Super spin discus

super spin discus

Let's face it, when it comes to choosing the correct discus to use, there are WAY too many options diwcus there! Shots are pretty easy. Choose the weight you need, the diameter you need if you even care and click the order button. There are different rim weights and meter ratings. The rims are made of different materials. The side plates are made of different materials.
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  • New to discus throwing? This 1. It features an ABS plastic shell and a steel rim. The 70 percent rim weight causes a low- spinwhich is Denfly Ultimate Spin Discus. Per SecondUnsurpassed feel creates confidence and longer throwsGreat for all wind conditions! Carry Case included Hyper Spin Discus!

    Discus – Nelco Sport. The Right Discus*. A higher rim weight discus suits a thrower who has a more evolved technique. A thrower who can maintain a spin through two-thirds or more of the throw should move up to a higher rim discus. A lower rim discus may stay in the hand longer for more control and may suit a beginner or an intermediary thrower. At Loki Sports we stock Nelco, Eveque and Nordic Discus. We have beginner, intermediate and top quality Discus. Our Eveque Discus, are perfect for beginners and Little Athletics. We recommend our Neclo Super Spin Black Discus for experts which has won the world championships in From € *. Choose type. Nelco Gold Super Spin Competition Discus. Competition discus with robust plastic side plates. Thanks to its white side plates, the Gold Super Spin is clearly visible day and night. Rim made from brass, no centre plates. Rim weight percentage is 84% - 86%.

    VS Purple Meteor Discus 1. Denfly Hypersuperspin Discus 1. High Spin Rate: Rev. VS Purple Meteor Discus 1k. For advanced throwers.

    Nelco Super-Spin Discus | ThrowsLab

    Stainless steel rim. Strong abs side plates. Denfly Hypersuperspin Discus 2k. Denfly Hypersuperspin Discus 1kg.

    Nelco Lo Spin Discus

    Amber Athletic Gear Prestige Discus 1. Features: pct galvanized steel rim.

    Feb 27,  · Very high spin discuses range from approximately 85% rim weight and above and are meant to be used by the best throwers out there. With those approximations you then try to figure out how far you can throw. So people say things like, "Low spin . High quality competition discus with robust side plates. Thanks to its white side plates, the Odyssey Super Spin is clearly visible day and night. Silver rim made from stainless steel. No centre plates. Rim weight percentage is 86% - 87%. With an average rim weight percentage of 86%, the Nelco New Super Spin Black has the second highest rim weight percentage among all Nelco competition discuses.5/5(1). With an average rim weight percentage of 84%, the Nelco New Super Spin Black is the middle model among the Nelco competition discuses in terms of rim weight percentage. Nelco advertises their discus production with so-called PMD and HRM technologies.

    Item: -Throwing Equipment. Red Lo- Spin - 2 kilo College. It boasts a "no slip" grip which provides good spin for improved flight, heavy duty ABS side plates for durability, and a price that fits the budgets of beginning and To category Agility Training. Agility ladders Agility hurdles Floor markings Cones and flat cones Slalom and agility poles.

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    super spin discus

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    Nelco Lo Spin Discus

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    Close filters items found. Certificates IAAF 6. Type Competition discus 7. Manufacturer Nelco 7. Price from Colour Black 1.

    How To Choose The Correct Discus Rim Weight

    Grey 1. Red 1. Turquoise 1. White 2. Yellow 1. Weight 0.

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