Slow ball poker strategy

slow ball poker strategy

Few feelings beat that of flopping a huge hand in Texas Hold'em. Immediately after comes the important poekr what to do to get most chips out of your opponent? Making a big hand isn't enough to get you paid. The other player s in the pot must also be willing to continue putting chips in the pot while behind. There are numerous strategy approaches to consider in these spots but the straetgy we'll focus on today is slow-playing.
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  • Flop ($82): J♦ 8♥ 6♠
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  • If poker opponent folds out here, that is fine. If our opponent calls our raise, we have significantly narrowed down his range. Our opponent no longer has the same range he chose to continuation bet with. However, now our opponent is the one bluff-catching for two future streets, out of position, in an slow pot.

    However, your opponents do not do this at this stack depth and resort back to their bluff-catching strategy. Now our job is to assess the range our opponent continued with and play accordingly. On a board of J 8 6r, any 5, 7, 9, 10, or J will improve our perceived range and hurt a large portion srategy their range.

    Therefore, we will apply pressure on these cards. However, we will only bet the spades that improve our perceived range. We further narrow down their range and continue to place pressure on cards that hurt their range on the River. Ball strateg throughout this process we can strategy run into a big made hand ourselves.

    We can backdoor into flushes, straights, two pairs, etc. In situations where we make a big hand, our bet sizing will have to be such that it will allow us to actualize value from our opponent.

    SLOW PLAYING: Tips For Effective Poker Strategy!

    It goes without saying that employing this strategy will uncap our range. However, as a result, with time they will begin to adjust by widening their bluff-catching range and fighting back with hands they previously would not have done so with. This is exactly our goal. We have now placed our opponent in an uncomfortable situation.

    Therefore, their mistake propensity has now increased. The game is wide open. Read this article from SplitSuit about capped ranges. This article covers the beginning stages of Long Ball. However, it is important to note that the rabbit hole extends deeply. I will close out by saying that in Long Ball your focus is on maximizing value and not on losing the minimum.

    For years bets or raises were taught to be either classified as a bluff or for value; however, in actuality, not every bet or raise is black and white. However, in such a complex game like ours there is a lot more grey than people care to acknowledge.

    Small Ball Poker | How To Play Small Ball

    Finally, and as a disclaimer, if you choose to go down this road get ready to embrace some variance since you will be in the trenches fighting more often. I find that when they are put in uncomfortable spots and are bluff-catching more than we sloa, we succeed. Truth is no strategj has value until showdown so we just gotta play the game according to that mantra.

    Great article. I like how you encourage embracing the grey area, for there is where me will find extra value!

    slow ball poker strategy

    Hi,Chris How can I learn more about longball style books,articles,videos and coaches? Thank you! Partially, I believe it is because the complexity of the strategy. It has a lot of moving parts. Poekr average, it takes my best students a couple months to begin to put the strategy pieces together.

    But once that occurs, they become a huge problem for their opponents. Question 1: Is this pre-flop? Answer 1: This was concerning postflop play. So for example, QQ bets flop get raised… almost entirely QQ is choosing to just call down and go into bluff catch mode.

    Play Lowball Poker

    The pokef adjustment against someone like me is to 3bet Flop. Answer 2: We like the 2s. Answer 3: The Ace is kind of a magic card. He could have these hands as well, but we may choose to bet this card because it places pressure on some portions vall his range, where as the 2s places no pressure on anything.

    How about a video or power point in the monthly RCP collection? Enough to help us move into this a bit deeper. I found it fascinating and would like to include it in my game.

    I gather this works best when IN position. I was gonna make some snide, asinine, joking remark, but then I saw that you replied to damn near every comment, and you won me over! Great article, excellent read, and good advice.

    Razz Poker Pages

    I am hesitant to try this play style because I am not a huge fan of variance and avoid it as best I can. Still, I will likely give it shot at one of the frequent free roll events I play weekly. Jokes are always welcome. Which type of players you prefer this strategy with? Does position factor into your decisions?

