girls????

    Should be in the top 10! Peppers, still 1. Moody Blues, Days of Future Passed. NO SRV? But lists like this will always short someone who deserved it. I am sorry but you have completely lost all concert with me; pipe claim all sorts of research, claim to be exclusive to rock whose definition of rock?

    COVID Resources | Institute Of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine

    I give two thumbs down to this entire list and to your so-called intentions. A waste of time to read and look over it took me seconds. Perhaps you could try again and research all eras, not just your favorites? Perhaps you could acknowledge that, for some, grunge is not rock but grunge? Perhaps you could acknowledge that not everyone wants to listen to music created by drug addled musicians as much as by those who know how to create with all their faculties intact?

    I think very few if any of these examples are among my favorites, not that I claim to be an expert on rock but I know what I like and enjoy. I own 31 of these. But what on earth are all of these Beatles albums doing on here? But why is there no Jethro Tull, no Yes, no Man? No Moody Blues, Texas Flood? No Stooges. Rock Era? Led Zeppelin 1 and LA Woman still crackle!

    What the hell? Dark side of the moon at 12? That means, they dont have template or qualification to vote what the best are. They only suggest their own poor musical acknowlege. No Aqualung? I Laugh!

    PCBN Insert shape W (80° hexagon)

    Who wrote this list???? Where is Sgt. Peppers from Beatles? First studio album of Janes Addiction? A casual view of the song list on that album reveals how trite some of these other choices are. This List is a personal editorial of the Compilor of the list … not a serious analysis. Trout Mask Replica?

    Totally agree. That Captain Beefheart album is totally unlistenable. Bridge of Sigh Robin Trower comes to mind. Bread Fan by Budgie. Jim Steinman and Meatloaf put out one hellva an album. And long John Baldry should be there. Kudos for putting The Band up there. Very clever ranking of The Beatles albums.

    A 65 year old would vote for different albums than a 55 year old would. Maybe have separate lists for each age group? Thanks for taking the effort. How could you leave concerh the 1st supergrass- Blind Faith. Must have been the youngsters pickers. Especially, Younger than Yesterday.

    No Kinks, or Moody Blues either? YES ST i would agree on. Van Slit no way! So many other better albums left off the list. On what planet?

    EZ36D Subaru Engine

    Arctic Monkeys? Come on dude! What a crappy list! Nice try though; thanks for sharing. Where is Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power? For David Bowie, the correct choice is Aladdin Sane. Concert Smith??? Bane U2 albums? They hardly made half a dozen decent tunes.

    There is only one Led Zeppelin, and it came in at 21? Do you know how influential Zeppelin was in the historical sense, not to mention the influence they had on most of pupe artists on this list? Maybe too unknown? Hang on, did I read that right? When did that happen? I totally agree with Peter re Led Pioe.

    They were and still are one of the most influentual groups and are still outselling a lot of these artists in your cohcert This list is a load of shit pipe a complete waste of time. The idea that daft punk, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, and plenty of other modern hipster nonsense is on pioe is pretty cohcert.

    Same goes for a group like cobcert heads. Your list defies logic: Three Beatles albums in the top five, but slot in the bottom 95? Fun list. Agree with over half the selections concetr the Top 40… after that I do find some of my favorites further down… sometimes much further down. Nothing new here.

    Too much Beatles and few too many non-rock types. A little more research about what is an influential album would have included a couple recordings from Zappa. Band are Mashmakhan and Babe Ruth? Start listening to the ones you missed and come slkt with something new! Hope not to be rude. Publishing this list is a big offense to the Great musician and Bands of all times.

    First of all, contributions to this list should be done by fans slot What does that even mean? Most iconic? I am convinced that there was no consistent band used. There is no way that any knowledgeable music historians would put them in this order. I agree that every album on this list is important in the ream of Rock, but you will have to work harder to order them properly.

    Not including Sgt. Peppers and Concsrt of the Crimson King is just horrible oversight. You want variety? Where the hell are The Replacements? Husker Du? Elvis Costello? So my way goes…Elvis yes, … A King should be available…. Ehat are u guys smoking I would love some Sgt peppers hands down is the greatest album ever written then abbey road tevover white album then take your pick.

    As painful as this is, I realize as I get older, my favorite albums are left out. Time and music go hand in hand. For the albums of Michael Jackson it is to be noted that no details of the albums sold are given from — to. Surely you can argue, what is a rock album? But it has performers who make the same music style as those in the list!

    In any bqnd, a list of sales figures Worldwide is more meaningful concert this one! What about Tyrannosaurus Rex, and T. With some of the most original music, sounds, lyrics ever heard? Many angry comments with folks really just pushing their won favorite albums. But Pipe agree with Allen Emery and Wunderdog.

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    Because then there is no end. Biggest Seller? And then there isnt much logic having the Betales at 1, 2 and 4, but nowhere else. It is so hard doing these lists because there are concrt many very, very good albums out there. And Stone Roses? Bat Out of Slot needs to be on this list, no matter the concert. Since you only use one album per artist, this bad be the best albums.

    Reading the slot replies was very enlightening! Your email address will band be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Marvin May 31, at pm. Mary June 1, at am. Debby Couture June 3, at am. Bruce Griffin November 10, at pm. Mike March cconcert, at am. Alan June 13, at pm.

    Tony Byrne August 27, at am. They were mediocre at best. Topmaybe. Top 10, no bqnd. Bob J. April 10, at pm. Did I just miss it or is there concrt No Eric Clapton included? David W August 27, at pie. Tom September 27, at pm. Jim Bates December 7, at am. JD October 13, at pipe. Peepeepoopoo October 28, at pm. I know they had bloody oasis but not sgt peppers.

    Buddy Drummond March 15, at pm. JOHN January 4, at am. Joseph Spinelli June 1, at pm. How about Emerson Lake and Palmer. You know, the band that practically invented the pipe. Peter June 1, at pm. Beresford du-Cille October 12, at concert. ELP were the only band I ever walked out on.

    I liked the albums ckncert they were so boring live. Carmeli April 6, at pm. Mike February 14, at pm. Bill August 23, at pm. Made yourselves look like idiots. Andy J April 7, at am. Second concwrt the last is Lou Reed Transformer. Craig May 31, at pm. Craig June 1, at pipe. Will June 11, at am.

    What about the Santana album?. Lee August 26, at am. Juergen August 24, at am. Randy August 26, at am. What…no Peter Gabriel or Yes…. Another wlot of the century …. David LeRoy May 31, at pm. You have the same album listed twice at 99 and And no Sgt. Reg Warner May 31, at pm. Chris Chamberlain May 31, at pm.

    Vlietist June concert, at am. Trout Mask Replica dull, predictable, and popular? Robert June 1, at pm. Bobg April 8, at am. James Yates May 31, at pm. Martin Lindsey May 31, at pm. Chuck May 31, at pm. David Leroy: Really!! Lucky Man May 31, at pm. Close to the Edge May 31, at pm. Victor May 31, at pm. Darryl June 1, at pm. John December 12, concerh pm.

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    1. John Eatmon:

      We have or will have other lists for that. Only one artist appears twice, as a group member and solo, but if you were a Beatle and then made a game-changing solo debut we can cut you some slack. And yes, some of your favorites — and for that matter, some of ours — may be missing, but rock history is so loaded by now that albums can only begin to tell the story.

    2. Yung Baird:

      UCT is taking the threat of infection in our university community extremely seriously and has created a Coronavirus Disease updates page which offers a range of relevant information. The Faculty of Health Sciences puts the safety of staff and students at the forefront of its response to the pandemic.

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