Spin doctors kiwiblog

spin doctors kiwiblog

Labour made a very explicit promise in the election. No only would they do light rail all the way to the airport, but they would complete the first 13 kms to Mt Roskill within four years. The black line shows the pro-rata distance each month. To be on track they would have done 6 kms…. Twyford, for reasons that are now entirely unclear, was given responsibility for both. Boundless enthusiasm, mr bet casino bonus codes and some might say smugness poured forth…. Information released to National shows the number of fulltime equivalent employees FTEsworking in….
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  • spin doctors | Kiwiblog
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  • Hire them! Eventually Helen will have to hire virtually all of the Press gallery. He did a great column on Kiwiblog Thatcher. Absolute muppets surround our dim-bulb PM. Not like you to be factually wrong but the UK is actually only 15 times NZ population — 60m against 4m and is physically smaller. Does anyone else notice that foreign media tend to give Helen more of a ribbing than our own gutless bunch?

    The Aussie media have been particularly ruthless with her at times. Gordon Brown is in the same vein. Wishart foctors his book reckons that the Gummint employs more spin doctors than there are people employed in kiwivlog media itself in Spin. Login to comment or vote. Like this: Like Kiwibolg Motor cars are evil because they give people freedom and choice.

    Also you can be checked on and off Public transport. That is why the Soviets were reluctant to have a doctors car industry for the proletariat.

    Apr 26,  · Gordon Brown has been criticised in the UK Press for hiring his eighth spin doctor. Yet it passes without comment back in NZ that Helen Clark, for a country 1/20th the size, has nine media and communications staff members (as of Dec ). Helen has a Chief Press Secretary, two Press Secretaries, a Communications Manager, [ ]. Aug 09,  · If Robertson and Ardern are representative of the future, then the situation for Labour is much more dire that I had first thought. Imagine that – an unctuous homosexual and a yet another childless silver spoon-fed spinster who have never had real jobs in their entire lives.. and aside from student politics, involvement in subversive left-wing activist groups, operating as spin doctors for. The nascent Spin Doctors lineup hit the Lower Manhattan blues circuit like a wrecking ball. Flexing their musicianship and announcing their elastic approach to live performance with jams that stretched to the outer reaches, the lineup’s glorious ability to supercharge a tune was in evidence on ’s debut live release, Up For Grabs, where Missing: kiwiblog.

    It is in the secret manifesto. You think I am kidding?

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    Just sick and tired of Ban Ban Ban! I kid you not. The person concerned is a complete clone. I can identify three youngish onesone old hag and a venemous craggy ex Secretary of State who is probably shitting bricks over Epstein even though he was Murdered to shut him up and hope he did,nt leave multiple copies of incriminating evidence.

    Some of those spin doctors, stakeholder engagement consultants etc. Why the surprise? What do you expect? From the usage it would appear to be their only talking point. Here is an example of their great work. When did NZTA become a wetland agency rather than a road builder. When did we agree kiwiblog was a good use of motorists money?

    Bloody typical. We have seen this nonsense before. And spin each spin doctor is added, it gives those above another opportunity to add yet another layer of control. In terms of profligate spending, this shower must be top of the list. By the time the Council has finished, the only passengers on the CRL will be council employees and a few language students.

    All doctors businesses will have left for somewhere where you can get a park! Many empty shops as people go to the new large Car Parks in the Suburbs. Will never recover as too late. The commercial appears on social media as well. The comments that follow are generally not in favour of the project.

    $47 million a year on Govt “spin doctors” | Kiwiblog

    Neither was mine for that doctos. It will be another monstrous cluster whatsit. I also know that Kiwis want a country where everyone has a job and is able to reach for their goals.

    spin doctors kiwiblog

    Hopefully, you and I would agree on that at least. Hence, every time National says throw this out, throw that out, close this down, sell that off, I see the doctos queue growing and I look back at the 90s.

    Len’s gaggle of spin doctors | Kiwiblog

    Tui moment. Yeah Right. Off course they are going to do exactly what Labour does now, spend money promoting their policies in the hope they will get a 2nd term. Still no retraction of the nasty smear in doctorss comment? Now I know Labour will win and will be a strong and compassionate government.

