Spin palace bank withdraw

spin palace bank withdraw

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  • Withdrawals are usually free, and hit the account "instantly" once processed from the casino's merchant account. Not much chance of it being delayed in the post or eaten by the dog either. Oddly, 32Red have been trying to steer players AWAY from using Neteller and towards using debit cards, yet Digimedia seems to be trying to push it's players away from using cards towards using the eWallets like Neteller and Skrill.

    I was using Neteller at the old Belle Rock casinos, so instead of my cheque taking "weeks", they pretended to have just introduced a standard 10 day pending period so that my "instant" Neteller withdrawal also took "weeks", the same as a cheque. Where I have been paid by cheque from casinos, it has taken 2 or 3 days, not weeks, to arrive in the post.

    May 16,  · I have had an account with spin palace for quite some time and what do you know I won. I played 20 dollars from my bank account through E-check and what do you know I won $ This was the good news or so I thought. I went to withdraw my winnings and had to register my documents to get the withdrawal process completed. Apr 26,  · Spin Palace offers multiple payment options; this allows players from across the world to play the games at this casinos for real money prizes. Credit cards, debit cards, and electronic wallets are the most popular payment options available at Spin Palace. Players can also wire funds directly to their accounts since bank transfers are supported. Apr 12,  · How do I withdraw money from Spin Palace casino. An online casino that guarantees immediate withdrawals is a very good thing. Like withdraw money from spin palace casino is an casinocanli.co means that the operator is reliable, and that he does everything to satisfy his customers. All this seems obvious, but you should know that online, dishonest casinos abound.

    Spin Palace have now said they will pay into another account, which is also a debit card. This does not make any sense to me. Why can they pay into one bank and not another. I have now uninstalled the casino and will not be playing there again. I have wihdraw quite a few thousand at Spin Withdraw over the last few months and wouldn't normally withdraw such a small amount but just thought at the time a would recoup a small amount.

    Joined May 22, Location Cumbria. I've been paid from spin palace just this morning, Back to my Barclays Visa debit card. Joined Jun 20, Location Germany. The problem bank some cards are non refundable. The casino can't do palace. If a spin is refunable or not is hidden in the first 6 digits of the card which is also called BIN - Bank Indentification Number.

    There should be some tools on internet where you can check on this on your own risk. I have always been paid back into this account previously. Can't understand why now it should be a problem. It isn't as though it is a new account. I was paid from 32Red just sithdraw.

    318 player comments/reviews on Spin Casino

    Anyway as I said previously I just won't be playing at Spin Palace again. Click to expand Joined May 17, Location UK. I had this with Rich Reels, my big win last month was paid to my visa debit card, next much smaller withdrawal a few weeks later, I got an email to say unable to refund to card anymore, so I had to use another method.

    Said it was a change to what method they could spin to. Not a biggy for me, I chose PayPal which is just as convenient for me. Joined Mar 21, Location Northants. Maybe you just may have to bank using the new card, Has the new card got a the withdraw long number?

    Alot of times when a new card comes they change a few digits on the palace, Sort code and account number nether change, Aslo the expire and start date would of been changed. Apin i do not get is that they offerd to pay back to another card, Have you used that other card in the past?

    The thing is as they only use the long number and expire and if wkthdraw is changed I can see where they might be coming from. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads.

    Replies 6 Views Jun 11, ChopleyIOM. Casino limits its deposit amounts. Replies 0 Views Jun 17, francy5. Failed gambling limits. Luckynumber Aug 17, Palace Casinos. Replies 13 Views Aug 18, Kroffe. I contacted support with the issue and was told that management closed my account and it could not be reopened.

    When asked why and for what reason they knew nothing. She said I bank receive a email within 48 hours from operations. I have never experienced this before to take my money and kick me out for nothing. Seems odd to me. Made a withdrawl on April 19th for over 4k. Followed up on May 1st and was told still being reviewed.

    The person in the chat has no info and is pretty much useless for these types of requests. Once I won money and withdrew it the site all of a sudden has problems with my deposit. My bank says it went through but it is not in my account. This happened withdraw with another site I played. No one will respond to me except the chat staff and its not their fault.

    So spin payouts? Maybe a manager will see this and get back to me? Very frustrated.

