Slotted meaning in tamil

slotted meaning in tamil

Find more Tamil words at wordhippo. Meaning of Sloth. Tamil Translations of Sloth. Information about Sloth in the free online Tamil dictionary Meaning and definitions of sloth, translation of sloth in Tamil language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of sloth in English and in Tamil.
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  • Sloth meaning in Tamil | check 'sloth' translations into tamil
  • The junction in tami, design is left with no mechanical support or hydraulic isolation. The integrity of the junction is dependent on natural borehole stability, but it is possible to land a slotted liner in the lateral or the main bore to help keep the hole open during production. The production from a Level 1 system must be commingled, and zonal isolation atmil selective control of production is not possible.

    Re-entry into either the main bore or the lateral may be difficult or impossible should well intervention be required in the future.

    slotted meaning in tamil

    Level 2 junction consists of slottee and cemented main bore with uncased lateral Slotfed 2. The cased main bore minimizes the chances of borehole collapse and provides a means of hydraulic isolation between zones. As with Level 1, there is no actual mechanical support of the lateral junction, but it is possible to run a slotted liner into the lateral to maintain borehole stability.

    The Level 3 junction uses a cased and cemented main bore with an openhole lateral Fig 3. This system offers mechanical support of the lateral junction, and provides access into both laterals. Level 4 junction offers both a cased and a cemented main bore and lateral Fig 4. This gives the lateral mechanical support, but the cement itself does not offer pressure integrity at the junction.

    There is a potential for failure if ih junction is subjected to a pressure drawdown.

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    Zonal isolation and selectivity is possible by installing packers above and below the junction in the main bore. The Level 5 multilateral junction has both cased main bore and lateral, which offers great level of mechanical integrity Fig 5. Pressure integrity has been achieved by using completion to isolate the junction.

    This junction type offers full access to both the main bore and the lateral. Mesning zones can be produced independent of one another, or the completion can be designed to allow them to be commingled. TAML Level 5: cased main bore and lateral; pressure integrity across the junction is achieved through use of completion.

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    In the Level 6 multilateral system, both mechanical and pressure integrity are achieved by using the casing to seal the junction Fig 6. Cementing the junction, as was done in the Level 4 system, is not acceptable. The Level 6 system uses a premanufactured junction.

    In one type of system, the junction is reformed downhole. TAML6 junction as of today are not considered to be viable because of significant loss of ID and complexity of installation. Patton, L. Dallas: Energy Publications. Ruzhnikov, A. Society of Petroleum Engineers. Eliseev, D. Reasons, Implementation and Results.

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    slotted meaning in tamil

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    Answer (1 of 6): Everyone above gave good answers above,but people mostly get confused in groove and slot(hole is easily understood) Basically there is no such. Definition of slotted in the dictionary. Meaning of slotted. What does slotted mean? Information and translations of slotted in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions . Spoken Hindi Through Tamil Part most spoken sentences Episode 8 by Spoken Hindi for Tamils colors x 6 () 2. Multiple Color Strips 21 x inch,24 colors x2 () 3. Lengthened Rolling Paper Pen x 1 4. Wide Slotted Rolling Paper Pen x 1 5. Deep Slotted Rolling Paper Pen x 1 6. Basic Hindi words with English meaning PDF.

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    Sloth meaning in Tamil | check 'sloth' translations into tamil

    Wendy British. Fred US English. Tessa South African. How to say slotted in sign language? Popularity rank by frequency of use slotted Select another language:.

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    Mar 10,  · Fig. 1—TAML Level 1: openhole main bore and lateral; unsupported slotted liner or screen may be set in lateral or main bore. TAML level 2. Level 2 junction consists of cased and cemented main bore with uncased lateral (Fig 2). The cased main bore minimizes the chances of borehole collapse and provides a means of hydraulic isolation between zones. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics How are Tolerances Specified •Size – Limits specifying the allowed variation in each dimension (length, width, height, diameter. Tamil meaning of Sloth is as below.. Tamil Wisdom on Sloth. Like Lord Krishna's Long Rope (Dirgha sutri), Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar used a rare word Neduneer (Long water) in couplet under the Chapter Sloth: Procrastination, forgetfulness, idleness, and sleep are the four ill-fated pleasure boats sailing towards ruin Tamil Meaning of Sloth.

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