    It is going to be far easier to outplay your opponents if there are less of them in the hand and if you have position. You have to be an experienced player opker be able to profitably employ the small ball playing style. Another key point to playing successful small ball poker is starting hand selection.

    Flop ($82): J♦ 8♥ 6♠

    If you are going to enter a pot by raising with a less than a premium hand, then it is important that the hand you raise with has some kind of potential. Although we are raising with less than premium hands, it does not necessarily mean that are trying to take down the blinds alone on every hand. There is a high chance that nall are going to get a caller because our raises are relatively small, and so we are going to need a hand that we can work with after vall flop.

    By playing hands with potential it gives sgrategy some room to make plays and possibly make very strong hands on or after the flop. However, you should avoid getting too involved in hands when you hit middle or top pair. The chances are you will have a weak kicker, and as a general rule these types of pots should never become too big if you are going to win them.

    Apr 17,  · Strategy. Slow rolling in poker is one of biggest sins you can commit. It is extremely frowned upon by all players at the table. And it will gain you zero respect, friendliness, or warm sentiments from others if you do it. Essentially, it is breaking the highest form of etiquette and good manners at the poker Matthew Cluff. The purpose of Play Lowball Poker is multi-part. Ultimately, our aim is to be the definitive guide to lowball poker games, with rules and strategy for each lowball poker variant. Our goals include introducing and promoting lowball poker to serious poker players and educating poker enthusiasts about the rich history of lowball poker. Nov 12,  · The essential advantage to Small Ball poker is that it focuses on lowering the risk while maximising the potential payout when we make a big hand. It allows us to play a wide variety of starting hands and hence capitalise on our postflop edge. The opposite gameplan is typically described as “Long Ball”.Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

    Small ball poker is going to be most effective in situations where the blinds are small relative to the size of the stacks. Small ball would be most suited to cash games and the early stages of tournaments. Toward the end of tournaments the blinds will usually be too great in relation to the size of the stacks to play small ball, sloe there will be little room post flop plays.

    The last thing you want to be doing in a tournament is committing a quarter or more of your stack into a pot with a marginal hand before the flop. Small ball would therefore be most effective at the start of tournaments.

    slow ball poker strategy

    It would be fine to stratrgy in MTTs, but with SNGs there is a problem in that the structure is usually quite fast, and the period to play effective small ball will not last for long. In addition, the image you create will become almost worthless near the end of the SNG tournament because the blinds will become so great that opponents will be forced into folding or calling regardless of what your image might have been at the start of the tournament.

    Like the idea of getting coached by Daniel Negreanu? Check out his PokerVT training site. Raising small amounts from any position at the table with marginal hands in an attempt to recreate the "small ball" style of play is not going to be a successful strategy in my opinion.

    Long Ball Poker Is Better Than Small Ball Poker

    In spite of this, there are actually a few genuinely effective elements to the small ball style though, balk as:. I believe that amateur players strategy attempt to emulate small ball poker will get themselves in to tricky situations. You definitely need a good post-flop game to be able to play small ball poker or should I just say LAG?

    As your game improves you may develop in to more of a loose-aggressive style of play, but that will not necessarily be "small ball poker". I believe that Daniel Negreanu may be trying a little too hard to coin a super-awesome new playing style that will take over the world of poker, but at the end of the day it's just a weak variation on an existing one.

    SwC Poker is my favourite room to play at. It has the worst players you can find online right now. You need to get some bitcoin to play here, but it's worth it. Accepting players from: Russia. What is slow ball poker? Small ball poker video. This video gives a basic overview poker the small ball playing style.

    Why can small ball poker be effective? Loose table image. Opponents will call more often with weaker hands. You can exploit this when you hold a strong hand. Opponents must be aware of your style of play for small ball poker to work. How srategy play ball ball poker.

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      The purpose of Play Lowball Poker is multi-part. Ultimately, our aim is to be the definitive guide to lowball poker games, with rules and strategy for each lowball poker variant. Our goals include introducing and promoting lowball poker to serious poker players and educating poker enthusiasts about the rich history of lowball poker.

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