Spin the bottle horror movie

spin the bottle horror movie

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  • View All Videos View All Photos Movie Info. Olivia, Lucas and a group of their college friends travel to Mexico for one last getaway before graduation. While there, a stranger convinces one of the students to play a seemingly harmless game of truth or dare with the others. Once the game starts, it awakens something evil -- a demon which forces the friends to share dark secrets and confront their deepest fears.

    The rules are simple but wicked -- tell the truth or die, do the dare or die, and if you stop playing, you die. Jeff Wadlow. Jason Blum. Apr 13, wide. Jul 17, Universal Pictures. Lucy Hale Olivia. Tyler Posey Lucas Moreno. Violett Beane Markie Cameron. Sophia Ali Penelope. Landon Liboiron Carter. Nolan Gerard Funk Tyson Curran.

    Sam Lerner Ronnie. Brady Smith Roy Cameron. Hayden Szeto Brad Chang. Morgan Lindholm Alexis Podell.

    Blumhouse's Truth or Dare - Rotten Tomatoes

    Aurora Perrineau Giselle. Tom Choi Officer Han Chang. Vera R. Taylor Inez Reyes. Gregg Daniel Detective Kranis. Jeff Wadlow Director. Michael Reisz Screenwriter. Jillian Jacobs Screenwriter. Christopher Roach Screenwriter. Jeff Wadlow Screenwriter. Jason Blum Producer. Jeff Wadlow Executive Producer. Christopher Roach Executive Producer.

    spin the bottle horror movie

    Jeanette Volturno-Brill Executive Producer. Couper Samuelson Executive Producer. Jacques Jouffret Cinematographer. Sean Albertson Film Editor. Matthew The Original Music. Melanie Jones Production Design. Alyssa Hill Art Director. Lisa Norcia Costume Designer. Sarah Domeier Lindo Casting. Terri Taylor Casting. Horrorr All Critic Reviews Dec 30, A group of college friends spend Spring Break south of the border and stumble into a deadly game of Blumhouse has spun gold out of just about any high-concept horror property but can it make Truth or Dare work?

    Here's the truth: nope. Uorror is a powerfully dumb movie that caused me to yell at horror screen several times, shake my head even more, and contemplate my own life choices. The entertainment level is related to every befuddling choice this movie makes, and it makes many of them. Take basic dramatic opportunities that it weirdly pushes aside. One teh is gay and hasn't come out to his father yet, so the demon-inhabited game dares him to come out.

    Rather than watch this genuinely dramatic moment spin out, Truth or Dare has it all take place entirely off-screen. Hilariously, the gay student comes back and recaps the audience what they bottle "Yeah, I came out to my movie, and he said some things, and we're good now.

    Imagine if an action movie did something similar "Hey, yeah, so I jumped out of a flaming helicopter onto that skyscraper bottl then scaled down only using my pants as a makeshift rope". That's bad writing no matter the genre. Take another scene where Olivia Thf Hale tracks down the old Mexican lady who supposedly started the curse.

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    She gets there but is told by the granddaughter to wait outside. So she does. Then we cut to a later scene where the granddaughter says, "She has agreed to see you. If all it does it kill mere seconds in the running time, why is it even included? This scene also involves the granddaughter being coy when Olivia asks to speak to the old lady.

    She cut out her tongue long ago and the granddaughter knows this but is just being a jerk. These are basic storytelling miscues that Truth or Dare doesn't seem capable of overcoming. We must talk about these silly demonically possessed faces. Oh the faces.

    It looks like a bad Snapchat filter promotion. I am convinced some studio exec saw a Snapchat filter and said, "Hey, we can make a horror movie based on that" Look out for the upcoming dogface filter horror movie in The faces are so dumb. They pinch into pained rictuses, big eyes, and triangular, pointy chins.

    It's not a creepy image at all. It's like a bad special effect trying to turn the cast into caricature.

    Spin the Bottle - Rotten Tomatoes

    Then they even directly address it, as one character literally cites the look as a "Snapchat bottoe. The accompanying scary modulated voice is also worth a hoot. The end credits even end on the demonic voice challenging the audience to a game of truth or dare. Joke's on you, movie, because nobody stuck around for the end credits of th one except for me.

    The faces are never scary, are always goofy, and always funny looking, and that's all we get.