    NZTA doubles no of spin doctors — Kiwiblog. Quote August 25, Conservative Guy. Chris Bishop released: Phil Twyford is clearly more concerned about his public image than he is about improving the transport network given the number of NZTA spin doctors has almost doubled since he became its Minister, National’s Transport spokesperson. The nascent Spin Doctors lineup hit the Lower Manhattan blues circuit like a wrecking ball. Flexing their musicianship and announcing their elastic approach to live performance with jams that stretched to the outer reaches, the lineup’s glorious ability to supercharge a tune was in evidence on ’s debut live release, Up For Grabs, where Missing: kiwiblog. Apr 26,  · Huge increase in Govt spin doctors July 25, ; Len’s gaggle of spin doctors February 16, ; $39 million on comms staff October 12, ; Ralston on spin June 22, ; Gordon catching up to Helen April 26,

    Sipn only thing toxic here jum is you using the name of a top nazi to smear a liberal part Jewish blogger. Nice knowing you jum. Sushi, When Reid ranted at me about Goebbels and Communism, he demonstrated what this site is all about — toxic rubbish. But it appears that Nazi like methods are being used here, witness your one sided attacks.

    I was merely referring to the fact that Goebbels kiwiblov a facist was part of your ilk, just like the commies are.

    NZTA doubles no of spin doctors | Kiwiblog

    It has to do with whether you believe in big govt or small govt. Socialists believe the bigger the problem the bigger the govt solution needs to be. Conservatives believe the govt should be smaller and in many cases applying free choice will address the problem.

    Facism and communism are both big govt solutions.

    spin doctors | Kiwiblog

    Peak Oil Conspiracy Says: January 20th, at pm Jum: Still no retraction of the nasty smear in your comment? When people attack me I have a right to defend myself. If this is a site for just National supporters to say what they like, and in the nastiest way, then say so and I will vacate. We set The Standard up as an independent left-wing blog in August last year.

    As you probably remember by about November our traffic had got so large our server was crashing every day, sometimes for hours at a time. We put out a call and at the end of last year someone from Labour emailed us and offered us some temporary server space until we worked something out.

    Hollow excuses from hollow men.

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    Can you give kiwiblog the number of your ISP? And then spending big on spin doctors to keep the masses fooled. While the media sits kiiwiblog their partisan arses. Who would have thought it eh, the old tusker loved his lillies! The doctors topic of the post seems to have been understandably almost forgotten in the furore over the Standard.

    Which is a pity. At that kind of money, it not unreasonable for taxpayers to expect some accountability. Clear house? Keep them all? This was on Colin Espiners blog hosted by the Press. Oddly enough Jum has never said that about Jenny Shipley. Jum is without doubt on the Labour party email tree.

    In the real world I like to see that kiwiblog going into real doctors. This has only reinforced my spin for Helen Clark, and my contempt doctors the gutter politics that National Act is resorting to. I have a huge amount of respect for what Helen Clark and Michael Cullen I might add have done for this sin since Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson almost ripped out the heart and soul of wonderful average like me Kiwis.

    Jenny Shipley is a perfect example of women with children who have less humanity than Helen Clark who chose not to have children, because she wanted to lead New Zealand to a more inclusive society. I have an obsession, yes, for women who want to lift our country up and, yes, I do believe they are the only people as lynchpins in families, and companies and churches and government who can do that and more importantly WANT to do that, in conjunction with like-minded kiwiblkg, for New Zealanders, ALL New Zealanders.

    I am not a Labour Party member. I have no idea what this Labour Party Email tree is, and I suggest very strongly, Richard, that you cease stalking me across blog sites and spreading lies. Apart from the compliment of being linked to Labour, the party which should lead us into and beyond, I realise that you spin using lies to try and frighten me off posting.

    Huge increase in Govt spin doctors | Kiwiblog

    Seriously, it would be wise for you to stop. Login to comment or vote. Like this: Like Loading Who are the hollow men wpin your blog? Yes I know exactly how much a blog costs to runs and it is more than nothing b Soin are the hollow men behind the hollow bloggers pseudonyms? Nice work if you can get it huh? Tane … how about focusing on the question to hand rather than running interference.

    Spin Doctors - Wikipedia

    But I forget. Please tell me what National will do with all their spindoctors? He has two choices and they really are mutually exclusive. Way to go Whale. Answer my question What will National do with all its spindoctors? Tell it to Setchell.

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    1. Sarah Torgerson:

      Len Brown has just hired his sixth spin doctor. That is six spin doctors just for Len.

    2. Katie Bennett:

      I was one of those he interviewed for it:. Presumably Ardern will do that, too, if she wants to go all the way to the top.

    3. Jacob Caldwell:

      Radio NZ report :. RNZ has crunched the numbers the latest annual reviews to Parliament from two dozen major government departments and agencies, and three district health boards.

    4. Reed Fowler:

      Thirty years. Revisit the class of , and the casualties are piled high: a thousand bands that blew up and burnt out.

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