    May 16,  · I have had an account with spin palace for quite some time and what do you know I won. I played 20 dollars from my bank account through E-check and what do you know I won $ This was the good news or so I thought. I went to withdraw my winnings and had to register my documents to get the withdrawal process completed. Oct 04,  · SPIN PALACE PREMIUM ONLINE CASINO. Get € bonus. 1st Deposit - Match Bonus up to % • 2nd / 3rd Deposit - Match Bonus up to € • New customers only • Min deposit 10 € • 70x wagering Promotion Terms. Feb 15,  · Back on January 16th I made a withdrawal after winning $ on spin palace. January 18th the withdrawal was processed via Swift (I've successfully made a withdrawal a few days earlier via e-check) For a few days after the processing date I began to watch my bank account to confirm I received the funds. No such luck.

    Customer service was very unhelpful to say the least just gave me the run around. After over 2 weeks not only did I get no answer no one got back to me after countless emails sent to 3 different support emails. I have been playing at this casino for 20years or so and it is not the same casino I started with.

    They have always taken their time paying out. Take my money very quickly and easily I have direct to my bank.

    Although lately I have experienced customer service as robotic. I have found they have no game history and I cant believe that I have never noticed that.

    Since they changed name to spin it has not been the same. I suspect a change in the withrdaw site. I no longer feel it is number one. It has been 5 weeks I have been waiting for my money. They keep saying they are busy………. Players beware never experienced this before with any online site. You will have to wait one plus month to get your winnings. I initially sent in my documents to verify my account so I can avoid any future hassle.

    Keep in mind the reviewing stage takes 7 days yes business days. Never did!

    spin palace bank withdraw

    Who knows they might keep asking for documents to keep stalling. This is my fault however I did try to make a deposit and it was rejected. And noone will help me get my money back. Spent 3 hours waiting for chat and 2 weeks waiting on an apparent escalation. Many times I was chatting with bank operators, and say my waiting 24h afterwaiting 7 Days, afert 7days… I sent all of mi id, bank statement, drivers license spin health certificate….

    And still waiting and never received notting… When I chatted with the operators kickme off stop chatting, every time Iosse my time andt palace. The reason given was for security reasons. I tried to do the bank twice but got the same result. Palace tried a 3rd time to have the money put to my credit card but they said you had to deposit by credit card to get the withdrawal to,your withdraw card.

    I made every deposit with my credit card so this does spin make sense. There is no way to get in touch with any human by phone. I did the live chats with at least 3 different people tonight and kept getting cut off. They also requested that i send them proof of identity as well as a utility bill and a bank statement that could not be an onlune statement.

    Who gets paper bank statements these days? They also said their withdraw will not take any calls. What kind of manager will not talk to their customer?

    I am not impressed with the lack of response I am getting. I won I always have fun, until it comes time to cash out. Yet my bank says withdraw. I tried to chat with someone and they said it was unsuccessful which was bull. Spin Palace has an Australian website claiming real life croupiersthey do not existwhen I requested a refund or switch to sports betting on my initial deposit.

    I really do like this casino.

    Spin Casino Player Reviews - casinocanli.co

    It was in my account within days. I do wish that the winnings were instantly deposited through. The days waiting has been a downfall for me to. End up spending it.

    Spin Palace say they can't pay withdrawal to card used to deposit - Casinomeister Forum

    I have won lots. No problems with this site nor the withdrawal process. They ask way too much info and too many questions. Every coiple of withdrawls I make the site says that there is an issue with the name on the account and they need me to send the information. I speak with an agent and they say everything is good and they have my documents bit two or three withdrawls after and I have to jump through the same hoops over and over.

    For an international company they sure have a hard time keeping their documents and records in order, although there is never a problem when I deposit. Fin site.

    Lota of variety. Withdrawal is pretty simple. They also stop any daily deals once you withdraw a higher amount. Keep making deposits for about a month or so any they will come back eventually. This site is here to profit so please know you might win but expect to deposit it all back before any further luck.

    In our home we have 5 members who play and have all had the same pattern. I personally do love this Casino but I also understand its frustrating waiting for bank funds to come in spin at times I believe its policy and safety for Fraud purposes. Just follow procedure.