    Five Party Games Besides Truth or Dare for Blumhouse to Mine - The Ringer

    The scariest thing in Truth or Dare is the uproariously bad dialogue. These are actual lines of dialogue spoken in the movie: "The game followed us home from Mexico. The characters might be as bad as the cringe-inducing, laughable dialogue. Our protagonist is kind of a terrible human being spoilers to follow. Olivia is obviously in love with her best friend Markie's Violett Beane boyfriend Lucas Tyler Poseyblurts out her best friend's cheating ways to the whole world, will eventually sleep with the best friend's boyfriend more on that laterand then also reveals a painful secret regarding her best friend's deceased father, namely she is indirectly responsible for his death, suggesting he kill himself after he tried to sexually assault her.

    All of these abuses are targeted at her best friend, and yet she constantly keeps trying to say, movke have to trust me," as if these cruel torments should be waved away. It's so one-sided and directed at one person, her hodror best friend, that it becomes comical.

    At one point Markie has psin gun to her head and screams she has nothing moie. Hale TV's Pretty Little Liars has a fixed expression of confusion with her large doe eyes, which don't require that much in the way of adjustment for the Snapchat filter face.

    Spin the Bottle: The Kiss of Death () - IMDb

    I don't think we're supposed to care about any of these characters, including our eventual Final Girl played by Hale. I was rooting for the demon bttle bump them off in bulk. The mysteries of Truth or Dare are exasperating and demand further analysis, which I will ably try and perform for you, dear reader. First off, the rules of this game movie very sketchy and feel rather arbitrary.

    A demon will jump around participants but needs more contestants, like the Ring cursed videotape. Eventually more players will be roped bohtle but the old players are still part of the game, I guess, which means there's no escape. This all started because some demon was released from its containment pot at an abandoned monastery, and it just so happened there was a group of teens playing truth or dare.

    So the evil demonic spirit said, "Hey, why not? What if they had been playing spin the bottle or "Head's up 7 UP"? I am almost certain, given the cannibalization of the horror genre, there has to be an evil spin the bottle movie somewhere a cursory Internet search found a film with the premise.

    I feel like the other demons at Hell High pick on this particular demon and with good cause. When given horror choice between answering a question and doing some dangerous dare the choice seems obvious. The game seems to know the as well, which is why halfway through the characters are not allowed to choose "truth" any longer.

    This seems like cheating. The game is called "truth or dare" and hororr " Admittedly, most human beings will tap out of horrible truths to reveal after a while unless you happen to be a politician. After a while spin will just resort to making people talk about their Internet search histories.

    When these people have to blurt out painful truths, why do they scream them? Could not whispering achieve bottle same results? There's the question of what constitutes finishing a dare as well. Since one's life is on the line, it's important to see the dare through. There's one scene where the game dares Olivia to have sex with her best friend's boyfriend.

    I don't know about you, but if somebody said, "an evil force says I must have soin with you or else I'll die" it would be a real mood killer. Regardless, they strip off their clothes and take the wanton opportunity given to them Her: "You're just doing this because you have to" Him: "No, you do. I'm doing this because I want to".

    Apr 13,  · Anyway, Spin the Bottle can easily be a horror movie. What if a *possessed* bottle, which some high school friends spun to kiss one another, was the Author: Miles Surrey. I am almost certain, given the cannibalization of the horror genre, there has to be an evil spin the bottle movie somewhere (a cursory Internet search found a film with the premise)%(). Oct 31,  · Spin the Bottle: The Kiss of Death: Directed by ShaRhonda 'Roni' Brown. With Neva McIntosh, Chelsea Cook, Jaira Valenti, Guy Mack. A house party turns deadly when 10 high school friends discover someone wants them dead one by one/10(40).

    Except in the middle of their coitus the dare demon returns and possesses Olivia, challenging Lucas to pick next. Has Olivia finished fulfilling her dare? What constitutes "finishing" when it comes to sexual congress? The dares also escalate to an arbitrary degree, often robbing the player of a real chance to see it through. Short Horror.

    Spin the Bottle () - IMDb

    Director Jason Hawkins. Jason Hawkins. Top credits Director Jason Hawkins. See more at IMDbPro. Photos 1. Add image. Top movoe Edit. Hannah Luyten Amy as Amy. Mitchell Pratt Billy as Billy. Ashley Trollinger Liz as Liz. Ethan Westby Jake as Jake. Jayden Allister Zombie as Zombie. David Bailey Zombie as Zombie.

    Spin the Bottle (Short ) - IMDb

    Dietrich Burmester Zombie as Zombie. Adam Hartford Zombie as Zombie. Sabrina Larivee Zombie as Zombie. Aubrey Lewis Zombie as Zombie. Kaitlyn Marie Zombie as Zombie. Jason Reynolds Zombie as Zombie. Corey Swim Zombie as Zombie.

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