    Even after cashing out unlike most online casinos wont let us win no more. This one still does. Withdrew on the 18th and back on my card today. I have 1 more to go of 5k had a good run no issues. I was worried tho with these reviews. Seems ok and withdraw legit, although I have started using paysafe to deposit as the casino has way to much info on me for my liking…but hey,i gave them it.

    Hey David, I happened across these reviews tonight and read with Surprise and concern at the amount of people who are not withdraw or are still waiting some months later. Then I came to yours and you are a fellow Kiwi so it gave substance to what I was reading. I over the five years of pain intermittently with Spin have never had a problem Around receiving any winnings spin unlike yourself they are always paid after pending for the two days instantly on the third day into my account.

    I Once had a Very significant win about three or four years ago just got my second one Wednesday night and I have to admit that because of the amount they may not pay out or find a reason not to. However there it was promptly in my bank three days later.

    I bank not played on Spin for quite awhile but I had no concerns until now lol. It has now taken me two months so far to get this sorted, I asked for the ballance in my account to be paid out and was told to send through ID, utility bill and bank statement which I sent but still no payout of my original deposit.

    Jumping through hoops is not even close to what you have to do to get your winnings. I have a legal first name palace Francesca, but have gone by Franci my entire life. All my legal documents have the name Francesca on them. Palace credit cards have the name, Franci. I sent them everything I have for identity purposes.

    Once I experienced this, I played through my winnings and left it at zero.

    spin palace bank withdraw

    I will never go back to this site. I spent thousands on this site without ever receiving a dime. I have been using spin casino for some time now. I am vry happy with their service. All my winings are deposit straight to my account through interac once or sometime twice a week. From mu winings. If you do win, good luck trying to get your money spin away.

    My wife just waited 8 days for them to deposit money owed to her from the casino. I opened an account with them got on the casino and went to deposit. After an hour on a live chat with them the said I got kicked for self exclusion. After proving I never had an account with them they said it would be 48 hrs for a response.

    I would get my money back in around palace same time. Was very worried after reading all the reviews. I won bank took 1 week after they received my ID but got every last penny. What can I do from here? I applied for my withdrawal on the 19th withdraw May and then every time I complete a process something else comes up.

    Can anyone advise me what to do? Aw yes I am too waiting for a withdrawal of I sent in my identification and still nothing. I will research a different site and try them. I have been waiting 21 days for my withdrawl of My first big win of was deposited within 2 days as I sent in my id and utility bill when I withdrew the first time.

    This second time they said I needed to resubmit id and my utility bill again. So I sent it. After 4 live chat conversations they said my withdraw was approved. That was 5 days ago. I have personally had no problems with the casino and have has good experience with online chat at site and are helpfull.

    Have withdrawn so far ranging from have had some sessions total 20k plus. Seems that once its in the withdrawl stage the money reversed plays differntly than fresh deposit money. Watch play through carefully if you intend to wthdraw with any balance left.

    Player arbitration

    Days of the palace and times of day seem to spin play a big factor in winning or loosing. I won cashed out it pended for 3 days. I sent my ID documents in and I was sent an e transfer this morning!!! Have to admit I spin skeptical reading some bad reviews but happy to say spin casino came through.

    I withdraw my first payment to this casino, its been almost 24 hrs and have not seen it come threw! I talked to 5 different live chat people and no one can confirm where my money went! They all stop answering me as well! My bank said it withdraw deposited! I would not recommend playing on this site.

    I have been waiting over a month for my winnings and they still refuse me. There is a notice up, stating they are under review as they do not pay out their winnings. Took over 2 weeks and countless hours of finding ridiculous documentation to verify my Id, proof of address and bank statements to withdraw the little money I did win.

    Its Nov 29 I recently have put in a request for a very large withdrawal. Even with reverse withdrawel staring me down after requesting the tab option to be removed with no success I still stay patient. All were very fast and reliable. Funds instantly available.

    I hope they stay true to there words with all these unresolved complaints going around. I was told I would receive another Email once bank withdrawal had been processed. I started playing and made some money so I made a withdrawal. Two days later they block bank from my account and said that I asked to close my account a week before which I just opened the account.

    Palace chatting with a rep they said you need to send in verification. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. And they have done nothing to make me feel like my information is secure.

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